Scholarship for Indian students of MBBS in Nepal

Scholarship for Indian students of MBBS in Nepal


When students are heading for MBBS in Nepal, there is a great advantage available to them. The students can avail all the benefits of the North-South Foundation College Scholarship Programs. It is for all the Indian students looking forward to pursuing medical studies in Nepal. But it is important to get aware about the basic fulfilment criteria for it.


MBBS In Nepal

MBBS in Nepal : Criteria for having the scholarship:

A particular criterion needs to follow by students looking forward to pursuing MBBS in Nepal for a scholarship. It is as follows:-

  • A student needs to qualify an entrance examination for a scholarship.
  • It is important to secure a place in merit and the financial list of Nepal
  • It is important to attach all the necessary documents at the time of applying for a scholarship for MBBS in Nepal


Aspects covered under scholarship:

When applying for a scholarship for MBBS in Nepal, it is important for a student to understand fully funded and not fully funded scholarship. For having a fully-funded scholarship, it is important to understand the basic criteria for the scholarship a student is applying. Some scholarships are there in which a student needs to secure almost 98 to 99% marks for having a full scholarship. The rest 1% is the expenses related to their residing fees and others.

If a student has secured around 70% to 80% marks, there is a relaxation of almost 20% to 40% in the fees. The rest amount needs to be afforded by the student.

If a student secured Up to 60% or less, then there is a particular categorization done on the basis of waste, the amount will be decided. For all the students applying for MBBS in Nepal, the scholarship options are available; they just need to get the best one available.


Note: To get a fully-funded scholarship, it is important for an individual to secure a very good rank in NEET UG examination and in the entrance examination happened in  Nepal for a scholarship. If you are able to secure a good rank in both of these exams, the chances to get fully funded scholarship will be an easier task for you.

In case you have secured of good position in entrance exam for a scholarship, but your NEET-UG examination is not having a very good rank the chances to have an effect on the scholarship will rise. Therefore check it out and then apply for the scholarship.