Benefits and risks of doing MBBS abroad

Benefits and risks of doing MBBS abroad

Education has been an integral part of the life of a person. Earlier there were remarkably fewer options to do MBBS, but with the development taking place each year, it isn’t that difficult to become a doctor. MBBS in Russia as well as MBBS in Ukraine, both are the options readily available for the students who want to pursue their career as a doctor.

MBBS in Russia, MBBS in China and MBBS in Ukraine has been on the top list for students who wish to study abroad.  Studying abroad has some benefits and risks as well. So it is essential for a student to be familiar with the advantages as well as disadvantages of studying abroad.


 1. No donation fee

In India, there is less number of government medical colleges. Private colleges in India demand a considerable amount of fees for donation or capitation apart from the tuition fees. Most of the medical colleges in Russia, Ukraine, and China are government aided colleges which do not demand any donation fee or other charges and moreover the tuition fee is decidedly less in these colleges.

2. No entrance test for admission

Unlike India, there is no need for admission test like NEET for admission in MBBS in Ukraine, MBBS in Russia, etc. The admission procedure is quite simple in medical colleges of these countries.

3. Low cost of living

Cost of living is one of the significant issues that come from the minds of parents as well as students who wish to study abroad. In countries like Ukraine and Russia, the cost of living is quite less, and a person can easily survive in these countries with the monthly expense of 100$ to 200$.

4. Practical education

The education system in foreign countries is more of an actual education system where the emphasis is given more on practical aspects rather than the theoretical knowledge.

5. Infrastructure

Most of the medical colleges abroad have well-built support with all the latest technologies and facilities making it a place worth going every day.

6. Overall personality development

When you go abroad, not just the education system differs, but also the global standard of living. Meeting new people from different countries, spending time together leads to the overall personality development of a person. We learn many new things like new languages, cultures, and lifestyle of other people.


  • The language might be a problem for students from India as Russian is the native language in some of the colleges. Learning all new language can be a little difficult task.
  • International students are allowed only to observe the patients rather than doing the treatment.
  • Training is done mostly on dummies and not on the corpse which makes it difficult to gain the real experience.
  • Students might face homesickness initially because it is not easy for everyone to adjust to the new atmosphere easily.
  • Students might have to face an examination for practicing in their native country.

Thus, like other things in life have benefits and risk same as that of pursuing MBBS in Russia, MBBS in Ukraine or MBBS in any other country have. But if we look at the benefits, you will realize that it is an option worth considering.