•  MBBS in Russia
    List of top 13 lowest fee medical college for MBBS in Russia

    Pursuing MBBS is a dream of a lot of students. But sometimes, they take a step backward due to fees. If we look out at the colleges offering MBBS in India, the fees are quite high, and not every person is ready to award the same. At that moment, there is a need to look out for MBBS in Russia rises.

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    Top 9 MCI approved Russian medical colleges for MBBS in Russia

    Russian medical universities are among the most considered choice for students. They have around 30 positions among 100 medical universities. The WHO rankings and MCI rankings majorly have an impact on the same. The best part is universities in Russia have set up some sophisticated and advanced standards for students coming for MBBS in Russia.

  • Visa for MBBS in Ukraine
    All you need to know About Visa approval for MBBS in Ukraine

    Visa approval is also an integral factor for students looking forward to MBBS admission in Ukraine. If the Visa does not get approved, they will not be able to fly for MBBS there.

    Right now, the major problem that arises with students looking for studying MBBS in Ukraine is getting a Visa. Sometimes they get in touch with agents and feel like the task will be done. But this is not the scenario at all because the completion of a document is a fundamental part, and a person needs to get well versed with the procedure of a visa approval too.

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    All you need to know for admission to MBBS in Russia

    MBBS is a dream of every Medical aspirant, and there is no doubt they are ready to do anything to pursue the same. Every year students appear for the NEET UG examination and got selected for some first class Universities. But not every student is ready to pursue their MBBS in India. At that moment, the lookout for different options, and among all of them, MBBS in Russia, hits at the top. 

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    Visa Approval Ratio For MBBS in Russia: All You Need To Know

    When an Indian student is preparing to go for MBBS in Russia, they need a Visa as well. Students have a lot of confusion while applying for Visa and feel like they will not get success. But this is not the truth at all.

    Studying MBBS in Russia getting legalized Visa is quite easy. The journey of acquiring a Visa may appear to be lengthy sometimes, but it is worthy. In the end, you will be able to reach the city of your dreams.

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    Top Benefits of Choosing MBBS in Ukraine for Indian Students

    For Indian students, the major question of consideration is which university to choose. When they make up their mind for MBBS in Ukraine, they positively look for benefits as well.

    For all those students who are planning to go for MBBS admission in Ukraine, we would like to share all the benefits as well. 

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    Top Benefits of Choosing an Education Consultant to Get MBBS Admission in Russia

    Right now, every student has a thought to study MBBS abroad. Among all the countries, MBBS in Russia hit the top of the list.

    But taking admission directly is not easy, and at that moment seeking help from the education, the consultant is the better option. Let's discuss the benefits of seeking help from this education consultant and how things can be simple after approaching them.