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Russia is a very well-known country for its quality education. What makes it more popular is the low-cost fee for MBBS admission in Russia. Thirty out of hundred world’s top ranking colleges are Russian medical colleges for MBBS from Russia, which clears out that Russia holds one of the best medical colleges for MBBS. 

MBBS in Russia is a good option for students who want to become a doctor. All in all, Russia is an excellent choice because of its top medical colleges, good faculties and even the fee structure is less as compared to MBBS in other countries. Also, For Indian Student  Russian medical universities are recognized by MCI which makes it an option worth considering for MBBS admission in Russia.  The academic year in Russian medical universities start on 1st September, and there are two semesters in each academic year. Students get holidays twice a year, i.e., summer vacations and winters vacations. It takes about one month for the entire admission procedure for MBBS admission in Russia . So apply now and get one step closer to your dreams by MBBS admission in Russia.




MBBS in Russia : At a Glance

Eligibility of Admission  Aggregate 50% In PCB of 12th 
NEET Entrance Exam Yes 
Minimum Tuition  Fee 3700 USD Per Year
Maximum Tuition Fee 8000 USD Per Year
Last Date Of Apply Last Week of September
Admission process time Working 25- 35  Days
University Recognition WHO , MCI
Medium of Teaching English & Russian
Course Duration 6 Year
Accommodation Cost (twin Sharing in Hostel) 500 -800 USD per Year
Donation Requirement No 

Top 10 Medical Universities in Russia: list of 2022

Name of Universities


I.M Sechenov First moscow State Medical University Moscow
St. Petersburg State University  St. Petersburg
Kazan Federal Uiversity Kazan
Altai State Medical University Altai
Ulyanovsk State Univetsity Ulyanovsk
Orel State University Orel
Stavropol State Medical University Stavropol
Irkutsk State Medical University Irkutsk
Bashkir State Medical University Ufa
Tver State Medical University Tver

Why are students choosing Russia to be a one-stop destination for MBBS?

During MBBS admission, every student has a thought that they do not want themselves to be equipped with a college or university, which is not providing them with quality education. The same criteria get fulfilled here. As we have already mentioned, all the universities in Russia are assuring them to provide quality education. Until and unless they will not fulfill the same, they will not move ahead.

It is quite interesting to notice that when a student is coming for MBBS in Russia, they will have enormous advantages. We have already presented the advantages of a person will be going to have. But apart from everything, the major advantage they will be going to have is quality education. When they are pursuing MBBS, not even a single thing will be missed from their eyes. They will be able to learn about concepts in practical and theory both. The professionals are so advance that they do not consider themselves to be God. They will become your friends and clear all your doubts.

The professors are aware of both the languages English and Russian languages to easily ask about the query. There is no need for an individual to learn any particular language because things are working in their favor, and professionals can easily communicate with students.
Also, when you are coming for Study in Russia, security is up to the mark, and there is no doubt in the fact that the Russian Embassy is being very considerate about it. They do not compromise with anything. In case anyone is finding out to be troubling you, they will take strict action against them. Study in Russia is not only famous for quality education but is famous for security standards as well.

The security of the student is the responsibility of a University. Until and unless you are in Russia and in contact with the university, no one will harm you in any case. If the same problem arises, the security will going to take strict action against them.

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Difference between MBBS in Russia and MBBS in India

Whenever students are looking forward to pursuing MBBS in Russia or MBBS in India, they need to know about the differences. The differences will help them to figure out that Russia is the best choice for them to pursue MBBS.




The course content offered to students pursuing MBBS in India is very vast.

The course content offering for MBBS is comparatively less.


The batch size for MBBS in India is around 100 to 120 students per batch.

The batch size for MBBS is around 25 to 30 students per batch.

The internship is an exception while students are pursuing MBBS in India.


The internship is mandatory for all the students pursuing MBBS from Russia.

The Indian universities recognized by different organizations, and in some parts of the world, the degree is not accepted.


Medical Council of India recognizes the Russian universities the degree is accepted in India equivalently.

The fees for MBBS in India are quite high, and it becomes difficult for students to afford it.

The fees for MBBS Course are comparatively less, and the student can afford it easily.
No, as such scholarship programs are available for students pursuing MBBS in India.

Multiple scholarship programs are available for students to show study in Russia.

These are the basic difference is available while a student is looking forward to MBBS in Russia and MBBS in India. Apart from all the facts, they need to understand that the criteria to follow for MBBS admission in Russia is quite simple compared to India. There is no need for them to visit here and there. Students need to qualify for the NEET UG examination, and they will be able to take admission. Sometimes the problem arises in India that a student has cleared the NEET-UG examination, but the score is not up to the mark, so they need to go for private Institutions for MBBS. It cost very high in their pocket, and it became quite difficult for them to afford.

But on the other hand, when they have cleared the NEET-UG examination, they are eligible for admission in medical universities in Russia. There is no need for them to feel like after qualifying the exam, it will act as a piece of paper for them.

Wrapping up:-

Thus, it is right to conclude that MBBS in Russia is a good option for all students looking forward to MBBS this year. They will not face any kind of difficulties because the ambiance is up to the mark and will be going to deal with modernization only. Along with modern equipment, they will be going to deal with old equipment as well. A student will not feel like they are not ready to indulge in activities and return to India after completing MBBS Degree from Russia.

Without giving it a second thought, a student can go for MBBS admission in Russia. If they feel something is missing, do let us know in the comment section below. We will get back to you with the solution and provide the answers to the query you are having.

Scholarship for Study In Russia:

Every year thousands of students go abroad for the completion of their studies. MBBS in Russian Universities in one such option for the students who want to pursue their medical studies abroad. The best part about studying in Russia is that the Government of Russia grants various scholarships for international students who wish to study medicine in their country.
Below is the list of scholarships that are available for the students who are planning to MBBS admission in Russia.

Top Benefits of study MBBS in Russia:

Thousands of students dream of becoming a doctor and to serve people worldwide. But as the time passes by competition is rising, and along with it, the fee structure of medical Colleges is increasing every year. It’s not easy for everyone to become a doctor. So, to fulfill the dream of becoming a doctor by MBBS admission in Russia from top 10 medical college in Russia.

Russia constitutes numerous colleges for medical studies. The government of Russia provides medical education at the subsidized fee. The fee is financed by 60-70% for MBBS admission in Russia, which is quite inexpensive as compared to a few western countries. A rough estimate says that Medical Education in Russia would cost around 4000 US dollars a year.

MBBS admission in Russia catches more attention with a lot more facts that are crucial for someone who is looking forward to studying in Russia. Neither there is any need to take up entrance exams for MBBS admission in Russia, nor does anyone needs to pay donations. These MBBS courses are taught in English, which makes it easy for almost everyone to understand.

       Russia is becoming popular in comparison to other countries for international students. The reason behind this is as follow:

  • Russia has one of the best medical universities in the world which is why students prefer to join MBBS study in Russia.
  • The tuition fee is comparatively low and can be easily affordable.
  • MCI and WHO recognize Russian Medical Universities.
  • MBBS admission in Russia for Indian students is easy step to get admission for MBBS.


 Cost of Living in Russia and MBBS admission in Russia  –

Russia is not very expensive place terms of living expenses as compared to other foreign countries. Apart from the course fees, living in Russia usually take about a sum of 200 – 250 US Dollars which is 12000-15000 INR which includes food, rent and other expenses per month. MBBS admission in Russia procedure is very comfortable by Russian Universities.

MBBS In Russia 2022 Fee Structure-

S.NO. Name of University Total MBBS fee for 6 year (hostel +Tuition fee + visa
1 Kazan Federal University 27.7 Lakh Indian Rupee
2 Altai State  Medical University 20.5 Lakh Indian Rupee
3 Ulyanovsk State Medical University 17.5 Lakh Indian Rupee
4 Irkutsk State Medical University  20 Lakh Indian Rupee
5 Orel State University 18 Lakh Indian Rupee
6 Bashkir State Medical University 17.5 Lakh Indian Rupee
7 Stavropol State Mdical University 21.5 Lakh Indian Rupee
8 Tver State Medical University 31 Lakh Indian Rupee
9 People's Friendship University 39 Lakh Indian Rupee
10 Kabardino Balkarian State University 16.5 Lakh Indian Rupee

What can do a person during Study MBBS in Russia?

While pursuing MBBS, you can simply get engage in multiple activities. The best part about being here is that the Russian universities are open for extracurricular activities as well. If you feel like that, along with medical education, you have an interest in different activities like sports, indoor games, outdoor games, and so on, then this will become your one-stop destination. For every competition or tournament, a student will be going to get the certification. This certification will open up some more job opportunities for you. There is no need for you to worry about anything because things are working in your favor and accordingly, you will be going to have the best things around. Without having a thought, just step ahead and get MBBS admission in Russia. As soon as you step outside to take admission, the soon your seat will get a book and starting a career will be just some time away.

About medical education standard of Russia

Russia is among those countries where the literacy rate is higher, and modernization is up to the mark. Usually, students choose Study in Russia because of the modernization and Standards are maintained. If you have no idea about the standards which have maintained by universities of Russia for MBBS, then you have landed on the right platform.

Here we will be going to discuss the education standard of Russia that will help you to understand why Russia is the most considered choice by all the medical students.


Things make Russia the best place for medical education:

  • Literacy rate:

If a person was to decide about the country, they need to look at the literacy rate. In Russia, the literacy rate is 99.6%, and it indicates that here people are more concerned about their studies and also try to be liberal about things. Hence when it comes to MBBS Course in Russia, a student will be going to get up to the mark atmosphere. Along with it, they will be going to deal with all the literate people around.

  • Modernization and Standards:

Modernization has surrounded the campus to enhance the standards are maintained. No one can say that the standards are not up to the mark of students who are not getting as they deserve. All around students will be going to deal with modern equipment, and they will understand how modernization has brought everything you do them. Whenever a student is coming for Medical Education of Russia, they will be going to get the standard, which will help them to raise their standard to the same extent. Personality development will take place, and they will not feel any kind of difficulty at all.

  • Education atmosphere:

The educational atmosphere is also important. In Russia, education is an atmosphere that is extraordinary, and everyone is so devoted to work. They never like to compromise with the time because punctuality hits for them at the top. All the professors, students, workers, and all the people around are so focused that they do not like to compromise with any of the factors when it comes to you making things better for them and providing students with the best atmosphere. With the education atmosphere, a student will be going to get things as they have imagined.

  • Opportunities:

Opportunities always knock the door of those people who are interested in grabbing them and waiting for them. Hence when you are coming for Study in Russia, you will not feel like opportunities are not there for you. When you are pursuing MBBS, you will have opportunities to manage your expenses as well, and after completion, they will provide you an internship as well. In internship duration, as well as a person will be able to earn and gain experience. Hence, they will be able to understand how they need to nurture all people around and how they can easily understand what a patient requires.

  • Recognitions:

Usually, all the universities offering Study in Russia are recognized by MCI, WHO, UNESCO, and so on. And the universities have maintained their standard in a manner that no other University can beat it. All the recognition will be provided to those universities which are offering students with Top class education atmosphere along with Top class faculties. Hence, these universities are eligible for the status they have received.

These are the things that make the standard of MBBS admission in Russia up to the mark, and no problem will create to any student here. Also, the facilities available are up to the mark, and they will be going to get all the opportunities which can change their life for the better. Hence choosing MBBS From Russia is not at all a bad choice by any of a medical student.

The Academic year for MBBS Course:

An Academic year in Russian medical universities starts on 1st September. There are two semesters in each educational year, September to January month and February to June. 1st-semester examinations begin from January whereas second-semester exams start from June.  Winter vacation is from 20th January to 7th February. And summer vacation is from 15th July to 31st August. Duration of MBBS course in RUSSIA is six years (English medium).

The government of Russian Federation scholarship-

   These are a set of state scholarships for Medical education in Russia available for international students. It includes tuition fees, student accommodation, and maintenance allowances. It amounts to approx. 1500 rubles a month (USD 24).

Non-governmental Russian scholarship-

  • The school of Russian and Asian Studies – These scholarships are specifically for the US students for MBBS admission in Russia.
  • Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship- Approx. 2500 awards of US$5000 are given to the US undergraduates who wish to study abroad.
  • Saltire scholarship- It is a scholarship programme which offers approx. 50-100 scholarships each year for one year of full-time study, an undergraduate, masters or Ph.D. course. Students from Canada, China, India, and the US can apply for this scholarship.
  • Healthcare scholarship programme- Provided to a student pursuing an educational plan associated with healthcare or MBBS admission in Russia. A student applying for this scholarship must be at least 17 years of age with GPA 3.0 or higher. Students are required to write the SOP of about 600-1000 words including what they want to achieve in their medical career and how this scholarship is going to help them. Approximately Rs.65000 scholarship is granted to a student for MBBS admission in Russia.

The application process for the scholarship-

  • Apply through the scholarship form and submit the complete details
  • Collect all the required documents.
  • Send all the documents to the Russian Embassy to their home country.
  • Wait for the call for interview and tests.
  • Check the results.
  • Translate the documents into the Russian language.
  • Wait for admission letter from the university.

Education loan assistance for Indian students:

The education loan facility comes like a boon to students. Students who feel that their parents will not afford MBBS admission in Russia can simply go for an education loan. If you are looking forward to applying for it, then here we will discuss the assistance that will help you in dealing with it easily.

  • Professional courses for which bank provide education loan:

When you are coming for MBBS admission in Russia, you need to understand the banks' top choices. For medical students, there is a wide array of loans available. But make sure if you belong to a bachelor or master in Arts, then the education loan facility is not for you. The employment prospect of the course is a major consideration for sanctioning the loan. It also depends on the parent's income.

  • When you apply for a study loan, keep these pointers in mind:-

  1. It is important for an individual to come up with a CO-applicant. (He could be any sibling, parents, or spouse)
  2. A third-party guarantor is required for a loan between 4 to 7.5 lacs.
  3. The collateral property is also required for students if they are going for a loan above 7.5 lacs.
  4. The repayment procedure will begin from six to twelve months after the completion of the course.
  5. In case a student is not able to pay the loan, then the CO-applicant will be going to do the same.

It is also important for an individual to understand that when they are moving ahead for MBBS admission in Russia, there are particular criteria settled up by the bank for sanctioning the loan. Certain pre-approved courses and Institutions are also available which allowed the bank to sanction the education loan. It depends on career options as well.

  • Eligibility:

  1. An individual must hold the nationality of that particular country.
  2. An individual must have secured admission in any of the universities offering in Russia.
  • Documents required applying for student loan:

A student needs to get available with documents. In case any of the documents is missed, then they will not be able to get the loan. Certain documents included in it are:-

  1. Marksheet of the last qualifying exam
  2. Proof of admission to the college
  3. Confirming a scholarship copies
  4. Foreign exchange permit copies
  5. Passport size photograph
  6. Statement of bank account
  7. Income tax assessment
  8. A brief statement of assets
  9. Liabilities of borrower
  10. An individual needs to hold the bank account in the same bank


How will Admission Route help you?

When you are coming to us to seek MBBS admission in Russia, we will help you in every possible way. If you are looking forward to applying for an education loan, we will provide you the same facility. Moreover, we will also arrange the things at our end to become easier for you. We have tied up with multiple banks and Universities that allow an individual to take the education loan facility. Without any hassle, you can come to us and avail of the facilities.

Documents required For Admission:

  • Scholarship application form
  • Admission application form
  • Colored photographs
  • Valid passport
  • Birth certificate ( Russian language)
  • Health certificate
  • Medical test report

Eligibility Criteria: MBBS Admission In Russia 

      Talking about the eligibility of MBBS admission in Russia,

  •  Applicant have a minimum of 50% marks in  Physics, Chemistry And Biology of class 12th examinations ,
  • For SC/ST and OBC students need to have 40% for MBBS admission in Russia. If the applicant is applying for a postgraduate course, he/she should have a Bachelor's degree from a renowned University.
  • For MBBS admission, it is necessary for the student to be NEET- UG  Entrance qualified.
  • The age of the student should be more than 17 years.

Admission Procedure-

  • Filling up the education form
  • Sending the mark sheets
  • About 3-4 days for getting admission letter
  • About 15 days for an invitation letter
  • Filing for the visa may take about five days if everything goes well
  • Students will be informed and make sure to be present in the university college from the day one.
  • Finally, the sessions start from January

Security status for students in Russia :

Whether you are coming for MBBS in Russia or whether you are coming for any other course, it is a must for you to get concerned about your safety. Usually, all parents worry about the safety of their child in another country. When you are in Russia, there is nothing for you to worry about it at all.

Russia is considered to be among those countries where safety is at the top. The best part about study medical education in Russia is there will be no need for you to go through any particular hassle considering your safety. Everyone here is so concerned considering safety that they will not be going to compromise with anything. If any of the students is find out to be creating any trouble for other students, they will get terminated from the university, and the security officers of Russia will be going to take necessary and strict steps towards him.Additionally, the campuses and universities in Russia offering are ragging free. Therefore for the same as well, there is no need for parents to feel like their student is not safe.

Cost of Living For Students In Russia: 

Cost of Two time of Meal: The cost for purchasing Meal, beverages,  cooking at home are Approx. 5600 RUB ( around 7200 Rupees) for 30 days, where the costs for products of the soil contrast as indicated by the season. 

Transport cost:  Students transport cards offer provides discount on underground vehicle,  transports, trolleybuses, and so on. Normal taxi trip in Russia: 350 – 900  RUB, Here is the prices of Fruits and vegetable depends upon a season. 

Insurance Policy: 10 Lakh Rupee Covered By Insurance policy Charges for 6000 Rubles Per Year. Every Students Must Get Insurance policy In Russia Because Medical Facilities in Russia is Very High Compare to India. 

 Internet Facilities and Recharge of Phone:  900 to 1200 Rubles Per Month.
Other Things to buy: Jackets Starting from 1500 Rubles to 5000 Rubles.Jeans and Shirts comes under 3000 Rubles. Books Starts from 500 rubles to 3000 Rubles etc.


Hostel and Food Facilities during Study in Russia:

When you are heading for Russian MBBS  degree, an individual needs to learn about food and hostel facilities available at all the medical universities. Here we are discussing the same so that things will become more crystal clear, and going for Russia will become an easier task to do.

  • Hostel highlights:

Hostels available with universities offering MBBS in Russia are available with exciting opportunities for all the Indian students coming here. They will be able to interact with all the foreign students and understand various cultures that prevailed all over the world.

Moreover, certain innovative activities are also announced at the University Campus, which make up their mood. Yearly cultural events are among the best ones for all the international students to consider.

  • Basic structure:

The universities are available with comfortable accommodation. All the basic facilities have occupied the room. Moreover, in the hostel supply of hot and cold water is available, and a Central heating system is available in most of them. The rooms are available here are occupied with a chair, storage space, desk, bed, telephone facility, etc.

Additionally, the hostel for girls and boys is separate, but some of the universities are available with combined hostels where the floor for girls and boys is different.

  • Security:

For Indian parents, security is a big factor of consideration. The universities offering Study in Russia are reliable and quite safe for all of them to stop all the important safety measures taken care of by the University, and 24 by 7, CCTV surveillance is available.
Moreover, Police, wardens, and security guards are available at every hospital in Russia.

  • Amenities:

Enormous options are available for students to engage in cultural activities. There is no need for them to get confined to the classroom only. Certain groups have also been organized by the universities where they will explore the history, geography, and culture of Russia in detail. Certain museums and galleries are also available to explore.
Extra-curricular activities available at the universities are part of studies and students can engage in them willingly.

  • Rules and regulations:

Whenever a student is stepping outside, it is important for them to get available with ID proof. Moreover, when they are coming back from the destination then also they need to show it. For all the outside, as there is a particular restriction imposed for the sake of security. Specific entry timings are there, and after it, the student is not allowed to step outside or enter the hostel.

Food options:

A wide range of food options is available for students. They can choose low-priced cafeterias, or they can go to restaurants and cafes available in the cities. Shared kitchen facilities are available at the hostel, and multiple supermarkets and stores are available. A student can go for shared cooking, and if they want, they can purchase their groceries as well.From the above mentioned data, it is quite evident that universities offering MBBS in Russia are equipped with every basic facility when it comes to hostel and food.There will be no trouble arise to a student if they do not like the food because a shared kitchen facility is there, which allowed them to cook their own food.

After completing MBBS from Russia:

When you successfully complete MBBS Course from Russia, there are a lot of options available. Here we will be going to describe the major benefits available with it. Within no time, you will be able to figure out whether the decision for MBBS admission in Russia is the right one for you or not.

After completion of MBBS Degree in Russia, the main question arises with the student to complete their MD. There are so many questions that can hit in their mind, considering the same because it is one of the toughest decisions to take. If you are also battling with the same and you are looking forward to doing MBBS in Russia but confused about MD, then pursue your MD in the USA.

Yes, you read it right. When after completion of MBBS Russia and you are going for MD in the USA, there will be certain advantages available. These are as follows:-

  • There is no need to appear for various exams:

After completing study MBBS degree from Russia, major advantage available is there is no need for you to appear for various exams for MD. Yes you read that right. It will be going to save your two-three years. Some of the universities conduct their examinations where they check out the eligibility a student is having. On the same basis, you are ready to take admission in MD.

  • Some universities offering direct admission:

Some of the universities in the USA are available offer direct admission for pursuing MD. They are just making things in a manner that a student can take admission directly. But for the same, it is important to have completed MBBS from Russia.

  • One will be able to the part-time job in hospitals:

If you feel like that, you have sufficient time available to do a part-time job, you can go for the same as well. During your MD in USA, certain opportunities will get available where you can become the part and secure your future. Some hospitals are hiring students who have completed Medicine course in Russia, and if they are doing well, they will be the permanent persons available at the hospital. If you want yourself to be available with the same option as MBBS you are pursuing in Russia, it is the best option you can have.

  • A person will be going to get various scholarship opportunities:

The list of scholarship opportunities is long. There is no need for you to depend on your parents for your MD fees. For students completing MBBS Degree, the opportunities are available, and their fees will become almost negligible with the help of it. There is no need for them to spend a very high amount on these things.

  • Globally accepted degree:

When you go for MBBS admission in Russia and the degree offered to you is globally accepted. There is no need for you to appear for any other Examination to be a part or make your degree accepted globally. When you are coming back to India, you just need to appear for MCI screening test, and it will also help you to pursue your career in India as well.

  • Post-graduation options in the USA:

When you have completed Medical degree, and you are looking forward to MD/MS in the USA there is no need for you to appear for MCI screening test. It clearly indicates that your MBBS degree is enough in helping you to get admission there.

  • Higher Studies in Germany:

When you wish to go for post-graduation in medicine in Germany, the option is available for you. No problem will be erased when you want to take admission because the degree is globally accepted and when you apply for MD in Germany, your degree will be welcome by them easily.

  • Career in India:

After completing your MBBS Degree, when you are coming back to India then as well there are multiple options available to you. After appearing for MCI screening test, you will be able to apply for government jobs easily. No additional exam is required by the student at all. You can directly apply for the post and see the results later on.

These are the benefits available to the student whenever they are coming for MBBS education in Russia and after it looking for MD in the USA.If you are planning to go for MBBS in Russia, then come to us. At the Admission Route, we are arranging things in the manner that a student will be able to take admission, and after it when they want to pursue MD, no problem will be there for them in any case. We have experts available who will help you in understanding about the things easily. Moreover, if you have any query, you can mention the same in the below comment section. We will reply to you with the answer so that you can easily get the best.

These are the primary benefits available to you whenever you go for MBBS admission in Russia. Make sure you are not compromising with any of the factors and you are aware that which course you wish to choose and where you wish to pursue MBBS course in Russia medical universities.

How can save money  by choosing MBBS in Russia?

When a student is heading for MBBS, the major question arises about expenses. Money creates obstacles that sometimes become harder to cross. At that particular moment, they look forward to other alternatives available. We all know that in India, pursuing MBBS is an expensive affair, and it is not compulsory that every parent is ready to afford it. It is important for students to understand what they need to have.

If you are planning to go for MBBS and your NEET-UG examination is qualified, then study MBBS from Russian Universities will become the best option for you.

MBBS Course in Russia is a considerable choice for MBBS because the expenses here are quite less as compared to India. There is no need for a student to worry about expenses because they can arrange them accordingly. Also, all these universities offer world-class services along with infrastructure and training programs. Within the budget of the student, they will be going to get the degree. If you have no idea why study MBBS from Russian Universities is the topmost choice, then just have a look at the benefits of studying MBBS study in Russia.

Benefits of studying MBBS in Russia:

  1. Affordable education:

In India, the Indian medical government colleges have settled at a very low MBBS program cost, but in private colleges, the fees are quite high. Not every parent is ready to afford it. At that moment, pursuing Study MBBS in Russia is a reliable choice to have. The private colleges are much cheaper as compared to Indian private colleges. Also, the Indian colleges have not those facilities available, which are making MBBS admission in Russia the best choice for students.
Moreover, scholarship opportunities are available according to the criteria. A student just needs to fulfill the criteria, and they will become eligible for the same. There will be no hidden charges during admission and after completion of the MBBS degree as well. The cost of accommodation, hospital, and food is also affordable. In case, the student is not ready to take the more they can prepare their own food as well.

  1. Less competition considering NEET-UG examination:

In India, we all know that competition considering to NEET-UG examination is quite high. Every year lakhs of students appear for the National entrance examination test. Among all of them only 64000 students will be going to get the chance to become part of Indian Medical colleges. And every year, almost 13 to 15 lakh students appeared for it. One can only conclude that it is quite a bottleneck competition. But for study MBBS from Russian Medical Universities, the competition is not that much high. A student can easily take admission if they need to use examination is qualified.

  1. Standard of education:

Being a doctor, it is important that a student is having the same standard of education. The universities offering MBBS course has at the end of the standard, which is quite unbeatable. MBBS program in all the university's is the Medical Council of India, and when cannot say that they are not following the rules and regulations settled by them. Additionally, they have settled of the disciplines for bachelors so that they can easily get the best in return. No compromise has been done with the quality of education at all.

Some hurdles faced by students during MBBS in Russia:

MBBS is not everyone's cup of tea. When they are getting an enormous benefit as mentioned above, there are some problems students face During MBBS admission in Russia. Let's have a look at them:-

  • Sometimes it becomes difficult for the students to understand what the other person is saying. In Russia, the language is quite different, and some people are not aware of English. But the theoretical and practical classes and all the processes are aware about the English language.
  • Lifestyle will be going to change a lot. There is a lot of difference in our surroundings as compared to India with Russia. A student will be going to get a lot to explore, and it will accelerate the change in their life.
  • Some students who are very close to their family or not ready to adjust at news around neck may face some mental issues as well. These are quite natural, and one cannot say that they are adapting it.

Wrapping it up:

It is quite evident that as compared to India, there are enormous advantages available with medical Study in Russia. If you do not want your parents to feel like your education will cost them a lot, then go for MBBS admission in Russia now.
If you feel like that there is no one who can suggest you how to complete the admission for MBBS  than at ADMISSION ROUTE, we are here to help you will probably have expertise available and will train you about everything. They will guide you about expenses and how you can save more money by doing study MBBS.

About Russia

It is one of the largest countries in the world in Northern Eurasia. It is also known as the Russian Federation. When it comes to looking at the borders, it then shares borders with Norway and Finland in the northwest, Banaras, Ukraine, Poland in the West, China, Mongolia, and Korea in the southeast.

The literacy rate in Russia is 99.6%, and no one can say that it is among those countries where illiterate people have surrounded the environment. Also, this literacy rate is becoming one reason why students are looking forward to MBBS in Russia.

Multiple things make Russia the best choice for MBBS. If you are not aware of all of them, then there will be going to discuss which let you understand about it easily.

     Things make Russia the best choice for MBBS:

  • The students will be going to deal with modern equipment only. There is no need for them to deal with old equipment when coming for MBBS in Russia. The professionals our focus, and they will train them in both of the equipment.
  • The fees are comparatively low here, and a student will be able to afford it easily. There is no need for them to feel like they need to borrow some money from others. In case the problem arises, they can apply for study loans available.
  • All the students who are coming from India for medical education from Russia will be going to get the Ambience in multi-culture. Some of the areas in Russia are surrounded by people from the same culture and some from different cultures. But they will not face any trouble because they are very adjusting and will help them to delete their surroundings easily.
  • A student needs to appear for the NEET-UG examination only. There is no need for them to appear for IELTS, or TOEFL or CROK, and so on.
  • The medium of teaching fro MBBS course  in Russian medical universities opted is English. In case a student is aware of the Russian language, they can go for the same as well.
  • There is no compromise done with girls and boys. All will be going to get equal access to the services and amenities available.
  • The Russian government is very strict about security. In case any student or any of the people is finding out creating any nuisance to others, then strict action should be taken by the government. Also, they will not be going to leave anyone for crime as well.
  • Considering all the universities, then all of them are recognized by the Medical Council of India and the World Health Organisation. Along with both of them, UNESCO and UNICEF are also becoming the part.
  • At the University premises, the students will be going to get a mess and hostel facilities available. If they feel like they cannot decide alone outside in the apartment, they can choose the available facilities. Also, if they wish to go for Apartment services, they need to submit the declaration from their parents that they are allowing them to do it. If you are not submitting it, they will not be able to step outside for a private apartment.
  • Without verifying a student, they will not be allowed to enter the university for MBBS course. They need to submit all the valid documents along with medical health check-ups. If any of the document is found to be missed or fraud, they request for admission will get canceled.
    These are the primary reasons which are linked with Russia and making at the best country for MBBS. Students will not face any kind of trouble because they are coming here to gain something. In return, they will be going to get a lot, which they have not expected as well if a student is facing any kind of trouble while dealing with MBBS in Russia, and then you come to us. We are here to help you. We are dealing with admission to Russia in multiple courses, so let us know about your requirement. This will help us in dealing with it easily.

Is NEET 2022 mandatory for Indian students to go for MBBS admission in Russia ?

The Health Ministry cleared that any Indian candidate desired to pursue medical from abroad (on or after May 2018) will have to qualify the National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET 2022) from now on for MBBS admission in Russia.

How is the Admission Route helping students in getting admission in MBBS in Russia?

Whenever a student is looking forward to MBBS in Abroad, there are so many questions hits in their mind. At that particular moment, they feel like they are taking a wrong decision. But this is not the truth that all. If proper guidance is available for MBBS at Abroad, this decision will become one of the best decisions of their life.

Being a student, there might be thousands of questions in your mind which you want to get an answer as soon as possible. But due to no proper guidance, you are just facing this appointment only. If you do not want yourself to be in this is own any more than approach Admission Route right now.
We are here for you in taking MBBS admission in Russia You might be thinking that how we are helping students in getting admission in MBBS in Russian Universities? If you have the same answer, then go through this is the last.

Things we are doing:-

  • Guidance:-

The major role played by us is of guidance. The guidance will help all the students about the courses available in abroad. When you are going for MBBS in Abroad, you just know about MBBS, but you have no idea about other subjects included in it. We are available with professionals who will help you in understanding things in detail so that you can easily make up your mind that in which stream you want yourself to be enrolled.

  • Admission procedure:

When you are going for MBBS admission in Russia, you need to understand about the admission procedure as well. When you are doing things on your own, then you will search through thousands of portals available offering with MBBS admission, but you need to choose a reliable. You can have an eye on our record, which helped you understand that we are serving students with the best facilities for admission. We make things crystal clear for you considering admission so that there will be no trouble in case any more.

  • Student counseling:

Student counseling as an individual is a major problem these days. Sometimes a student in a hurry to the decision of MBBS in Abroad, but when it comes to implementing the same, they just feel disappointed. If you do not want yourself to feel like this, you need to go for student counseling. We have a counselor available to help you understand your choices so that you can easily make up your mind for MBBS.

  • Requirements to be in abroad:

When a student is going for MBBS admission n Russia, they need to understand the requirements as well. We will prepare you for every season in Abroad. We will provide you with proper guidance according to climate and weather conditions so that you can do your parking accordingly. if you are missing on to anything that we are here to help you. The main purpose is to provide students with the best facilities is to let them feel comfortable at the surroundings.

And there is a lot for you available when you are coming to the Admission Route. Make sure you are letting us know about your requirement and also not hiding anything from us. If you have qualified for your NEET-UG examination and are looking forward to admission in MBBS at Russia, then we are here to help you. Just approaches and rest we will look for the admission.

Altai State Medical University

Duration: 6 year Total: ₹23.92 Lakh | $31,900
1st Year ₹4.80 Lakh $6400
2nd Year to 6th Year ₹3.82 Lakh per year $5100 per year

Kazan Federal University

Duration: 6 YEAR Total: ₹27.37 Lakh | $36500
1st Year ₹5.62 Lakh $7500
2nd Year to 6th Year ₹4.35 Lakh $5800

Ural State University

Duration: 6 Year Total: ₹19.74 Lakh | $28,200
1st Year ₹3.29 Lakh $4700
2nd Year to 6th Year ₹3.29 Lakh per year $4700 per year

Stavropol state medical university

Duration: 6 year Total: ₹2096250 | $32250
1st Year ₹3.9 Lac $6000
2nd Year to 6th Year ₹3.42Lac/ year $5250 /year

Important FAQ

Question: Is there any special facility for students having physical impairment?

Answer: Students having physical impairment can go for MBBS in Russia. But under the eye of Russian education system everyone is equal and there is no specific or special facility available to students.

Question: What if a student is handicapped and looking forward to complete MBBS in Russia?

Answer: Students who are handicapped and looking forward to complete MBBS in Russia can take admission and it will be there is possibility. The university will make arrangements for their stay but there will be no any special treatment given to them. It students are expecting any special treatment they are just wrong.

Question: What effect will be on MBBS admission in Russia if a person has any medical history?

Answer: If a person is having medical history like they are suffering from any disease while taking MBBS admission in Russia will be not there cup of tea anymore. Usually students going through such problems do not get visa approval to study out of their country.

Question: Is it important to get the HIV and COVID test done before leaving for MBBS admission in Russia?

Answer: HIV and COVID test create a big role when a person is going for MBBS admission in Russia. If the valid reports are not there with students that machine will not get approved and all and they need to wait for longer durations. Until and unless the test will not be done they will not allowed taking admission in any of the University offering MBBS.

Question: Which one factor is most important while going to study MBBS in Russia?

Answer: Adjustment is an important factor to consider while going to study MBBS in Russia. Not everyone is so adjusting that they can cope up with the scenario in one day. You have to be patient for a while and adjust in the surroundings.

Question: Why MBBS in Russia is a superior choice by students residing in India?

Answer: The major reason people are choosing MBBS in Russia because it is quite affordable and students get first class education as well. As compared to education standards in India the education standard in Russia is quite superior.

Ques: Is separate hostel facility is not available. Is it true?

Ans: Hostel facilities are separate for girls and boys. A boy cannot enter girl’s hostel and girl cannot enter the boys hostel. In case any of them is find out to commit the same then it will be taken against them. Also, the Security is so advanced that they keep an eye on every student who is entering the Hostel and leaving the hospital. Also, the mess facilities are separate for students.

Ques: Can I consider Russia to be the safest country?

Ans: There is no doubt in the fact that Russia is considered to be one of the safest countries available. There is no need for a student to worry about anything because here crime rate is almost zero percent, and there is no leniency with a crime at all. Also, the campus available is ragging free, so there is no need for parents to feel like they are not using a safe place for their child.

Ques: Is it a must for me to appear for the CROK exam or IFOM Exam for MBBS in Russia?

Ans: No. There is no need for you to appear for any additional exam whenever you are looking forward to Study MBBS from Russia. You need to appear for the NEET-UG examination, and within no time, you will be able to get admission there.

Ques: Are the universities offering MBBS in Russia approved by MCI and WHO?

Ans: All the universities that are offering MBBS course are approved by MCI and WHO. The degree issued to the student will be accepted worldwide, and there is no need for them to feel like they have this wasted there x being for MBBS.

Ques: I have a budget of 30 lakh rupees. Is it possible for me to pursue MBBS in Russia?

Ans: Yes. Within this budget, you will be able to pursue your MBBS easily. The fees for MBBS course are quite affordable, and there is no need for you to feel like you cannot afford it within such a budget. If you are having a budget of 25 lacs, then also you can get easily for MBBS Degree in Russia.

Ques: I have applied for an education loan, what will be going to cover in it?

Ans: The education loan will be going to cover your education expenses and Accommodation expenses. Best of the expenses are dependent upon you. It clearly depends upon your personal expense how much will be going to spend. The rest of it, considering education, accommodation, and Hostel, will be covered in education loans.

Ques: My parents are not able to afford my fees. Can I apply for an education loan?

Ans: Yes. There is no need for you to worry about fees at all. You can apply for an education loan. Education facility is available for the students who are having a lot of interest in MBBS in Russia, and they feel like their parents cannot afford it. You need to be sure that you have appropriate marks in 12th standard and your NEET-UG examination is qualified.