after completing MBBS in Kazakhstan

Is it possible for a student to work in India after completing MBBS in Kazakhstan or MBBS In Uraine?

Work after MBBS In Kazakhstan or Ukraine-

After completing MBBS In Kazakhstan or Ukraine, students usually think of working in India. But sometimes, they are not sure about the criteria. If you have pursued MBBS In Kazakhstan or in Ukraine, you will be eligible to work in India. But it is important for a person to understand that they needed to qualify for the MCI exit exam of India or FMGE. Without qualifying for the exam a student will not be able to practice as a doctor in India at all.

Syllabus under MCI exam:

When a student is going for MCI exam, they need to understand about the syllabus as well. The syllabus includes everything they have learned in MBBS In Kazakhstan or Ukraine. The passing criteria depend on the marks range passed by the Medical Council of India. In case students are not able to qualify for the exam, they are not allowed to practice as a doctor in their city in India.

Also, in case a student has not qualified for the exam on the first attempt, there is no need for a student to feel disappointed. They can apply for the MCI exam again and appear for it. Every year the level of examination gets enhanced, which appears to be quite competitive for students around. But after completing MBBS course in Kazakhstan, it is important to qualify for having a stable career in India.

If a student is practicing as a doctor without qualifying by the MCI exam, the Medical Council of India will be going to take strict actions against them, and as a result, it has a bad impact on their reputation as well. In certain cases, the Medical License also gets canceled. To save you from this trouble, do must appear for the MCI exam and have a stable reputation around.