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Orel State University established in the year 1931. It is present in the Orel city of Russia. This university is amongst the finest medical universities for MBBS in Russia. Classical university Association of the Russian Federation has Associated with Orel State University. This is the only university in the country to have that association. Formerly this university was named Orel State Pedagogical institute, but latter in 1996, it is changed to Orel State Pedagogical University. On the country level, this university ranked at 164 positions while in the world, it ranks at 4731.

The university is accredited by the Ministry of Science and by the Higher Education of the Russian Federation. Orel State University has five departments in total. The departments are Department of Natural Science, Department of Health, Departments of Humanities, Department of Mathematical, Agronomical department. The university provides several degree programs and courses. Orel state university is also known to give its students the benefits of academic and non-academic services consisting of library facilities and other administrative facilities.

During MBBS at Orel State University, students will be able to engage in multiple activities, and they will be going to avail benefit from the same as well. Moreover, when they are engaged in extracurricular activities, there will be a lot for them to explore. They can simply move ahead with all the activities happening around and can secure good ranks as well.

The faculties available in the university will keep an eye on everything so that a student will be able to nurture their skills and move ahead accordingly. Until and unless they will not feel like you are satisfied, they will not move ahead with something which is letting you feel disappointed. Therefore choosing the option for MBBS in Russia at Orel State University is not a bad choice to have.

Orel State University: Quick Highlights

Founded In 1931
Type of University Public
NO.of Students 19,000
Recognized By WHO,MCI & UNESCO
Duration of MBBS Course 6 Year
Cost of Living (Include) INR.12,000
Medium of Study English & Russian
Eligibility 50% in PCB of 12th
Last Date of Admission last week of July
Indian Food Available Yes, Available
Official Website http://int.oreluniver.ru

Why Study MBBS In Orel State University:

The students who want to take their MBBS degree from a reputed and highly renowned university then MBBS in Russia is the best decision.

  • Orel State University is one of the leading universities in providing medical education. 
  • Currently, the university has employed over 100 teachers. All teachers are working full time at the university campus.
  • Among them, 30 are doctors professors, 77 are associate professors. Three staff members receive the best scientist awards of the Russian Federation, and 8 are former Doctors from the Russian federation.
  • Twelve are academicians, and 11 are members of several public academics. 
  • The university has several clinics and diagnostic medical centers:
  1.  regional hospitals,
  2. children’s regional Hospitals,
  3. Semashko Emergency hospitals,
  4. TB dispensary,
  5. Regional Skin, and
  6. Venereal Disease Hospitals, Pharmacies, and more.
  • One of the main reasons that make Orel State University the prior Choice of the students is its reasonable fee structure. MBBS in Russia is less costly as compared to other countries like America, China, India, England, etc.
  •  The Duration of MBBS in Orel State University is of 5years 8 months.
  • Each year consists of two semesters from 1st September first semester stars and on February second semester initiated every year. The total cost of MBBS is around 16-18 lacs, hostel and library charges are included. Accommodation and food charge both in the tuition fees.

   For the admission in Orel State University, interested students must apply by July fifteenth

Ranking of Orel State University:

Country Rank World Rank
167 4941

Orel State University country rank is 167, and the world rank is 4941.

Faculties of Orel State University:

Orel state university furnishes with the number of faculties. These faculties re meant for the proper development of an individual’s Knowledge over their subject. Faculties are as follows:

S.NO. Name Of Faculties
1 Faculty of Physics and Mathematics
2 Faculty of Physical Education and sports
3 Faculty of Social Pedagogy and Social Work
4 Faculty of Retraining and Advanced Training
5 Faculty of Aesthetic Education
6 Faculty of Foreign Languages
7 Faculty of Graphics art
8 Faculty of Pedagogical Education
9 Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology
10 Faculty of Science
11 Faculty of Economics and Management
12 Faculty of Medicine
13 Faculty of Technology Entrepreneurship and Service
14 Faculty of Law
15 Faculty of History
16 Faculty of Philosophy

Documents required:

The document requirement for MBBS in Russia at Orel State University is as follows:-

  • 12th standard detailed Marksheet
  • NEET UG qualified certificate
  • Passport
  • 10 passport size photograph
  • Medical test report
  • Health certificate
  • Application form

Eligibility criteria for MBBS Admission:

Eligibility criteria for admission at oral State University are as follows:-

  • A student must be more than 17 years in age.
  • He must have secure 60% marks in his 12th standard.
  • A student must be having enough knowledge about English
  • It is important to have a PCB along with English in 12th standard
  • It is important for an individual to qualify for the NEET-UG examination

Admission procedure of Orel State University:

     The admission procedure is as follows:-

  1. Fill the application form available on the official website of the university.
  2. Fill all the necessary details
  3. Scan all the documents and attach them.
  4. Now submit the form and wait for 3 to 5 working days.
  5. The call letter will be sent on the registered mail id.
  6. After receiving the mail, pay the fees.
  7. After paying the fees, apply for Visa
  8. After acceptance, be ready to fly for MBBS in Russia.

Visa procedure and other details:

When a student is coming to Orel State University, they need to apply for a visa as well. If their visa is not approved, they will not be able to apply for MBBS in Russia at all.

But don’t worry, at Admission Route, we help you to know about all the requirements which are essential to fulfill to get the visa.

Documents to apply for Visa:-

When you are applying for MBBS in Russia at Orel State University, the document required are as follows:-

  • International passport
  • Invitation letter
  • Offer letter
  • Application form
  • Passport size photograph
  • HIV negative status certificate
  • Birth certificate
  • Covid-19 negative report
  • Bank statement with a minimum balance

Along with these documents, chances are there the Indian embassy to offer visa may ask for some additional documents the same will be clarified according to the university as well.

Steps to apply for Visa:-

  1. At the very first, you need to be sure about the program in which you want yourself to be enrolled. Majorly students apply for MBBS in Russia from this university.
  2. Get an idea about the finance and scholarships from the particular University. This will help you to know whether you are that you afford the same or not.
  3. Prepare all the documents as these are important to apply for a visa application.
  4. Apply for a visa application and wait until you receive the confirmation.
  5. After receiving the confirmation, visit the regional office for verification.
  6. After verification within few days, the VISA will be offered to students.

It is important for you to note that the documents you are submitting must be accurate, and there is no wrong information. If the information appears to be relevant, then chances are there your request for it may get canceled.

After reaching Russia:-

When you reach to Russia study MBBS at Orel State University, there will be a verification procedure through which you have to go. Make sure to carry all the original documents along with you so that there will be no problem throughout and you are a stay at the University will be comfortable.

We are always here to help our students in getting visa, so don’t worry about anything. Our team members will help you in Russia until you get settled and will help you to go through the verification procedure so that there will be no problem throughout.

Hostel Facility for Indian Students:

Orel State University has the best in class hostels all over Russia. The university has built a hostel that can house about 1100 students. Orel State University has a separate hostel for international students. Hostels laced with all the necessities.  Each section of the hostels has a separate kitchen. Rooms have attached a shower and bathroom. Each room has three beds for three people. Students residing in the hostels can use all the facilities provided by the management such as laundry, heating rooms, reading rooms, computer hall.

Recognition of Orel State University:

S.NO. Recognized By


Library Facility of Orel State University:

The library is the primary site of attraction for the students as it has over 800000 books. A student is allowed to get over 240 books issued in one year — books issued to the students with absolutely no charge to students. Students can have access to the internet at any time.

Fee Structure of Orel State University:

ParticularsYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Year 6
Tuition Fee3200 USD 3200 USD3200 USD3200 USD3200 USD3200 USD
Hostel Fee200 USD200 USD200 USD200 USD200 USD200 USD
Total Fee in USD3400 USD3400 USD3400 USD3400 USD3400 USD3400 USD
Total Fees in INR2,82,200 INR2,82,200 INR2,82,200 INR2,82,200 INR2,82,200 INR2,82,200 INR

Indian Students Lifestyle In Orel State University:

Students experience the blend of culture while their stay in the university as university often organizes various events or festivals. Students will develop self-confidence by taking part in these events. Graduates from this university are eligible for employment in any part of the world.

How students can manage expense while pursuing MBBS in Russia from Orel State University?

Pursuing MBBS in Russia from the Orel State University can be a great way to receive a world-class education with a reasonable price tag. Nonetheless, managing your expenses in Russia requires forethought and discipline. To help you save money, here are five top tips to manage your expenses.

Tips to follow:

1. Choose the Right Housing Option:

Housing is likely to be one of the biggest expenditures during your stay in Russia. Fortunately, Orel State University offers a broad range of affordable housing options for students. Consider carefully what your needs and budget are and then choose the option that best meets both.

2. Stick to a Budget:

Before you start your studies in Russia, it’s a good idea to set a budget. Make sure to identify all the potential expenses, such as tuition, housing, food, and entertainment, and factor them into your budgeting plan. Try to stay within your means and leave some room for unexpected expenses.

3. Avoid Overpriced Foreign Products:

Buying foreign products can be a huge drain on your pocket. Instead, go for local brands or products which are far more reasonably priced. Even better, take the time to do a little research and comparison shop to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

4. Make Use of Affordable Meal Plans:

The cost of food can also add up quickly over time. To help you save money on food, look at the low-cost meal plans offered by Orel State University. This will help you control your food budget and make sure that you get healthy and nutritious meals.

5. Take Advantage of Scholarships and Student Discounts:

Investigate the various scholarships, grants, and student discounts available to you. Also, check to see if Orel State University offers any type of student discounts that can help to offset the cost of living while studying.

With a little bit of planning and smart decision-making, you can effectively manage your expenses while pursuing MBBS in Russia from Orel State University. Following these tips will help you to stay within your budget and make the most of your studies in Russia.