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Semey State Medical University

About Semey State Medical University

Semey State Medical University is the right destination for all those looking for MBBS in Kazakhstan. It was established in 1952, Semey.

This university is the best place for MBBS in Kazakhstan because the faculty is available here focuses on practical and theory both. The first batch of MBBS in Kazakhstan in Semey State Medical University was started in 1953.

For every subject, faculties are available here. Pediatrics begins in 1963. Stomatology began in 1991. Pharmaceutical and general medicine in 2003, and then further on all faculties being the part here.

At present, around 3500 students are part of the Medical Faculty available here. All the students are satisfied considered to the course they are learning. Students are always ready to ask their queries. Faculties available here are very Cooperative and experienced. Practical and theory classes are separate and in Run simultaneously.

Technology that is required to let a student understand tricks and techniques considering to medical field are also available.

If you are looking for a destination equipped with modernization and the best facilities, then this university is the right choice for you to consider.


Ranking and faculties of Semey State Medical University:


Semey State Medical University's country rank is 35. The world rank is 7462.

Faculties available at Semey State Medical University are:

  1. Department of Molecular Biology and Microbiology
  2. Department of Pharmacology and Demonstrative Medicine
  3. Department of Public Health Care
  4. Department of a Food and Hygienic Disciplines
  5. Department of Propaedeutics of Internal Diseases
  6. Department of immunology and dermatological venereology
  7. Department of internship by internal medicine
  8. Department internship in general practice and further education
  9. Internship department on pediatrics and pediatric surgery
  10. Department of the general surgery


MBBS admission process and course duration:

The course duration for MBBS in Kazakhstan at Semey State Medical University is 5 years.

  1. 4 years for theoretical education.
  2. 1 years for an internship.

Admission procedure is as follows:

  1. At the very first student needs to be the online application form. It is available on the official website only.
  2. Fill all the necessary details with valid documents.
  3. Wait till the offer letter gets generated.
  4. After getting the offer letter, pay the fees.
  5. Admission has been confirmed.
  6. Apply for Visa.
  7. After getting a visa, you are ready to go for MBBS in Kazakhstan.


Eligibility criteria for MBBS admission:

The eligibility criterion for taking admission at Semey State Medical University is:-

  1. A student must be 17 + years in age.
  2. 12th standard must be qualified with PCB with 60%+ marks.
  3. NEET UG examination must be cleared.
  4. Valid identity proof must be available with the student.


Is Semey State Medical University safe for Indian students?

There is no doubt about the safety of Indian students. Everyone who is here for MBBS in Kazakhstan, they are safe in every respect.

The campus is available with very tight security. The CCTV cameras are installed everywhere.

In case any trouble arises, a student supposed to report about it immediately. Immediate actions will be taken here. No leniency for irrelevant actions.


Separate Indian mess and hostel Facilities:

The best part about Semey State Medical University is separate hostels. For all boys and girls, separate hostels with separate mess facilities.

  1. The menu at the mess is decided on the basis of voting. The majority always wins.
  2. After voting, the menu has been fixed for breakfast, lunch, supper, and dinner.
  3. Hostel campus is well equipped with all the basic facilities.
  4. Emergency doctors and Indian wardens are available 24/7.
  5. 24 by 7 water supplies, electricity supply, Wi-Fi is available.


Without ragging campus:

Ragging is among those offenses at Semey State Medical University, which have no extra chance.

If any student finds out to commit ragging, they will get suspended from the college, and their academic career will be canceled.

The campus is ragging free totally, and also there is nothing that can trouble you about security as well.


Climate condition of Kazakhstan :

The climate here is moderate. When a student is here for MBBS in Kazakhstan, he will be able to adjust very easily. Cold winter and warm summers are noticed here. This let the climate to be defined as semi-arid.


Top Sports facilities of Semey state Medical University for Students:

Sports facilities for students also preferred here. At Semey State Medical University, if one wants to be part of sports, they can go for it.

Special coaches are available to train students. Additional practice classes also get organized. Every year multiple championships organized in which a student can participate.

If you are having any doubt considered to admission in MBBS in Kazakhstan, ask about the same in the comment section below. We will try to get back to you with the solution and provide you all the necessary details.

Fee Structure 2021

Total Package:13.10 LAKH|$ 20150

1st Year2.3 LAKH |$4550

  • Tuition fee
  • Health Insurance
  • Hostel fee
  • Mess charges

2nd Year to 5th Year2,54 LAKH PER YEAR |$3900 PER YEAR

  • Tuition fee
  • Health Insurance
  • Hostel fee
  • Mess charges