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Uzbekistan is situated in central Asia. It is linked to Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Afghanistan from its four directions. Uzbekistan is more significant than California. This country has placed itself on the 42nd place in term of population. Its capital is Tashkent. Its local language is Uzbek.  90 % of its population is Muslim, 5% are Christian, and the other 5% are belonging to other religions. The people of Uzbekistan are well educated and take education (as the essential thing to have in life. Study MBBS in Uzbekistan is popular for Medical Students.

 Even the students from foreign countries come here to pursue their education (MBBS in Uzbekistan). So many students attract MBBS in Uzbekistan. This country offers a unique environment for study. Countries’ transportation services are well managed and very convenient for everyone. Uzbekistan is a cultural and historical nation.



About Uzbekistan

LanguageUzbek & English
Population3.2 crores in 2017
Capital Tashkent
Climate  Average of climate ( -2°C  to + 32°C)
Currency  Uzbekistani Som
Exchange Rate 1 INR = 127.19 UZS
Religion  Muslim & Christian
Time Difference with India   -30 Minutes
Total Area 4,47,400 km²

Uzbekistan is among those countries where you will be going to find a rich culture and also the surroundings will excite you. Officially, it is pronounced as the Republic of Uzbekistan, and it is a country in Central Asia. When it comes to looking at the countries which are surrounding Uzbekistan, then it includes Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan and Turkmenistan. It is quite interesting to see that this country is enriched with a lot of diversity, culture and heritage which let people explore it more. If you are looking forward to settling in Uzbekistan for any reason you can consider the example of pursuing MBBS in Uzbekistan then you need to know about it.

  • Climate:

One can mark the region of Uzbekistan to be added, and the average rainfall here is around 8 inches annually. The rainfall here is in winter and spring. But apart from it, it is quite interesting to see the average temperature here in July is 32 degree Celsius. The houses here are designed in a manner that person cannot feel any kind of trouble when they are deciding here. The climate here affects drainage and also contributes to irrigation, filtration and evaporation system.

  • Language:

The native language belongs to people residing in Uzbekistan includes Turkic language and Karkalpkstan. More than half of million people spoke the same language. Also, 1/7th population of the country speak Russian. Some people are also aware of English and hence visitor will not going to face any kind of trouble whenever they are coming here.

  • Religion:

The religion persists here among all the Uzbeks are Sunni Muslims. They are known to be among those Muslims who are a lot of devoted. Also, if someone who belongs to other country coming here for any purpose like MBBS in Uzbekistan, there is no trouble will be created to them. The people here are so friendly that they will welcome you with their open hearts.

  • Places to visit:

When you are coming to Uzbekistan and looking forward to exploring it then here you will be going to see a lot of places to explore the world this country is enriched with trade, industry, agriculture, medical departments, monuments, and so on. One just needs to step outside and explore it. Within no time they have the idea available that why Uzbekistan hits in the category of the most visited country these days.

  • Livelihood:

When it comes to being good when you are here, then there is nothing going to create any trouble for you. People have a lot to do. If you feel like that you wish to settle up your business here, the option is also available. One just needs to come up with a strategy and implement it accordingly. Within no time, they will have the result available so that they can easily get the best in return.

And there is a lot for an individual to explore whenever they are coming here. If you are a medical student and you are looking forward to pursuing MBBS in Uzbekistan, then there is nothing for you to get tensed about.

Here you will be going to get all the basic facilities available that will help you in earning a livelihood and will also let you understand the medical concepts effectively. Professionals available at the medical universities in Uzbekistan are up to the mark and did not compromise with the quality of education at all.


About MBBS In Uzbekistan:-

Apply for MBBS Admission 1st Week of May
End Date for MBBS Admission last week of August
Course Starts From September 2023
NEET Entrance Exam Yes, Compalsory
Minimum Tuition  Fee  15.5 Lakh INR
Maximum Tuition Fee 18 Lakh INR
Admission process time25 -  30 Working Days
University Recognition MCI & WHO
Medium of Teaching English & Uzbek
Accommodation Cost (twin Shaaring in Hostel)  500 USD Per Year
Eligibility of  Admission50% In PCB of 12th

  • Every year thousands of students apply for MBBS in Uzbekistan. This country includes several well-reputed universities.
  • Indian medical students fail to get admission in the Indian universities either because of high fees structure or high percentage.
  • So many medical aspirants drop the idea of getting their education in India. They decide to take education in abroad. Uzbekistan is one of the few countries offering MBBS with meager fee rates.
  • The MBBS graduates from Uzbekistan are eligible to practice in their profession in any part of the world.
  • Even the doctors from Uzbekistan are recognized in the world.
  • The duration of MBBS in Uzbekistan is of 5 years. This period also includes one year of internship in reputed hospitals.
  • For international students, MBBS in Uzbekistan costs around 14-15 lacs. This amount includes tuition fees of the university, hostel charges, library charges, and other living expenses.
  • All the universities here are recognized by the WHO and Medical Councils of several nations such as India, America, Australia, etc. The teaching faculty employed in universities here are well qualified and experts in their respective subjects. The teachers are available even after their working hours for the students. The medium of proving education here is English. This quality has made the learning process very easy for international students.

Total Fee Structure of MBBS In Uzbekistan: At a Glance

Andijan State Medical Institute
24 Lakh INR
Bukhara State Medical Institute  21 Lakh INR
Tashkent Medical Academy 23.88 Lakh INR
Samarkand State Medical Institute  23.80 Lakh INR
Fergana medical Institute 24.48 Lakh INR


Personal expenses of the student during MBBS in Uzbekistan

When a person is heading for MBBS in Uzbekistan, they need to understand about expenses as well. When you are in India, you are habitual of currency, and there will be no as such trouble will arise to you. But when you are stepping to Uzbekistan, there is a lot more available for you to understand. If you have planned to go for MBBS in Uzbekistan but not sure about the expensive than this read is for you.

We will be going to highlight certain aspects that let you get an idea about it in detail.

Things to know about expenses:

  • The difference in currency:

In India, the currency we are using is Rs. But in Uzbekistan, a person will be going to use Som. In the present day, one Uzbekistani Som is equal to 0.0072 Indian rupees. From this, a person can easily calculate how much money they need to carry for residing in Uzbekistan.

  • Phone recharges:

Phone recharges also creates a big difference to people. Not only the incoming and outgoing services but the net recharges are also important for an individual to understand. In Uzbekistan, the operators available are COSCOM, UNITEL, UMS and uzmobile. These operators are hitting at the top in Uzbekistan. Whichever the operator a person will be going to choose, there will be recharged available. All the operators available, UNITEL is one of the budget-friendly one available.

  • Transportation charges during MBBS in Uzbekistan:

It is quite interesting to see that transportation is quite inexpensive in Uzbekistan. Whether you are travelling by buses or minibuses, you just need to pay 12 UZS which means only $0.14.a user can conclude that this is the most inexpensive one available.

  • Restaurant charges:

If you are stepping outside to try something new this evening or want to try any particular cuisine, then the minimum amount you need to pay for food at the cheapest restaurant is 4.00 USD or 2.00-7.30 UZS

  • Water bottle rate:

In India, we all know that we can purchase a water bottle of 1 litre at Rs. 20. But in Uzbekistan the amount for the water bottle is also very less. For 1.5 litre bottle, a user needs to pay 0.13 to 0.50 UZS.

  • Soft drink bottle rate:

For a soft drink as well, there is no need for users to worry about. These are also available at a very nominal price. They just need to pay maximum to maximum of 4 UZS for having a bottle of soft drink.

  • Vegetable rates:

Vegetable rates available for people of Uzbekistan are quite inexpensive. A user can purchase 1 kg of carrot for only 1400 UZS and can purchase onion with 650 UZS and potato for only 1100 UZS.

From above-mentioned things it is quite clear that there is a lot more available for people at a very cheap price in Uzbekistan. Therefore when you are heading for MBBS in Uzbekistan make yourself prepare according to the rates we have mentioned above. Moreover, the rates fluctuate according to currency, and the fluctuation depends on the current situation.
If you have anything else to know about it, then at Admission Route we are here to help you. We will clear all your doubts considering MBBS in Uzbekistan and will help you in getting rid of every problem which you may face during admission.

Admission Procedure of MBBS In Uzbekistan:

The Indian students are needed to apply for the MBBS admission in Uzbekistanby the 31st of July. In Uzbekistan, the visa processing time is only three days. You can apply for a visa and admission through the online process. The classes for the MBBS are started from the first or second week of September. MBBS admission in Uzbekistan required the following documents.

  • Detailed mark sheets of 10th and 12th standard
  • Passport with two years validity
  • Passport size photographs
  • Medical insurance
  • HIV test reports
  • Invitation letter

Eligibility of MBBS Admission in Uzbekistan:

To get MBBS admission in Uzbekistan, the students must follow the eligibility criterion. There are several universities which offer MBBS in Uzbekistan with the easy admission procedure. The admissions are directly based on the marks obtained in the 12th standard. Minimum passing marks in English are a must for MBBS admission in Uzbekistan. MBBS admission in Uzbekistan is based on the following criteria.

  • The medical aspirants must complete the age of 17 years by the 31st December of the admission year.
  • The students are required to score a minimum of 50% marks in physics, chemistry, and biology at the 12th level.
  • The students should have a NEET scorecard with qualifying marks.

We recommend MBBS admission in Uzbekistan is the best available choice for the medical students. For any further information, please contact us on the below-given number.


Benefits of Study MBBS in Uzbekistan: 

Becoming a doctor is the dream of every medical student. When students choose medicine, they never think that they want to serve the country with their talent. When it comes to enrolling in MBBS, there are so many options available to people. In India, there are so many universities that offer the same option. But people are not really very happy to choose India because the process is quite lengthy, and they need to qualify for the NEET-UG examination for the same. This lets them look out for universities outside India.

Presently MBBS in Uzbekistan turned out to be the best option for people around. As we have already discussed so many things regarding Uzbekistan, you might be getting curious to know what else can be there for you. There are so many advantages available to you. If you are new to it, here are the advantages that you must know:

Top-class faculty:

The faculty under which you are learning plays an important role. If they are not experienced, they cannot learn new things. When you are choosing MBBS in Uzbekistan, this is the best opportunity you can have. The faculty here are the best ones in the field. They have years of experience in providing the best knowledge to students. They are not only well aware of the latest technologies but are also aware of traditional methods in consideration. There will be no need for you to put yourself in a state where you are unable to get what is new in the market.

The medical field is at the peak of advancement regularly. There is something new available for doctors to learn at every step. You will not feel outdated at all when you are coming to MBBS in Uzbekistan because the faculties are up to date and let you explore the same in detail.

Internship along with regular study after MBBS in Uzbekistan:

There are so many institutions in India that do not offer internships. This is the major reason students are not in the state to understand what they are supposed to do next. But when you are choosing MBBS, there will be no need for you to think about it. Along with the post-curriculum one-year internship program has been covered. You will be enrolled in the University Hospital or some other hospital where you can practice. The universities will take care of it. If you are a bright student and you need extra help, then as well the University is ready for it.

You just need to give your 100%, and the rest the University will take care of. When you are becoming part of an internship, there is an option available whether you want to continue your career in Uzbekistan or you want to come back to India. There is a different process that you need to follow for it.

Access to the latest technologies in the University:

Some students have thought that if the University is very old, they will only have access to traditional methodologies. But in Uzbekistan, this is not the truth. You will be able to access the latest technology at the University. It doesn’t matter whether it is a new machine that is in consideration or some other equipment. The University will help you to know about it.

You just need to keep yourself open to the opportunities so that you can learn about them. If it happens that at some point you are not ready to understand how things are going on, you can simply discuss it with the professionals. The professionals are always ready to help you out. For sure, after MBBS in Uzbekistan, you will become the Doctor Who is well aware of all the traditional methodologies and the latest technologies in use in the medical field.

Widely accepted degree from MBBS in Uzbekistan:

The degree that you will get here is widely accepted. All the universities offering MBBS in Uzbekistan are recognized. They will be no need for you to get your degree from such University that is not up prestigious or recognized. 

After completing MBBS in Uzbekistan, you just need to qualify for the MCI examination, and then you are all set to start your career in India, this is one of the major examinations that every medical student needs to give when they want to start their a clinic in India. Make sure you are preparing well for it so that they will be no need for you to feel disappointed later.

Theoretical and practical classes:

All the universities offering MBBS and Uzbekistan comes up with theoretical and practical classes. During the theoretical classes, you will learn about all the aspects in detail. And in practical classes, you will get the chance to apply all the strategies that you have learnt. You just need to focus on how to apply it. There will be a dedicated professional available during the practical classes as well to teach you how to do it. If you are not getting how to do it, you can discuss it with them. The professionals are always ready to help the students when they are eager to learn about something.

It is also advisable not to miss any practical class because there are very few chances that repetition of the same class may happen. Until and unless it’s an emergency, do not skip it.

Recognized universities:

1- Tashkent state Medical Academy

2- Samarkand State Medical Institute

3- Bukhara state Medical Institute

4-Andijan State Medical Institute

5- Fergana medical Institute

These Universities offering MBBS in Uzbekistan are recognized Universities by several recognition bodies, including the Medical Council of India, UNESCO, UNICEF, WHO and so on.

Some people have a thought that when they go for an MBBS in some other country, the universities are not recognized, and their degree will be of no use.

But this will not happen when you are choosing to study in Uzbekistan. All the universities are recognized, and you can simply start your career in any part of the world. Even after completing MBBS in Uzbekistan, if you wish to stay in Uzbekistan, only you can go for it. There is a different process available that you need to follow to get things done.

Global exposure:

At the University in Uzbekistan, every year, doctors from different parts of the world organize their conferences. These medical conferences are very helpful for all medical students because they let them have Global exposure. The doctors will not only let you know about how they have acquired the same place but also motivate you on what to do and what not to do.

In case you feel things are not going in the same way as you have land, don’t worry. You can discuss with them along with it some conferences or so get organized in other universities as well from the university side, and you can also be a part of them. By becoming part of such conferences, you will be able to learn about different mindsets and how people move ahead in their careers.

No Donation Required for Study MBBS in Uzbekistan:

When people are going for MBBS in India, they need to pay a hefty amount as a donation. But this is not a truth in the case of MBBS in Uzbekistan. The admission process is quite transparent, and if you have qualified NEET UG examination, you are eligible to apply for it. If the eligibility criteria are fulfilled, no one can stop you from getting admission there. It is important for you to figure out the University to bring the same course you wish to pursue.

There is a possibility that you may notice a difference in fees when you are reaching out to the universities, but the same is so nominal that you will be able to afford the same. Make sure you are not compromising the quality of education you are getting just because of the fees. The universities offer instalment options as well, and you can consider paying the fees.

Feasible Cost of Living:

The cost of living in Uzbekistan is also very affordable. All medical Universities tuition fee structure about 3500 USD Per Year For study MBBS in Uzbekistan.  It doesn’t matter whether you are choosing a hostel or personal accommodation, both of the options are affordable. It is important for you to figure out the amount that you need to pay to analyze whether you wish to go for a hostel or personal accommodation. On the hostel premises, you will get all the facilities available. From well-equipped the room to well-ventilated washrooms, everything is maintained.

If you are facing any problem or someone is trying to Bully you, the warden is also available to help you out. In the case of personal accommodation, there is a possibility you may get some well-furnished rooms, but the amount that you may need to pay will be high. Figure out the things as per your routine and then finalize the same.

Engagement in extracurricular activities:            

The universities are not only focused on theoretical and practical knowledge. But they are also organizing extracurricular activities that can help you to feel energized and engaged. With the Doctor, sometimes it happens that they get engrossed with their studies a lot that they forget about themselves. But the universities are paying attention towards the health of the students as well and arrange things accordingly.

It is quite obvious to understand that when you are choosing MBBS in Uzbekistan, there are so many options available, and universities are focused on students’ health as well. If a student wants to become a doctor, they can simply apply for any of the courses and get admission right away. Admission  Roputeis always helping students in getting admission, so you can come to us, and we will help you out throughout the admission process.

Impact of Uzbekistan medical education on Indian students in Healthcare:

We all know that right now there are so many Indian students who are migrating to some other countries like Uzbekistan to complete their medical studies. There is no doubt that when students are going for MBBS in Uzbekistan they will experience a lot of changes. But when at the Admission Route, there will be no need for you to feel this way at all. We are always here to help you to know everything in detail. Before you plan to go for MBBS in Uzbekistan, there are several aspects that you cannot ignore. The major ones that you need to keep in mind include:

Exposure to different Healthcare systems:

First of all, it is important for you to understand that you will be exposed to a different Healthcare system. The medical practices and patient demographics in these countries are very different compared to those who are living in India. When you get exposed to a diverse healthcare system, you will be able to enhance your adaptability and cultural competence. As a Healthcare professional, it is important for you to be open to changes because this will help you to grow in your career.

Learn under International faculties:

When you are pursuing an MBBS in Uzbekistan, it is necessary for you to understand that there is a very rare chance that you will come across any Indian faculty who is teaching there. You will come to know that all the faculties are International, and the way they are considered to teach children is very different from Indian teachers. We are not saying that Indian students are not capable of getting that International accent. But it will take you some time to understand how the doctors are teaching you and what are the changes that you need to implement.

Research opportunities and innovation:

Do not forget that your circle will expand whenever you choose MBBS in Uzbekistan. There will be different technologies available on the table, and you need to become part of all the research opportunities and innovations will be able to come up with a treatment in a proper way as expected that initially, you feel like you are unable to understand. So, make sure you are not avoiding it at all.

Clinical exposure during Study MBBS in Uzbekistan:

Clinical exposure is something that you cannot ignore because whenever you are studying MBBS in Uzbekistan you will come across different ways in which the hospital and medical schools are helping people to learn about the strategies that they follow. There is a possibility that you may feel like it is very different from the Indian facilities that are available but don’t worry because, at every step, you will be able to learn about it. It is necessary that you keep the circle open to learn about all of it so that there will be no such problem during its implementation.

You will become more empathetic:

Empathy is something that cannot be avoided when you are a doctor, and thankfully, when you are exposed to MBBS in Uzbekistan, you will see that there are a lot of changes that are happening, and you will become more empathetic. You will not feel like you are not able to understand any people or there is something that is not going on as planned, but there will be options available that will help you to grow as a person.


Indian Students Lifestyle during Study MBBS in Uzbekistan:

  • Indian student finds high-quality education while pursuing MBBS in Uzbekistan. Science experts and students from the world live here.
  • This country is very diverse and friendly. Indians are treated with love.
  • We recommend Uzbekistan for medical study because students will explore the cultural activities here along with their studies.
  • Uzbekistan is a very traditional country. The people here follow their traditions and very focused on their education.
  • Its local language is Uzbek, but people also speak fluent English. This will make Indians living easy here.
  • As this country is not very expensive, plus has very well managed transportation services, the students here live a comfortable life.
  • Indian students either choose to stay in university hostels or rent an apartment. Both are comfortable living. But the hostel life is much more advantageous.
  • University hostels are equipped with modern facilities. It is safer than an apartment. Every university has a separate hostel for girls and boys.
  • For the Indian students, universities have Indian food mess. Getting admission in MBBS in Uzbekistan is also very easy.

If I will not be able to clear the MCI screening in the first attempt, will I be able to apply for it again?

Yes. You can apply for MCI screening again. Unlimited attempts are available with the students, and they can prepare for it. Along with regular classes, MCI coaching is also going on in the University, and it is a must for the students to join them.

Can I apply for a government job after completion of MBBS in Uzbekistan?

Yes. You can apply for a government job after completion of MBBS in Uzbekistan. But make sure you have passed the MCI screening test. It is necessary because it will let you get approved by the Medical Council of India that you are ready to be a doctor in India.

Do I need to appear for any visa interview to get a visa?

No. There is no need for you to appear for any Visa Interview for getting a visa. You need to apply for it with relevant documents. In case any of the documents is found out to be fraud, the visa service providers will approach you.

From when to when vacations are available for students?

After a particular session is over, University will be going to provide you vacation. This totally depends upon your choice whether you wish to stay in a hostel or whether you wish to come to your place.


My NEET-UG examination is not qualified am I eligible to take admission in Uzbekistan?

 No. If your NEET-UG examination is not qualified, then you cannot apply for MBBS in Uzbekistan at all. You must be qualifying it with good marks.

Except for NEET, am I supposed to appear for some other examination for MBBS in Uzbekistan?

No. There is no need for you to appear for any other examination except NEET UG. You need to qualify the exam with good marks. If it is not qualified, then you will not be able to get admission there.

Do I require TOEFL for admission in MBBS in Uzbekistan?

TOEFL is not required for admission in MBBS in Kyrgyzstan. There is no need for you to appear for any other exam at all. You need to be aware of the criteria followed by the University, and within no time will you be able to get admission there.

Can I complete my internship at the same University from where I am pursuing MBBS in Uzbekistan?

Yes. University will offer you the option for an internship, and you need to avail of the opportunity available. The professionals will guide you throughout the internship and will also help you to understand how things are working in your favor. There is no need for you to feel like there is no one who can help you with i

Can I apply for a part-time job when I am studying MBBS in Uzbekistan?

Yes. You can apply for a part-time job when you were studying MBBS in Uzbekistan. This totally depends upon your choice whether you wish to apply to the University for the Part-time Job or whether you wish to apply to the hospital. But for the same, you mustn’t be compromising with your classes. In case you have a compromise with your classes of MBBS, then it will create unnecessary issues for you in the future.

What is the duration and medium of teaching for MBBS in Uzbekistan?

Duration for MBBS in Uzbekistan is 5 years, and in the six-year duration, an internship is included. The medium of teaching is preferred English only. You need to understand English, and you will be able to understand the whole course.


Samarkand state medical Institute

Duration: 5 Year Total: ₹15.82 lakh | $22,600
1st Year ₹4.34 Lakh $6200
2nd Year to 5th Year ₹2.87 Lakh $4100

Andijan state medical institute

Duration: 5 Year Total: ₹15.05 Lakh | $21,500
1st Year ₹3.01 Lakh $4300
2nd Year to 5th Year ₹3.01 Lakh $4300

Bukhara State Medical Institute

Duration: 5 Year Total: ₹15.05 Lakh | $21,500
1st Year ₹3.01 Lakh $4300
2nd Year to 5th Year ₹3.01 Lakh $4300

Tashkent Medical Academy

Duration: 5 Year Total: ₹17.85 Lakh | $23,800
1st Year ₹4.35 Lakh $5800
2nd Year to 5th Year ₹3.38 Lakh $4500