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About Shaheed Monsur Ali Medical College:

Formerly known as Ummah Medical College (1994–1995) and Moulana Bhasani Medical College (2002–2007), the Shaheed Monsur Ali Medical College and Hospital (SMAMCH) is a private medical institution. In addition, it is a subsidiary of the prestigious Shaheed Monsur Ali Trust. Consequently, it is an esteemed university deserving of the utmost confidence. It is because of the high quality of the education offered this college has become a popular destination for students from throughout the world who want to pursue careers in medicine.

The great faculty and staff of Laila Arjumand are led by principal Prof. Rd. Kaji Jahangir Hossain. This MBBS degree is recognised by the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council, and Indian law also allows its holders to work in the country. The college’s academic building is spread out across an area of about 3 acres, and it has first-rate amenities such as large classrooms, lecture halls, a museum dedicated to each field, a library, cafeterias, and spaces dedicated to extracurricular activities. Quality education is central to its philosophy of comprehensive growth. Shaheed Monsur Ali Medical College and Hospital may have a history of success. Among the universities in Bangladesh, it is considered one of the best.

Recognition to the Shaheed Monsur Ali Medical College:

  • Shaheed Monsur Ali Medical College and Hospital is affiliated with the University of Dhaka
  • All medical councils, including WHO, NMC, MCI, BMDC recognise the College.
  • Medical students who graduated from this college are given more preference in India for medical practice purposes as they cleared the FMGE screening test beforehand.


  • Faculty of General Medicine.
  • Faculty of Obstetrics.
  • Faculty of Cardiology.
  • Faculty of Nephrology.
  • Faculty of Neurology.
  • Faculty of Dermatology.

Rank of the Shaheed Monsur Ali Medical College:

National: 8

Worldwide: 2364

Eligibility criteria to take admission:

  • Both Bangladeshi and international students are eligible to apply.
  • Applicants must have earned a minimum of a 9.00 GPA in the SSC and HSC (or equivalent) exams with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as required subjects, with the HSC minimum being a 3.50 SPA in Biology.
  • Third, applicants from Bangladesh and abroad who lack a high school diploma but do have an associate’s degree or its foreign equivalent must submit an equivalency certificate from the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) of the Government of Bangladesh.
  • Applicants must have completed their Secondary School Certificate (SSC) or equivalent in 2018 or 2019 and their Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) or equivalent in 2019 or 2020. Those who took and passed the SSC or its equivalent before 2018 are ineligible.
  • The applicant’s name must appear on the list of qualified applicants issued by the DGHS’s office based on the applicant’s performance in the DGHS admissions test and the candidate’s results in the SSC and HSC or comparable exams.
  • The minimum SPA for a candidate in the Hill district is 8.00 for tribal and non-tribal candidates. Your application will not be reviewed if your SPA in any test section is below 3.50.

Documents required for admission to Shaheed Monsur Ali Medical College:

  • Admit Card, Student Copy, and Result Sheet Can All Be Obtained Online.
  • Officially certified copies of your S.S.C. and H.S.C. transcripts or mark sheets.
  • A photocopy of your SSC or equivalent examination certificate duly notarised.
  • A certified copy of your High School Diploma or its equivalent.
  • Four (4) colour passport-sized photos were taken within the last six (6) months, with each photo officially authenticated.
  • Nationality Document (subsection f). Union Parishad Chairman/Pourashava Ward Councilor/City Corporation Chairman.
  • Certified copies of supporting documentation for the Freedom Fighter and Tribal quota, as specified by DGHS.

Admission process at Shaheed Monsur Ali Medical College:

The following outlines the steps required to get admission to Shaheed Monsur Ali Medical College and Hospital:

Step 1: First, qualified students in Bangladesh must take a written test in MC4 format for 100 points, administered by the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS). A formal entrance exam is not required of international students, but they must still adhere to the regulations set out by the Directorate General of Health Services of Bangladesh.

Step 2: The second step is for interested candidates to fill out an application and submit all the supporting documents.

Step 3: A list of qualified applicants will be made public by the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) in Bangladesh. Written entrance test scores and SPAs from SSC and HSC (or equivalent) exams (as assessed in accordance with DHGS’s norms and conditions) will be used to decide who gets admitted.

Step 4: Those who attend a private medical school must submit the following materials to Shaheed Monsur Ali Medical College to enrol there. Students will be accepted based on their academic performance.

Step 5: A medical fitness examination will be conducted on all provisionally chosen applicants by a medical board appointed by the Principal of Shaheed Monsur Ali Medical College. Students who are colourblind, have a severe physical handicap, or cannot see certain colours are often not accepted.

Step 6: Pay the MBBS program’s tuition.

Benefits of taking admission in MBBS in Bangladesh at This College:

  • Shaheed Monsur Ali Medical College offers almost the same quality of education as top private universities in India at a fraction of the cost.
  • There have been no changes to the curriculum or teaching style from what is used in India.
  • When it comes to education, Shaheed Monsur Ali Medical College has it all: a dedicated faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, top-notch labs, comfortable dorms, cutting-edge classroom technology, and more.
  • The institution provides advanced education and research of the highest calibre.
  • To enrol in the MBBS programme at Shaheed M. Monsur Ali Medical College, you need not take any language proficiency examinations (such as the IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE).
  • Students of Shaheed Monsur Ali Medical College graduate prepared in the art of medicine, devoted to the social values and ethics of their profession, and eager to continue their education throughout their careers.
  • MBBS at Shaheed Monsur Ali Medical College might be a wonderful comfort for those who want to study overseas but cannot afford the high contribution for tuition price payments at an Indian private medical school.
  • Since English is the language of teaching on the college campus, there is no need to worry about students being unable to understand one another.
  • This college is connected to several of Bangladesh’s most prominent medical professionals.
  • Direct admission to the premier medical college in Bangladesh is possible for Indian students. No extra testing is needed for admission.
  • The institution has a great infrastructure and all the latest conveniences to make life as a student easier.
  • Students from all around the globe have access to high-quality dining facilities.
  • The hospital will provide the community access to its laboratories and immunisation services. It will increase future demand for healthcare services while reducing the need for international travel and foreign currency.
  • The greatest job advice and chances may be found there.
  • The campus amenities at this university are excellent.
  • Good therapeutic outcomes may be attributed to divine providence.
  • Its primary focus has always been on bettering medical training as a whole.
  • Serving others is a responsibility bestowed by providence.
  • The university also has a duty to the community.

Medium of teaching:

The teaching medium at Shaheed Monsur Ali Medical College is English.

Hostel facilities:

  • The outstanding cleanliness and safety of the Hostel at this well-known medical school have earned it a high reputation. Both male and female guests may stay in their own hostels. The hostel is monitored closely to make sure the students are safe.
  • It is because of their proximity to cities they have access to a reliable public transit system.
  • Standard of maximum safety
  • Study Areas
  • There are a lot of Indian students. Hence, the cafeteria stocks Indian cuisine.
  • Rooms at the hostel are large (2 beds each) and comfortable.
  • It’s an ideal place to get some work done.

Hostels of Shaheed Monsur Ali Medical College have access to high-speed internet and other contemporary conveniences because of the college’s investment in cutting-edge information technology. It is because of its proximity to a major city that the institution and the surrounding community have excellent public transit links. The institution has made strides towards being more eco-friendly. The institution has constructed facilities with many stories to house its large student body. Hostel safety is taken very seriously in the medical college. The hospital on campus at Shaheed Monsur Ali Medical College is well equipped with all necessary auxiliary services, and faculty and students have access to reliable transportation both inside and outside the college grounds. There are hostels with separate dorms for males and females. You can find cafeterias and canteens on campus and in the dorms serving healthy and clean meals. The canteens provide a wide variety of meal options. Indian students won’t have any trouble locating authentic Indian food in the dining halls.

Tips for students to manage expenses during MBBS in Bangladesh:

Opt for Collaborative Learning Platforms-  

Choose a learning platform that encourages collaboration and organise or join a study group in which members pool their money to purchase necessary materials. During MBBS in Bangladesh by pooling resources, such as digital subscriptions to medical publications or money for the purchase of specialised equipment, costs may be reduced for everyone involved.

Take Advantage of Alumni Networks:
The former college students are always willing to assist our present students. Scholarships, corporate sponsorships, and the ability to borrow or inherit gently used textbooks are just a few benefits of being involved with alumni groups.

Adopt Sustainable Practices:
Switch to sustainable practises, such as investing in reusable alternatives to disposable office or medical supplies. Long-term cost reductions may be realised using items like refillable pens and eco-friendly laboratory furniture and fixtures.

 Denoting Reach Admission Route for MBBS Admission in Shaheed Monsur Ali Medical College:

Beginning a career in medicine requires enthusiasm and the ability to clearly see where you want to go. A prime example is the “Reach Admission Route” provided by Shaheed Monsur Ali Medical College, which provides prospective students with a streamlined and individualised method to earn an MBBS degree. The admissions process is more than a formality; it represents the university’s dedication to training future medical professionals. Every stage of this process has been carefully designed to promote academic integrity, equity, and success. The Reach Admission Route at Shaheed Monsur Ali Medical College provides students with clarity as they select a course toward a career in medicine. Cheers to starting over at one of the world’s best medical colleges, where your hopes and goals may become a reality.