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Perm State Universityis known for providing higher medical education. It was established in 1916 in the Perm, Perm Krai in Russia. This university is among the oldest universities in Russia. Perm State University has employed 569 well-qualified staff. Teaching faculty of this university has many well-recognized and reputed professors includes Laureates of the State Prize, privileged medics of Russia, eminent scientist of Russia, holders of regional awards of the great scientist of the Perm region, and some are the pleased diplomas of Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. Perm State University runs several faculties for educating aspirants. These faculties are faculty of pediatric, dentistry, faculty of continuing Professional Education, Faculty of Medical and Prevention, faculty of Pre-university Education, and Targeted education and faculty of Clinical Psychology and higher Nursing Education. 

Perm State University is recognized by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation. About 20000 students enrolled themselves in university every year. The university has obtained the honor for utility models and several inventions. WHO (World Health Organization) and UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization) are engaged with the Perm State University.

Eligibility of MBBS admission:

Pursue MBBS in Russia is the best option for medical aspirants. Perm State University offers an MBBS degree of 6 years duration.  The first five years are focused on classroom education, while the last year is emphasized hands-on training experience in the hospital and clinics. Taking MBBS admission in Russia is way comfortable and fits in the budget. Many Medical aspirants are choosing their way for MBBS in Russia. MBBS admissions in Russia are increasing by every year; the reason behind this is the excellent opportunities provided by the Russian Universities. The correct time to apply for the MBBS in Russia is by the end of the July month of every year.

 Eligibility rules for MBBS admission in Russia are as follows:

    • The student should have got a minimum of 50 % marks in PCB 12th standard.
    • The age of the student must be 17 years at the time of admission
    • The student must have qualified NEET exam

    Essential documents required for MBBS in Russia are mentioned below

      • Detailed mark sheets of 10th and 12th level
      • Migration certificates
      • Valid passport
      • 6passport size photographs
      • Medical insurance and HIV test reports.

      Advantages of MBBS from Perm State University:

      There might be a chance you are looking forward to knowing about the benefits you will be going to have when you are pursuing MBBS in Russia from this university. If the scenario is a so, then just have a look at all the advantages we are mentioning below:-

          • Education facilities: 

        Education facilities are up to the mark. Students will not be going to feel like the teachers are compromising with anything when it comes to high-class education standards. They will be going to meet all the standards settled up by the Medical Council of India and also according to the requirement in future life.

            • Security:

          There will be security for all the students. When they are coming for MBBS here at Perm State University, they will be going to have top-class security. In case there is something troubling you are you feel like there is any nuisance. You can report it to the higher authorities. There will be going to take charge of it and will let you feel satisfied.

              • Budget-friendly option:

            MBBS in Russia is always a budget-friendly option. Students will not be going to feel like that there is any problem arising considering the same. In case they are not able to afford it, they can simply apply for an education loan as well. The university is keeping the charge for the same as well.

                • Atmosphere:

              The atmosphere at the university and hostel is also first class. In case there is any problem arising from Indian students, the wardens will be going to take care of it. In university premises, the counseling is going on so that students will be able to feel comfortable with their surroundings, and there will be no problem for them in any case. The surroundings are so beautiful that you will get mesmerized just by its look. And to the same, the education standards are adding an extra star.

                  • Hostel facilities:

                Hostel facilities are also there, and a student will be going to get all the advantages. It might seem like you are not comfortable at the hostel in starting, but the facilities available will make you feel comfortable, and no problem will arise in any case. You just need to keep patience for a while so that it will become quite easier for you to adjust in the surroundings.

                    • Placement and internship:

                  Placement and internship is an integral part when you are pursuing MBBS in Russia from this university. They will be going to keep charge of the same as well. They will not let you feel like you need to go here and there. For the sake of internship, the university will be going to arrange the same for all the students pursuing MBBS so that their stay will become hassle-free and no trouble will arise to them.

                  And many other advantages are there for students pursuing MBBS in Russia. Make sure you are making yourself comfortable considering that most feared and other things because in case you forgot something then certain problems may arise, which might become difficult to solve later on.

                  Admission procedure:-

                  The admission procedure for MBBS in Russia is as follows:-

                    • At the very fist an individual needs to visit the official website.
                    • On the homepage click on admission.
                    • Now a page will appear fill all the details and scan all the documents along.
                    • Now after it submit the form and wait for 3-5 working days.
                    • After approval pay the fees and apply for visa.
                    • After the visa acceptance be ready to fly for MBBS in Perm State University.

                    Fee Structure 2024:

                    ParticularsYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Year 6
                    Tuition Fee5500 USD 5000 USD5000 USD5000 USD5000 USD5000 USD
                    Hostel Fee500 USD500 USD500 USD500 USD500 USD500 USD
                    Total Fee in USD6000 USD5500 USD5500 USD5500 USD5500 USD5500 USD
                    Total Fees in INR5,10,000 INR4,67,500 INR4,67,500 INR4,67,500 INR4,67,500 INR4,67,500 INR
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                    Visa Details for Admission in Perm State University:

                    Perm State University has the best rules and regulations across all universities. When you take admission, make sure to apply for a visa as well. Let’s discuss the visa procedure in detail for better understanding!

                    Documents required:-

                    When you are applying to this university to study MBBS in Russia, a visa is important. The documents required for it are as follows:

                      • Academic record
                      • Original passport
                      • Aadhar card
                      • Birth certificate
                      • invitation letter
                      • Offer letter
                      • Passport-size photographs
                      • Bank statement with a minimum balance
                      • HIV negative test results
                      • Negative report on Covid-19
                      • Health record

                      Original documents are important for a candidate to have. These are required at the time of visa application and during verification as well. If the original documents are not there, the request for a visa application will be terminated, and you will not be able to go through the process seamlessly.

                      Steps to apply for a visa:-

                      The steps you need to follow to apply for a visa are:

                        • At the very first scan of all the documents, Visit the official website and check out the link.
                        • Now upload all the documents and fill out all the details.
                        • Pay the fees.
                        • Wait for the confirmation email.
                        • After receiving a confirmation email, visit the regional office for verification.
                        • After the verification has been done, you are all set to pack your bags for MBBS in Russia.

                        After reaching Russia

                        After reaching Russia, be ready to go through the verification procedure as well. The verification will be done by the Russian embassy and police. Documents are required during the verification procedure. Make sure you have all of them available and present them to the officers who are coming for verification. After the verification has been completed, you can easily stay in Russia and fulfil your dream of becoming a doctor.

                         Recognition of Perm state University:

                           Perm State University is recognized by:-

                            • Medical council of India

                            • World Health Organization

                           Ranking Perm state University:-

                          The country rank of this university is 39 and World rank is 1792.

                          Faculties Perm state University:-

                          The faculty in this university is as follows:-

                            • Faculty of medicine
                            • Faculty of pediatrics
                            • Faculty of Medico-prophylactic
                            • Faculty for dentistry
                            • Faculty of Psychology and Social Work and Higher Nursing Education
                            • Faculty for Additional Professional Education
                            • Faculty for Pre-university Education and Targeted Training.

                            Good choice for doing MBBS from Perm State University:

                            Perm State University is the most elegant choice for the students seeking for MBBS admission in Russia. For Indian medical students, it isn’t straightforward to get admission in the MBBS program in any government university. Pursue their studies abroad is cheap and is of the best quality. The cost of pursuing an MBBS degree is very less as compared to other countries. In Perm State University, MBBS fees are 20-22 lacs for six years, hostel, and study material charges are included in this amount. The medium of teaching of this university is English. The university offers a study of 657 subjects. It also provides scholarships to international students. Hostels are very well built and well furnished. Indians find a friendly environment in Perm city. The students got many opportunities in their careers while studying at this university.

                            How students can manage expense while pursuing MBBS in Russia from Perm State University?

                            Pursuing medical studies in Russia can be a daunting and expensive task for any aspiring medical student. Perm State University is one of the renowned medical universities in Russia and offers excellent courses with excellent faculty & facilities.

                            However, managing expenses while pursuing MBBS in Russia at Perm State University can be a challenge, especially if you come from a non-Russian school and unfamiliar with the culture and prices. Here are 5 tips to help you manage your expenses while studying at the University:

                            Tips to follow:

                            1. Understand the Financial System:

                            There are several financial systems in place that allow foreign students to easily and safely manage their expenses at the University. Familiarizing yourself with these systems ahead of time can save you a lot of time, money, and effort during your studies. This includes learning about scholarships and grants, international banking services, and tuition fees.

                            2. Get an Accurate Budget:

                            When you understand the financial system, the next important step is to get an accurate budget. You should calculate the expenses of studying at the university accurately and create a budget that works for you. This budget should not only include tuition fees and living expenses but also any additional costs such as books, transportation, and medical expenses.

                            3. Stick to the Budget:

                            Once you have created a budget and understood the financial system, make sure to stay within it. Sticking to a budget is key to ensure that your expenses do not exceed the allocated funds. Monitor your spending regularly and cut down unnecessary expenses where possible.

                            4. Live Within Your Means:

                            While it’s essential to get the most out of your studies, it’s equally important to live within your means. This means avoiding expensive lifestyle options such as luxury vacations and extravagant dinners. Instead, focus on utilising your resources to gain the most out of your educational experience.

                            5. Take Advantage of Student Services:

                            Last but not least, Perm State University offers several student services that can help you manage your expenses while studying there. This includes purchasing books online from the university store, free or discounted transportation, discounts at local restaurants, and more. Take advantage of these services to cut down your expenses and make the most of your educational experience.

                            These tips can go a long way in helping you manage your expenses while pursuing MBBS at Perm State University. While it can be challenging to adjust, with the proper budgeting and management, you can ensure a smooth and comfortable educational journey that is both rewarding and enjoyable.