• mbbs in egypt
    After completing MBBS in Egypt

    After completing MBBS in Egypt, students have a lot of questions in their minds, and they feel like no option is there for them. But this is not the case at all. Multiple options are waiting for them ahead, and they can easily pursue the job of their dreams.

  • mbbs in Russia
    Why Study MBBS in Russia beneficial In 2021

    Pursuing MBBS in Russia open multiple options for students. Sometimes they are not aware of what is available to them and feel like dropping the idea. But this is not to do at all. After completing MBBS in Russia, options will get available to them. These options include:-

  • FMGE examination
    About FMGE examination

    Every time there is a new protocol that is important to follow by students completing their studies. One can consider students who are pursuing MBBS. If you are pursuing MBBS in India or any other foreign country, you might be aware that the FMGE examination is compulsory now.
    Have you ever heard about it? If not, there is nothing for you to get tensed about. here we will be going to discuss it so that when you appear for the FMGE examination, there will be nothing that can trouble you.

  • Syllabus of MBBS In Philippines
    How many semesters are there in MBBS in Philippines?

    Syllabus of MBBS In Philippines

    When a student is moving for Study MBBS in Philippines, it is also important for them to understand the number of semesters they needed to face. Let's discuss it:-


    Semesters of MBBS Course:

    Primarily, it is important to know that in total, the MBBS degree from Philippines is of 6 years. These six years are divided into three parts, including BS, MD, and internship.

  • MBBS In Philippines
    If a student is appeared for MBBS in Philippines, will they be eligible for civil service examination?

    Eligibility for Civil Exam After completing MBBS In Philippines-

    When a student is looking forward for having a stable career they usually feel like civil service examination is a best try. If you have pursued MBBS in Philippines, the same question may have troubles you.

  • after completing MBBS in Kazakhstan
    Is it possible for a student to work in India after completing MBBS in Kazakhstan or MBBS In Uraine?

    Work after MBBS In Kazakhstan or Ukraine-

    After completing MBBS In Kazakhstan or Ukraine, students usually think of working in India. But sometimes, they are not sure about the criteria. If you have pursued MBBS In Kazakhstan or in Ukraine, you will be eligible to work in India. But it is important for a person to understand that they needed to qualify for the MCI exit exam of India or FMGE. Without qualifying for the exam a student will not be able to practice as a doctor in India at all.

  • Syllabus of MBBS In Kazakhstan
    What is the syllabus of MBBS In Kazakhstan?

    Syllabus of MBBS In Kazakhstan-

    After taking admission in MBBS in Kazakhstan, a student have a curiosity to know about the subjects they will be going to learn. These are as follows:-


    1st year:

    In the 1st year, a student will be going to learn from all the basics. These basics include:-

    • Fundamentals of Psychology
    • Bioorganic Chemistry
    • Histology
    • Medical Chemistry
    • Embryology
    • Human Anatomy
    • Cytology
    • Elective Courses