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Bashkir state medical University

Bashkir State Medical University is one of the oldest universities in Russia. It is present in Ufa in Russia. This university was established in 1932 and is ranked under the top 10 medical universities in Russia for providing mbbs in Russia. This academy is documented by the Ministry of Education of the Russian federation. It is also accredited by MCI (Medical Council of India), Malaysia (MMC), UK (GMC) and many other nations. Currently, the university offers degrees in several fields such as surgeons, oncologists, neurologists, dermatologists, morphologists, dentistry, pharmacy, paediatrics and in the area of biochemists. Bashkir State Medical Universityhas employed over 248 doctors in the science department and 610 MDs’ for teaching. The university has 85 departments for theoretical and clinical education.

For all the undergraduate and postgraduate courses, Bashkir State Medical University has become the largest Centre. It provides 56 scientific majors and doctoral courses in 8 scientific measures. There are ten doctoral and three candidate dissertation councils as well. All these are responsible for defense and awarding academic degrees in 23 measures as well.

Overall we can conclude that this is among those universities where a student will be going to deal with the modern lifestyle easily. They have accrued liabilities, and the clinic for medical and Dental Services is there. A student can easily move ahead and set up new Heights in their career as well.

Over 400 international students from 28 different countries are enrolled in this university. For Indian Students, this university is best suited, as this university demands low tuition fees for the MBBS degree program.

Bashkir State Medical University: At a Glance

Founded In  1932
Affiliated By MCI, WHO & UNESCO
Type of University Public
No. of Students More Than 8000
MBBS Admission Eligibility 50% In PCB of 12th
Last Date of Apply for admission first week of september
Medium Of Study English
Cost Of Living 500 USD
Indian Food Availability Yes
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Recognized of Bashkir State Medical University:

S.NO. Recognized By


 Faculties here are:-

  • Faculty of General Medicine (MBBS)
  • Faculty of Dentistry
  • Faculty of Sports Medicine
  • Faculty of Postgraduate Studies
  • Higher Education Nursing School
  • Faculty of Pediatrics
  • Faculty of Adaptive Physical Education Culture
  • Faculty of Clinical Psychology
  • Faculty for Foreign Students
  • Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Faculty of Pre-University Education

Advantage of Study in Bashkir State Medical University:

There will be so many benefits and individually be going to get when they are coming for MBBS in Russia at Bashkir State Medical University. These are as follows:-

  • Affordability:

When you are looking forward to keeping yourself with some affordable option than Bashkir State Medical University will hit at the top. A student will be able to complete their MBBS within their budget easily.

  • Educational standards:

Education is standard settled up by university for students who are up to the mark. There will be no need for a student to compromise with academic and non-academic things. They will be going to have a clear idea about both aspects.

  • Hostel facilities:

Hostel facilities are also there for students. There is no need for them to feel like they need to rent a private Apartment. Until and unless they are comfortable with hostel facilities, they can continue with the same. In case they are looking forward to switching to private Apartment, then they need to complete the guidelines the university settled up.

  • Mess facilities:

Usually, students face the trouble of food when they are selling for MBBS in Russia. The mess facilities are there for them. The mess has a separate menu for Indian students. There will be no need for them to miss Indian food at all.

  • Internship program:

After completion of MBBS, the university introduced the internship program as well. The internship program will let them understand what they have learned in the previous year so that they can easily move ahead, and no trouble will be there for them in any case.

  • Security:

Considering the security as well there is no need for them to worry about anything. In case there is any problem arising with them they can simply report about it to the higher authorities. There will be going to take district actions without creating any delay.

Duration of MBBS at Bashkir State Medical University:

The duration of MBBS in Russia at Bashkir State Medical University is 6 years. It will be going to a five-year academic session and one year internship.

Admission procedure of MBBS Course:

The steps for completing the admission are as mentioned below:-

  1. Look forward to the official admission link on the main page of the university.
  2. Open the admission form and fill all the necessary detail. Attach all the scanned documents with it.
  3. Submit the form and wait for 2 to 5 working days.
  4. Within 2-5 working days, there will be the acceptance letter sent on the registered email ID.
  5. After receiving the mail, pay the fees and apply for Visa.
  6. After your visa approval, you are ready to fly for MBBS in Russia.

Documents Required for Admission:

  • Passport size photographs
  • Migration certificate
  • Detailed mark sheets of 10th and 12th standard
  • Passport
  • HIV test reports and medical insurance
  • NEET scorecard

Bashkir State Medical University- Admission Criteria 

Students seeking admission for MBBS in Russia can get admitted to Bashkir State Medical University through an easy process. For MBBS in Russia, students do not need to go through any entrance exams. Bashkir State Medical Universty grants direct MBBS Admission in Russiato the right candidate.

     Eligibility of  MBBS Admission in Russia are as follows:

  • The aspirants should have a minimum of 50 % marks in PCB in 12th standard for mbbs in Russia.
  • Students must attain the age of 17 years by the December end of the admission year.
  • Should have NEET score card with a qualifying score.
  • Should have qualified NEET for MBBS in Russia.

Visa procedure and other details:

Bashkir State Medical University serves numerous benefits to all the students out there. But to be a part of this university for MBBS in Russia program, students need to get a visa as well. Well, we are always here to help students in getting the visa. Let’s have a look at all the requirements you need to fulfill primarily.

Documents required for Visa to be in Bashkir State Medical University:-

Before we dive into the list of documents required to apply for a visa, we suggest you know that all the documents must be original, and there are no wrong details on any of them. The documents required are as follows:

  • Passport size photographs
  • Academic record
  • Original passport
  • Aadhar card
  • Birth certificate
  • Invitation letter
  • Offer letter
  • Bank statement with a minimum balance
  • HIV negative report
  • Covid-19 negative report
  • Health record

Steps to apply for Visa:

Well, after completing the document requires the steps you need to follow to apply for a visa for MBBS in Russia are as follows:-

  • Visit the official website to apply for Visa.
  • Fill out the visa application form and attach all the documents.
  • After uploading all the documents, make sure to keep a copy of them.
  • Chances are there you need to visit the regional office to apply for the same do it immediately.
  • After applying for it, wait for few days until you receive any confirmation.
  • A confirmation will be received, and you need to go for verification.
  • After the verification procedure is completed within 10 to 15 days, the VISA will get delivered to your doorsteps.

The success rate of getting the visa for MBBS in Russia is almost 85%-90%. But in case the documents are not up to the mark, the rejection will be done, and you need to reapply for the same. In some cases, there is no option to reply, so make sure to check out all the documents before you apply for it.

After reaching Russia:

When you reach Russia, there will be a verification done by the Russian embassy, and you need to present all the original documents. Make sure to carry all of them. In case the documents are not appropriate, then chances are there they reject your application, and you need to fly back to India.

Don’t worry, our officer will help you in Russia to go through the verification procedure. Just be sure of all the documents which are essential to get it. At Admission Route, we always believe our students must not face any kind of complication, and this is the reason we have come up with the best options for all of you.

Baskhir State Medical University- 2024 Ranking

Country Rank World Rank
123 4342

Bashkir State medical University: Academic Calendar 2024

Events Dates and Time
Application Date for Admission From15th May 
Admission Letter  1 Weeks from Application
Start Date of Admission From August to First Week of October 

Bashkir state medical university: Fee Structure 2024

ParticularsYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Year 6
Tuition Fee3800 USD 3800 USD3800 USD3800 USD3800 USD3800 USD
Hostel Fee200 USD200 USD200 USD200 USD200 USD200 USD
Total Fee in USD4000 USD4000 USD4000 USD4000 USD4000 USD4000 USD
Total Fees in INR3,32,000 INR3,32,000 INR3,32,000 INR3,32,000 INR3,32,000 INR3,32,000 INR

Bashkir state medical university- MBBS Syllabus

Here Students have to complete this MBBS Syllabus for 6 Year.

1st Year-

Semester-1 Semester -2
Anatomy Anatomy and Histology

2nd Year-

Semester-3rd Semester-4th
Physiology Biochemistry
Cell Biology Microbiology
Anatomy Physiology
General Pathology  

3rd Year-

Semester – 5th Semester- 6th
Pathology Genetics and principles of clinical medicine
Micro-Biology Pathology
Path physiology Pharmacology
Pharmacology Path physiology

4th to 6th Year-

                                       7th to 12th Semester          
Cardiology Obstetrics and Gynecology
ENT Neurology
Psychiatry Neurology and Psychiatry
Pediatrics Internal medicine
Primary Care medicine Psychology
General Surgery Emergency Medicine
Oncology             –

Students Life in Bashkir State Medical University:

Bashkir State Medical University is one of the best choices for the aspirants who want to pursue MBBS in Russia. The major attractive factors are its low-cost accommodation and low fees structure. MBBS in Russia suits every medical student. MBBS degree at Baskhir State Medical University costs around 20 lacs. This cost is much cheaper than in other medical universities. This university offers a 6-year degree program. Last year training in well-known and reputed hospitals. On the other hand, the university hostels can accommodate 2000 students in one sitting. Each hostel room has an attached kitchen and washroom. Internet facility is also available for students free of cost.  Indian food is open every day in the hostel canteen. Indians are treated with love and respect from the locals. Bashkir State Medical University often organizes cultural events for students. Graduates from Bashkir State Medical University can do a job in any part of the world.

How students can manage expense while pursuing MBBS in Russia from BSMU?

Pursuing MBBS in Russia is a great decision if you are interested in getting a high-quality medical degree from an international university. The costs of pursuing MBBS in Russia can also be much lower than the medical degrees you may pursue in other countries. With that said, you might still need to take some steps to carefully manage your expenses during this journey. To help you do so, here are five tips for managing expenses while pursuing MBBS in Russia from Bashkir State Medical University.

Tips to follow:

1. Time Your Payments:

In general, when it comes to tuition and other associated costs of pursuing MBBS in Russia, timing is everything. Research the payment cycles offered by the university and try to budget your expenses well in advance. That way, you can avoid any last minute mismanagement of funds.

2. Consider a Study Abroad Loan:

Many banks and other financial institutions offer study abroad loans to cover the costs associated with pursuing MBBS in Russia. Before signing up for any loans, make sure to compare interest rates and other terms and conditions between institutions to find the best deal.

3. Get a Part-Time Job online:

Working part-time in Russia online is not only a great way to supplement your income, but it can also help you manage your expenses. Look for job online with people who may be able to help you get hired.

4. Save Money on Living Expenses:

 Living expenses can add up quickly when it comes to pursuing a degree in MBBS in Russia. Minimizing your living expenses can help take the financial burden off of your shoulders. Look for cheaper housing options, buy groceries in bulk, and use public transportation whenever possible.

5. Make Use of Student Discounts:

Many shops and restaurants around Bashkir State Medical University offer student discounts that can help you save money. Make sure to ask if the shop or restaurant has a student discount available before you make a purchase.

By following these tips, you can considerably reduce the expenses associated with pursuing MBBS in Russia from Bashkir State Medical University. Taking some time to properly plan and manage your expenses will not only help you learn more during this journey but also allow you to have a much more enjoyable time.


About Ufa City-

Ufa is the capital of the Bashkortostan Republic in western Russia. Along the side of this city, the Belaya River is just below its Confluence. The city is having a lot of different places which are adding to its beauty. Ufa International Airport is there for all the migrants who are coming from different cities. Ethiopia is a small town in the Ginbo district of Ethiopia Ufa. The city is famous for Bakshir State Medical University as well and serves students with high-class medical studies. Students who are coming to the city usually take admission to this University to start their MBBS career.

Climate of Ufa:

Ufa has a cold and temperate climate. Share the temperature ranges from -11 degree Celsius to 35.7 degree Celsius. One can consider this city to be among those cities where January is the coldest month. Moreover, during the month of June, July and August people will be able to experience good weather. Students who take admission to Bashkir State Medical University are quite happy with the temperature because they get vacations accordingly. There will be no need for them to stay in the city for longer durations. Every year vacations are there so that they can visit their families if they want.

Education facilities:

The education facilities available in Ufa are high class, and students can easily start their career in any of the University. Majorly students come for Study MBBS in Russia and visit Bashkir State Medical University because here we get the top class education facilities, and they can start their career easily. Moreover, the professionals available at the University and are highly advanced in their subjects and help students to learn about each and every factor in detail. Students will not feel like things are not working in their favour because professionals clear each and every aspect in detail.

Not only for medical education, if you are coming to Ufa for engineering or business administration, but you can also find out certain universities offering you the same educational facilities. It totally depends on the individual in which University they are applying for the same.

Transportation facilities In Bashkir State:

Transportation facilities are much developed here. Taxis, trolleys and airport are available and according to the requirement of a person can go for them. For example, if a person is coming from any other country, they can simply take the flights to Ufa, and from there, they can reach their destination through taxi, trolley or buses easily. It totally depends on them how they want to travel across the city. It is quite easy to understand that the fare charges are nominal, and anyone can afford the same. Moreover, if you are travelling from your destination to University like Bashkir State Medical University, the amount you need to pay for the service is relatively low, and public transport facilities are advance which helps you to reach the University easily.

Major attractions in the City:

When you are coming to Ufa, multiple places are there that can make up your stay in the city more memorable. Some historic places are there which you can visit. Moreover, here you will find out certain oil refinery and petrochemical industries which are designed so beautifully that you would love to explore their architecture. Additionally, here some Mountains are also available which clearly depict about the history. It is rapidly growing from 28 century as the major manufacturing centre, and you would love to visit all these industries.

The economy of the city:

If we understand the economy of the city, then oil refining, chemistry, mechanical engineering industries are contributing to the economy majorly. This clearly indicates that this country is not far away in the list of the economy as well. Services are well established, and individuals can avail any of them at their convenience. Not only this, but the educational sector is also growing day by day. Students who are taking admission in Bashkir State Medical University can easily notice the same because they can find out the development in courses, and there is no doubt in the fact that people here are quite too focus on it as well. In case there is any problem arising to students, they can simply ask the teachers and get the answers.

Literacy rate:

The literacy rate in Ufa is 78.9 %, and all the individuals are quite aware of the aspects in detail. There is no doubt in the fact that individuals are quite focusing about studies and parents also pay attention towards the same. If you have been admitted to Bashkir State Medical University, you will be able to find out that the medical staff here is quite advanced and helping you to get ideas about all the questions arising.


Last but not least this city is not far away from modernization as well. If you want to know whether the city is modernized or not, you can simply have a look at their culture. You will find out that people are quite aware of modernization and also promoting the same. They are not focused on previous practices at all.

This is right to conclude that Ufa is among those cities where modernization has occupied a place, and it hits in the category of developing cities around. The students who are coming for Bashkir State Medical University here will not regret the decision of choosing the same because the facilities are up to the mark, and they can easily start their career. It is essential for them to be patient for a while because understanding the culture may take some time.

If you feel like that during admission procedure, there is any problem arising, then come to us. At Admission route, we are taking care of everything so that a student will be able to feel comfortable, and their dream of MBBS in Russia will come true.