Online Courses

Online courses are the courses which differ from that of the face to face courses in terms of the way of teaching, methods of delivering the information, timing of information sharing and interaction of the faculty and student. The thing which is similar in the online course is the format and the knowledge shared from the study material. To ensure that the online courses could be accomplished students will have to make sure that they should meet the requirements of both clock hour and credit hour. Students are required to indulge in regular interaction with the tutors so as to gain effective and appropriate set of learning.

Clock Hour

A time period which consists of 50-60 minutes class, lecture or the recitation is known as clock hour in online courses.

Credit Hour

Credit hours are termed as the time period in which the amount of work is represented in intended learning outcomes which are verified by the online tutors. This time duration could be of one or more than one hour of the class or could be instructed directly by the faculty. Minimum time could be two hours out of the class for which students are required to work each week for an approximate duration of fifteen weeks for each semester.

General Education Requirements

  • Writing Assignments

  • Consistency Across Sections and,

  • Course Focused on the Critical Analysis of Selected Topics

Courses Available

Bachelors Degree

  1. BS- Communication, Human Services, Accounting, Project Management, Marketing,

  2. Undergraduate Specialization- Criminal Forensics


  1. Graduate Certificates: Human Resource Management
  2. Undergraduate Certificates: Project Management
  3. Graduate Specialization: Accounting
  4. Graduate Certificate: Cyber Security


  1. Masters: Psychology, Business Administration in Applied Computer Science and General Business
  2. Masters of Business Administration
  3. Masters of Science in Organizational Leadership


  1. Doctor: Business Administration in Applied Computer Science
  2. PhD: Management Business Administration
  3. PhD-TIM: Computer Science