Top medical universities in Russia for international students

Top medical universities in Russia for international students

MBBS in Russia is the passport to future, so go and book a ticket.

Education is an integral part of a person’s life. The place where we get an education makes a difference in the overall future of a person. Moreover, so is the task of deciding on a good college for studying. Nowadays, Russia has been one of the most favorite choices for students who want to do MBBS and become a doctor. The perks of studying MBBS in Russia include fewer fees, government colleges, practical training, no admission tests or language tests and a lot more. Here is the list of top medical universities in Russia

1. I.M Sechenov First Moscow State University

University is an active member of World health council (WHO), considered one of the most prestigious medical universities in Russia. It has the most significant medical and clinical complex in Russia.

Recognized by MCI, WHO, UK, USA and other leading countries, it is the first university to introduce direct admission in MBBS for international students.

There are two ways of applying in this university. First is to fill the admission form online and then follow the instructions given after form submission. The second option (preferred one) is to take the help of  MBBS Counsellor (Admission route) who will guide through the entire admission process.

2. Tver state medical university

Tver state medical university is one of the oldest medical universities in Russia. It was the first university to start English amongst the top medical universities of Russia. It is recognized by all the major countries including MCI, WHO, USA, and the UK. Students from more than 50 countries are studying in this university currently.

For admission in Tver state medical university, students need to fill the application form provided by RUS EDUCATION. Within seven days RUS EDUCATION delivers the admission letter to the students in their chosen medical university. Later students will have to fill the visa requirements as per the Russian embassy. As soon as the student receives the visa, he/she will be provided with the list of necessary items that need to be taken to Russia. Students will then be presented with air tickets from India to Russia. Students will have to depart in batches.

3. Peoples’ friendship university

Ranked by the Ministry of Education of Russia as country’s third best university, this university is recognized by WHO, MCI, USA, UK and all other major countries. It is located in southern Moscow and unites students from approx 140-150 nations each year.

Students get admission in PFU on the basis of fees as well as on scholarship. All admissions are made strictly by University admission board. Students need to fill up the admission form and send the documents (transcripts) in the Russian language to the university. Therefore to ease the process and guarantee admission consult to Admission Route for sure short results.

4. Northern state medical university

Established in 1936 and located in Arkhangelsk, this university is the center of medical education in the North of Russia. There are 55 departments in NSMU, out of which 27 departments are known to be the best clinics in the city.  MCI and WHO authorize NSMU.

Admission is made online for NSMU. Students need to fill out the application form available online and follow the instructions provided by the university.

These are some of the top universities of Russia, and in order reserve, your seat in one of these consult Admission Route and let them worry for your admission.

Is studying MBBS in Russia for Indian Students worth it?

Is studying MBBS in Russia for Indian Students worth it?

It is the question that comes to the mind of every Indian student when planning to go for MBBS in Russia.

However, if we look at the present scenario of India about 11 lakh students appear for the medical test, and hardly 30% of students are eligible for admission. Even the students who have a good chance of becoming a brilliant doctor are not qualified due to intense competition. Because of this current situation, MBBS in Russia has become the first choice for Indian students in the last ten years.

A recent analysis of MBBS in Russia

There are more than 5000 Indian students in Russia and out of that 80% are medical students. Russia holds 30 positions among the top 100 countries for medical education.  The student to teacher ratio is 7:1 in all Russian universities and all the Russian universities recognized by medical council of countries like US, UK, etc. The best part is that some of the universities have started English medium MBBS for international students.

Benefits of MBBS in Russia especially for Indian students

Quality of education:

MBBS in Russia focuses mostly on practical knowledge and real-life experience. It is a better option for Indian students because Indian colleges lack practical knowledge and focus more on theory part which is opposite in the case of Russia. Getting a degree from one of the top MBBS Universities can ensure an excellent medical career.

Low cost of education:

It is better to study in Russia rather than paying substantial donation fees to Indian colleges with no education quality. Russian universities don’t compromise on education irrespective of its low cost. Providing top quality education to students has always been their first aim. It is an excellent option for Indian students because of lesser charges in comparison to Indian universities.

Low eligibility criteria:

The minimum eligibility criterion to get admission into MBBS colleges in Russia is to get passed in the subjects of physics, chemistry, biology, and English individually along with a minimum of 50% together in PCB in 12th grade. The student must be 17 years or above the age group to apply for MBBS universities in Russia.

Great social exposure:

Apart from studies, Russian universities indulge students in different types of activities like sports, Concerts, dance, music, cultural programs, plays and so on. Indian students will undoubtedly have a great time both studying and enjoying their college life.

Comparison between MBBS in Russia and MBBS in India

  1. Russian government support 50% education of Indian students while this is not the case with the Indian government.
  2. Russian education system is one of the best education systems in the world because of which  Russia has a 99% literacy rate while India has only 74% literacy rate.
  3. No donation has to be paid for admissions in Russia while its opposite in the case of India.
  4. Russian universities accept 12th marks for admission while in India admission is on the bases of NEET.

So if you are planning to pursue your medical from abroad, then Russia is a good option in the form of providing quality education at affordable rates.

Six interesting facts about MBBS in Ukraine that you need to know

Six interesting facts about MBBS in Ukraine that you need to know

Education in India is losing its value each day due to increase in corruption and politics. Most of the students prefer to study abroad then studying in India. It isn’t just the case with the engineering students or commerce students, but even the medical students prefer studying abroad when compared to studying in India. Russia, Ukraine, China, Philippines, America has been amongst the top choices for pursuing MBBS abroad.

Here are some of the exciting facts about MBBS in Ukraine that students should know:

If you are planning to pursue your MBBS in Ukraine, then go for it and don’t give it a second thought as it will lead to fulfilling your dreams. Just don’t listen to these stereotypes and follow your passion of becoming a doctor.

1. Ukrainian Education Is Low Quality

Truth -  Literacy rate in Ukraine is 99% whereas the literacy rate in India is 74% (which varies from state to state). Ukraine is amongst the top 40 smartest countries (Acc. to the business insider). It has approx 65000 students studying from 130 countries all over the world.

Ukrainian Admission Centre for international students was founded in 2016 with the goal to make the education and training of international students more accessible and more comfortable.

Ukraine has the best universities in Europe which are well known for their education system.

2. Ukrainians aren’t emotional

Truth- This is because of the Ukrainian being a little-reserved while talking to someone new.

However, this happens only till the time they get to know the person. Moreover, once it happens, they are friendly and supportive, unlike the other Western people.

3. Ukraine is cold throughout the year

Truth – Ukraine has colder winters and even hotter summers, quite continental climate though. The weather is quite changeable as the heavy thunderstorm is mostly in summer.

4. The Ukrainian language is a problem

Truth – Language is not a problem when it comes to studying in Ukraine. People in Ukraine are well versed with Russian as well as with English.  In addition to this, there is no need for language tests like IELTS or TOEFL for studying in Ukraine which is a plus point when studying in Ukraine.

5. Admission in Ukraine is tough

Truth- Admission in Ukraine is comparatively smooth as compared to access in other countries. Even in India, it is mandatory to qualify exams like NEET. However, this is not the case in Ukraine as no entrance test is required to pursue MBBS or any other medical courses.

6. There is racism in Ukraine

Truth - This is a misconception in people mostly to those who live in other countries. People in Ukraine are stable and provide hospitality to everyone irrespective of their color and race.

Ukraine is a country which is still developing and progressing every single day. People are educated and have warm feelings towards foreigners. It is an excellent option to pursue MBBS in Ukraine when compared to MBBS in any other country.

Is it a good idea to do study MBBS in Russia

Is it a good idea to do study MBBS in Russia ?

MBBS, it isn’t just a degree. It is a dream, a life in itself which almost every student who took biology as their subject in 12th class wants to live. Being a doctor is one of the most reputed careers in India and abroad.  However, as soon as the school life is over a biology student gets confused about what to do next. Apart from India, Russia is equally suitable for pursuing medical studies. So let’s discuss some of the factors that prove this right.


  • The fee is less as compared to India
  • MCI approves MBBS in RUSSIA
  • Less competition
  • Good medical colleges and teaching aids
  • No tantrums of colleges like in INDIA
  • No need for language tests like IELTS or TOEFL
  • No donation fee is needed


  • Russian medical universities are amongst the top medical universities in the world.
  • MBBS in Russia is amongst the most affordable medical courses abroad.
  • Different councils of different countries recognize most of the medical universities.
  • Their government manages universities in Russia only unlike India.
  • MBBS in RUSSIA mainly focuses on the medical practice which is more important.
  • Minimum course fee in Russia is approx 2-2.5 lakhs per year
  • Students even get an option to pursue their PG in Russia.


Many misconceptions arise while getting admission abroad.

1. According to many people, there is racism in Russia which makes it a place not worth pursuing studies

Therefore India is full of racism, but nobody ever talks about that. In India, many students come from abroad to pursue their studies. Even these students face discrimination and racism, but still, no one can deny that India is significant in providing education. Then why criticize Russia, judge it on the bases of knowledge, not on the social issues.

2. Indian students need to give an MCI screening test before starting their practice in India

While pursuing MBBS abroad, you have to pass the exam for getting a license in that country. This isn’t just the case with MBBS in RUSSIA which makes it the top priority for the students.

3. The degree is not valid worldwide

Firstly this is a task for the students to research correctly before taking admission in any university about whether their degree is acceptable worldwide or not. Moreover, secondly, MBBS IN RUSSIA is a degree that is accepted internationally and all over Europe. So don’t follow the myths and research properly before taking an action