• Why Study MBBS In Ukraine?
    Ukraine is getting a lot more popular nowadays among international students who want to get an MBBS degree from abroad. Ukraine is famous for many of world class Government Universities that offer MBBS at a very economical price. The students who pursue their MBBS degree from a Ukrainian medical university are eligible for applying to jobs in any part of the globe.
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    The Ultimate Guide To Studying MBBS In Abroad - MBBS in Russia
    It is often misunderstood that MBBS in abroad is a costly affair. The truth is that there are plenty of colleges out there which provide quality education in the MBBS domain with affordable fee.
  • MBBS In Russia - All You Need To Know
    MBBS In Russia - All You Need To Know
    Russia is a globally renowned country that provides quality education in the field of medicine. Due to its global excellence of medical education and low-cut fee, it is gradually becoming popular among the students around the world. Russia comprises of several medical colleges that provide class education in MBBS course. The fee structure of such colleges resemble a lot to what we have in India.
  • Study MBBS in Russia - Admission Route
    Study MBBS in Russia - Advantages Of MBBS In Russia
    Pursuing MBBS from Russian universities is not a difficult task for medical students as the MBBS admission could be taken with no placement test. MBBS fee in Russia is low as the Russian Government provides subsidy as well. Usual MBBS expense in Russia is approximately 2.5 Lac to 5 Lac per year.
  • Advance Education Courses - Admission Route
    Advance Education Courses
    Advance Education Courses are being taken into considered as the higher degree courses. Research course aims to ensure that the student could get introduced to the important aspects of research.