Six interesting facts about MBBS in Ukraine that you need to know

Six interesting facts about MBBS in Ukraine that you need to know

Education in India is losing its value each day due to increase in corruption and politics. Most of the students prefer to study abroad then studying in India. It isn’t just the case with the engineering students or commerce students, but even the medical students prefer studying abroad when compared to studying in India. Russia, Ukraine, China, Philippines, America has been amongst the top choices for pursuing MBBS abroad.

Here are some of the exciting facts about MBBS in Ukraine that students should know:

If you are planning to pursue your MBBS in Ukraine, then go for it and don’t give it a second thought as it will lead to fulfilling your dreams. Just don’t listen to these stereotypes and follow your passion of becoming a doctor.

1. Ukrainian Education Is Low Quality

Truth -  Literacy rate in Ukraine is 99% whereas the literacy rate in India is 74% (which varies from state to state). Ukraine is amongst the top 40 smartest countries (Acc. to the business insider). It has approx 65000 students studying from 130 countries all over the world.

Ukrainian Admission Centre for international students was founded in 2016 with the goal to make the education and training of international students more accessible and more comfortable.

Ukraine has the best universities in Europe which are well known for their education system.

2. Ukrainians aren’t emotional

Truth- This is because of the Ukrainian being a little-reserved while talking to someone new.

However, this happens only till the time they get to know the person. Moreover, once it happens, they are friendly and supportive, unlike the other Western people.

3. Ukraine is cold throughout the year

Truth – Ukraine has colder winters and even hotter summers, quite continental climate though. The weather is quite changeable as the heavy thunderstorm is mostly in summer.

4. The Ukrainian language is a problem

Truth – Language is not a problem when it comes to studying in Ukraine. People in Ukraine are well versed with Russian as well as with English.  In addition to this, there is no need for language tests like IELTS or TOEFL for studying in Ukraine which is a plus point when studying in Ukraine.

5. Admission in Ukraine is tough

Truth- Admission in Ukraine is comparatively smooth as compared to access in other countries. Even in India, it is mandatory to qualify exams like NEET. However, this is not the case in Ukraine as no entrance test is required to pursue MBBS or any other medical courses.

6. There is racism in Ukraine

Truth - This is a misconception in people mostly to those who live in other countries. People in Ukraine are stable and provide hospitality to everyone irrespective of their color and race.

Ukraine is a country which is still developing and progressing every single day. People are educated and have warm feelings towards foreigners. It is an excellent option to pursue MBBS in Ukraine when compared to MBBS in any other country.