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Volgograd state medical University: About

Volgograd State Medical University is well-renowned university. It is located on the bank of Volga River at Volgograd in southern part of Russia. It is founded in 1935 and it was named as Stalingrad Medical Institute. In 1935 it attained the Academy status while in 2003 it got the university status. Since 1962 this university teaches the overseas students. Volgograd State Medical University is run by the Professor Vladimir I. Petrov who is a famous Russian Scientist.  Professor Alexander A. Spasov is the vice-chancellor and Dr. Dmitry N.Emelianov who is Dean of the university especially for international students. The main motto of Volgograd State Medical University is Symbolum Sanitatis. In this university 5000 students are citizens of Russia and 900 students are international.  The Russian Ministry for education is granted it for training to both Russian as well overseas student.

Ranking of Volgograd State Medical University:

Volgograd State Medical University got 147 rank at country level and 4377 rank all over the world. By this rank this, university become best destination for the students who want to do MBBS in Russia.

Volgograd State Medical University has number of departments. These departments are: department for the foundation course and Department for international students. This campus offers both bachelor’s as well as masters degree to students.


The faculties available here are as follows:-

  • Faculty of General Medicine
  • Faculty of Dentistry and MD
  • Faculty of Pediatrics
  • Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Faculty of Medical Biochemistry
  • Faculty of Social Work
  • Faculty of Clinical Psychology

Admission procedure in :-

The admission procedure at Volgograd state medical University admission is as follows:-

  1. At the very first, a student is supposed to scan all the necessary documents required for admission.
  2. Now visit the official website of the University and look forward to the admission form available right there.
  3. Fill it and submit it.
  4. Wait for 3-4 working days.
  5. After verification, offer letter will get generated and sent to the registered email address.
  6. After a generation of the offer letter, pay the fees.
  7. After paying the fees, admission is confirmed.
  8. After confirmation, apply for visa and then you are ready to fly for MBBS in Russia.

Duration OF MBBS course:

The duration for MBBS in Russia at Volgograd state medical university is of 6 years. In the duration of 6 years there will be internship included.

Documents required to Admission:-

Documents required for MBBS Admission at are as follows:-

  1. 12th standard passing certificate
  2. NEET-UG examination qualified scorecard
  3. 10 passport size photograph
  4. Passport
  5. Birth Certificate
  6. Migration certificate
  7. Character certificate
  8. Medical certificate

Eligibility criteria in :-

The eligibility criteria for MBBS in Russia at this university are as follows:-

  1. Age of a student must not be more than 25 years and less than 17 years.
  2. NEET-UG examination of a student must be qualified
  3. The student must not hold any criminal record in his academic studies
  4. He must have secured 60% marks in 12th standard.
  5. The student must opt for Subjects in 12th standard must be Physics, Biology, and chemistry along with English

Student hostel:

Volgograd State Medical University has seven hostels. Hostels are separate for girls and boys. It depends on the students if they want to share the room with another student or not. All the rooms are fully furnished, which contain beds tables, drawers, chairs etc. Including it, hostels consist of Cafes, a restaurant in which students eat various types of cuisine.

The campus also provides the facility of free Wi fi due to it students can do study online. Choosing MBBS in Russia state that you are enrolling yourself in a safe environment. But the condition for pursuing MBBS in Russia is that student is NEET qualified. Select this university for a bright future. This university fulfill all the condition of students.

Volgograd State Medical University: Fee Structure 2023

ParticularsYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Year 6
Tuition Fee5500 USD 5500 USD5500 USD5500 USD5500 USD5500 USD
Hostel Fee500 USD500 USD500 USD500 USD500 USD500 USD
Total Fee in USD6000 USD6000 USD6000 USD6000 USD6000 USD6000 USD
Total Fees in INR4,98,000 INR4,98,000 INR4,98,000 INR4,98,000 INR4,98,000 INR4,98,000 INR

Benefits of Pursuing MBBS at Volgograd State Medical University

The benefits a student will be going to get are as follows:-

  • Scholarship programs are available for the student.
  • The fees of MBBS in Russia at the University are affordable.
  • Loan facility is there for eligible students.
  • A student just need to clear NEET UG examination for the sake of admission process
  • Transportation facilities are up to the mark. There will be no need for a student to carry any private vehicle along with them.
  • Hostel facilities are up to the mark and hospitals are surrounded with best immunity for the student.
  • There will be no need for a student to reside in a hostel in case they are looking forward to go for private Apartment they can request for the same as well.
  • Indian mess facility is also there.
  • For girls and boys the hostel is separate.
  • For all the students extra-curricular activities organized at the campus so that they can gain some more benefits from all the certificates they collect.
  • For every tournament or any curricular activities in case a person is participating they will be going to get the certificates as well.

This University is best destination for MBBS. Length of MBBS in Russia of this university is six years which includes one-year training and five-year classroom study. Volgograd State Medical University has 763 well-educated professor’s and extraordinary researchers. A student who wants to do MBBS in Russia, particularly in this university must have at least 50% marks. Apart from it, main building of Volgograd State Medical University is a library which contains 700000 books of different languages. Volgograd State Medical University organized various cultural events. The best part of this campus is the method of teaching. Professors deliver lectures in the English language so that overseas students do not feel unconvinced while learning. The tuition fee of MBBS in Russia of this campus is 5900 Russian rubles per annum.  MBBS in Russia means you will get a degree at a reasonable fee. Students of this university work anywhere in the region without any problem.

How can students manage expenses during MBBS in Russia during stay at Volgograd State Medical University Russia?

Volgograd State Medical University is one of the leading medical schools in Russia. It is a premier institution for medical education and research. The university is located in the city of Volgograd, which is the capital of the Volgograd Oblast.

The university offers a 6-year MBBS program for students from all over the world. The program is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to become competent medical doctors.

The MBBS program at Volgograd State Medical University is affordable and the university provides students with all the necessary resources to succeed in their studies. However, students need to be mindful of their expenses during their stay at the university.

Here are 6 ways for students to manage their expenses during MBBS at Volgograd State Medical University:

1. Keep a track of your expenses:

The first and most important thing to do when trying to save money is to keep track of your expenses. This will help you figure out where your money is going and where you can cut back. There are many ways to do this, but we recommend using a budgeting app like Mint or YNAB.

2. Cut back on unnecessary expenses:

Once you know where your money is going, you can start to cut back on unnecessary expenses. This may include things like eating out, buying coffee, or going to the movies. Instead, try to cook at home, make your own coffee, or rent movies from Redbox.

3. Get a part-time job online:

If you are struggling to make ends meet, getting a part-time job specially freelancing can be a great way to earn some extra money. There are many part-time jobs available to students online, so take some time to find one that fits your schedule and interests.

4. Apply for scholarships and grants in Volgograd State Medical University :

One of the best ways to manage your expenses as a student is to apply for scholarships and grants. There are many scholarships and grants available to medical students, so be sure to do your research and apply for as many as you can.

5. Take advantage of student discounts:

Many businesses offer student discounts on their products and services. Be sure to ask about these discounts whenever you are making a purchase. Some businesses that offer student discounts include restaurants, movie theaters, and stores.

6. Create a savings plan:

One of the best ways to manage your finances as a student is to create a savings plan. Figure out how much money you need to save each month and then set up a savings account and automate your savings. This will help you make headway on your financial goals and prepare you for your future. These are the ways through which a students will be able to manage their expenses easily!