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For MBBS in Kazakhstan, South Kazakhstan medical academy is the right destination for everyone. It was established in 1979 in South Kazakhstan.

This is a Co-educational institution and known to offer the best education as well. A student who wishes to pursue MBBS in Kazakhstan, this medical Academy is the right choice for them.

South Kazakhstan Medical Academy:  Quick Highlights

University TypePublic
LocationShymkent, Kaakhstan
Date of Apply for Admission From 5th July
Last date of ApplyLast Week of August
Medium of Education English 
Country Rank29
Indian Food optionAvailable 
Seperate Indian HostelYes, Available
PlayGroundYes , Available

Recognition of South Kazakhstan medical academy:

South Kazakhstan medical academy is recognized by:-

S.NO.Recognized By

Ranking of South Kazakhstan medical academy:

Country RankWorld Rank

The ranking of South Kazakhstan medical academy in National territory is 19th. On the international platform, 7899 is the rank.

Faculties of South Kazakhstan medical academy:

Faculties available here are:

S.NO.Name of Faculty
1Faculty of dental studies
2Faculty of Pharmaceutical studies
3Faculty of general medicine

MBBS Course Duration:

The course duration for MBBS in Kazakhstan at South Kazakhstan medical academy is 5 years.

Along with the academic career of 5 years, the one-year internship program is also there.

South Kazakhstan Medical Academy: Fee Structure

ParticularsYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Year 6
Tuition Fee4200 USD4200 USD4200 USD4200 USD4200 USD4200 USD
Hostel Fee800 USD800 USD800 USD800 USD800 USD800 USD
Total Fee in USD5000 USD5000 USD5000 USD5000 USD5000 USD5000 USD
Total Fees in INR4,15,000 INR4,15,000 INR4,15,000 INR4,15,000 INR4,15,000 INR4,15,000 INR

Admission Procedure:

      The procedure student needs to follow to take admission in South Kazakhstan medical academy is:

  1. A student needs to fill the online application form available on the official website.
  2. Mention all the necessary details along with the documents.
  3. Wait till the offer letter gets generated.
  4. After getting the offer letter, you are supposed to pay the fees.
  5. After paying the fees, the admission will get confirmed.
  6. Now you are ready to apply for Visa.
  7. After getting the visa, the student is ready to travel for MBBS in Kazakhstan.

Eligibility criteria of MBBS Admission for Indian students:

   For admission in MBBS in Kazakhstan at South Kazakhstan medical academy, the eligibility criteria are as follows:-

  1. An Indian student must be 17 + years in age.
  2. A student must pass out his 12th with PCB along with 60%+ marks.
  3. A valid identity proof must be available with the student.
  4. NEET UG examination must be qualified.

Visa procedure and all other details:

South Kazakhstan Medical Academy is one of the most reputed medical academies, never believes in complications and creates any trouble. By keeping the same in mind, the visa approval procedure is really very simple.

Documents required for Visa approval for South Kazakh Medical Academy:-

The documents required for Visa approval for MBBS in Kazakhstan at this university are as follows:-

  • Offer letter
  • Invitation letter
  • Application letter
  • Academic record
  • Health certificate
  • Birth certificate
  • Passport size photographs
  • Passport
  • Aadhar card
  • HIV negative report
  • Covid-19 report
  • Bank statement with a minimum balance

When you go for confirmation to get a visa for South Kazakhstan Medical Academy, original documents are also required, so make sure, along with photocopies, the same are available with you.

Steps to apply for Visa:-

Steps to apply for a visa for MBBS in Kazakhstan are as follows:

  1. Visit the official website.
  2. On the official website, there is a direct link available for visa application click on it.
  3. After that, you can fill out the application form and upload all the documents.
  4. After uploading documents, wait for the duration until the confirmation is received.
  5. After confirmation, go for verification.
  6. After verification, waits for the days until it gets delivered to your doorsteps.

After the delivery is done, you are all set to go for MBBS in Kazakhstan. There is a small verification procedure you need to go through after reaching out to Kazakhstan, so be ready for it and carry all the original documents. Our officers are there to help you out with it, so don’t worry about anything.

Is South Kazakhstan medical academy is safe for Indian students?

Safety hits at the top for Indian students. In South Kazakhstan medical academy, and the student will be able to feel safe and Secure easily.

In case a student is facing any issue, they can report about it to higher authorities immediately. They will take immediate action towards it, and a student or anyone who is troubling the student will get suspended from the Academy. 

Separate Indian Hostel facilities:

South Kazakhstan Medical Academy is also coming up with Indian hostel facilities. The major concern
people have about sending children for MBBS in Kazakhstan is the residence where they will be staying.
Thankfully, the University has focused on it, and separate hostels are available. The hostels are well
equipped, which simply means there will be nothing that can create many problems for the students.
The major highlights of the hostel at this University are:
The MBBS wing is different:
The University, along with offering MBBS in Kazakhstan, also offers other courses, and that’s why the
MBBS wing is different. MBBS students will be able to have an environment where they can study
1. Well-accommodated rooms
The rooms available at the hostel campus for students pursuing MBBS in Kazakhstan are well
accommodated. From lightning to Wi-Fi facilities, everything is available so that students can have a sigh
of relief, and there will be no need for them to purchase anything additional for their livelihood.
2. A 24×7 warden and security guards are available:
Security is also at its peak for students pursuing MBBS in Kazakhstan. For fulfillment, the same 24×7
warden and security guards are available. In case a student is facing any problem, they can reach out
and get the solution.
3. Conveyance facility:
A conveyance facility is also available for all the students out there pursuing medical courses in
Kazakhstan. When you are staying at the hostel, you will see that there is a person available who can
drop you off at the location. It is entirely up to you whether you wish to continue using the same vehicle
or find another.
So yes, it is right to say that there is nothing for parents to worry about regarding the security of their
children and the residents where they will stay. This University focuses on security and always provides
the best option for all the students coming for MBBS in Kazakhstan.

Separate Indian food facilities:

Majorly Indian students have a complaint that they will not be able to have Indian food at the hostel or
in Kazakhstan. This is one of the biggest myths each of them has. The University, along with providing
separate Indian hostel facilities, also offers Indian food facilities. If students coming for MBBS in
Kazakhstan can enjoy the same delicacies as they can get in India. The dishes are so mouth-watering
that you feel like you must have some more on your plate.
Also, there is a proper schedule followed by people at the mess, which simply means that regularly there
will be something new available to eat. You can simply enjoy different delicacies regularly. In case you
are in need of eating anything specific, you can discuss it with the mess people, and they will let you
know whether it is possible for them to prepare it or not.

Mess and hostel facilities are also well equipped at South Kazakhstan medical academy. Few characteristics are:

  • Separate hostel for girls and boys.
  • Mess facilities are also separate, considering vegetarian and non-vegetarian sections.
  • Hostel campus is having Wi-Fi available for 24 by 7.
  • The washrooms are neat and clean.
  • Water purifiers are available 24 by 7.
  • Rooms are well ventilated.
  • The electricity supply is 24 by 7.
  • The campus area is equipped with greenery, and a student can step outside as well.
  • Indian Warden is also available 24 by 7.
  • Emergency doctors are also available.
  • Security is very tight.

Ragging Free Campus of South Kazakhstan medical academy:

Additionally, the South Kazakhstan medical academy is completely ragging free. A student cannot attempt such activities anywhere on the campus or in the hostel as well.

Ragging is among those open for which no leniency is here. If a student is finding out to do the same day will get suspended from the Academy.

Climate Condition of University Campus:

The climate in Kazakhstan is moderate. Indian students will be able to adjust because the maximum temperature reaches 35 degrees Celsius. The minimum temperature reaches -2 degrees Celsius.

Climate is the only factor that can create any trouble with students.

 Sports facilties for students:

When a student is here for MBBS in Kazakhstan, they can get engage in sports activities as well. Sports facilities are also available. Every year the sports week is celebrated.

If a student has any particular interest or they know about any particular sports, they can participate in it willingly.

At South Kazakhstan medical State University sports coach is also available. He will guide you for the particular Championship as well.

If you have any query considering to the curriculum followed here or you will like there is anything which is missing considering to MBBS in Kazakhstan you can report about it to higher authorities immediately, or you can raise your query as well. The soon you raise your query the soon, you will get answer for it.

How students can manage expenses while doing MBBS in Kazakhstan?

Managing expenses during MBBS in Kazakhstan is one of the biggest concerns for most students. When you are coming for MBBS at South Kazakhstan Medical Academy, do you understand that the basic necessity at the hostel is available but if you want to live a lavish lifestyle it is important to do the expenses accordingly? Some of the common expenses that take place during MBBS in Kazakhstan include:

1.      Expenses on stationery:

Stationary is a basic necessity for all the students around and that’s why you need to spend money on them. It is totally on you how much stationary you are purchasing in a particular month. If you are someone who can simply go with a black and blue pen you can go for it otherwise the color and options are also available and students usually prefer the same.

2.      Expenses on roaming around:

After classes, there is a possibility you want to explore Kazakhstan and in that case, you need to spend money. When you start roaming around you will notice there are a lot of things happening. From paying for the bus to paying for the food you are eating outside there will be an additional expense.

3.      Expenses for the food at the hotel or restaurant:

If you are someone who loves to visit hotels or restaurants for food frequently then understand there is a particular amount you need to pay for it. There are some restaurants that offer meals at a very reasonable price. But if you are visiting any 5-star or 7-star restaurant or hotel then the expenses will be height.


It is totally on the student how they are managing their expenses whenever they are pursuing MBBS in Kazakhstan from South Kazakhstan Medical Academy. If you are someone who knows how to manage your expenses definitely you will be able to have a subtle Lifestyle during MBBS in Kazakhstan.