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About Nepal: An Overview

Capital Kathmandu
Language Nepali
Climate 10 °C to 38 °C
Population 2,80,95,714
Currency Nepalese Rupee
exchange rate 1 INR = 1.61 Nepalese Rupee
Time Difference with India + 15 Minutes
Religion 81.3% Hinduism , 9% Buddhism,4.4% Islam &  3% Kirant
Area 1,47,181 km2

Nepal hits in the category of those countries where the culture is diverse, and at every step, there is something new everyday bill for a person to learn. It is a country of Asia which is a line along the southern slopes of the Himalayan mountain ranges. It is quite interesting to see that every year thousands of students migrate for MBBS in Nepal just because of the climate and facilities available.

If you also wish to complete MBBS in Nepal, you must have an idea about the basic link with this country. These basic will help you understand whether you are ready to become part of it.

Things to know:


When you are coming for MBBS in Nepal, you need to know about the language as well. The official language is Nepali. But apart from it, here some other languages are also included like Gurung, Limbu, Magar, Sunwar, Tamang, Newari, and Rai. And also, people are aware of English so that they can easily communicate with others. The MBBS course is available will going to be available for students in the English language as well.


Climate is also a factor of consideration because it will allow you to understand whether you are ready to adjust. The climate of Nepal is affected by the elevation, and it lets a person point out whether it is the right place to be for MBBS in Nepal or not. From Subtropical monsoon conditions to temperate climate here, the climate fluctuates. But being near the Himalayan range, the climate here is moderate, and a person will be able to adjust easily. There is no need for them to face any kind of trouble because the climate is adaptable to an extent.


When you are coming for MBBS in Nepal, you will see the diverse range of religions available here. Here this includes Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, Christian, and others are also available. But the Hindus and Buddhists are known to be the prominent ones and have the majority available. Therefore one can easily conclude that the cultural influences are according to Hindus, and there is no particular compromise.


Nepal is also equipped with multiple resources. Not only agriculture but Forestry is also up to the mark here. Apart from it, now industry and trade are also gaining a lot of importance around, and people are working in the same as well. There is no need for an individual to migrate from their country to another country for work. Industries and trading are developing day by day so that a person can easily decide in their country.


The government of Nepal is quite strict about their rules and regulations. They do not compromise with anything because if they are doing so, they compromise with the safety of people. With this plan, they rule people and always come up with certain things that allow people to get all the benefits. There is no need for an individual to feel like someone will going to harm them or will create any nuisance to them.

This is the basic, which is important for an individual to understand whenever they are coming for MBBS in Nepal.

If you are planning for MBBS in Nepal, then come to us. At the ADMISSION ROUTE, we will help you in understanding everything so that it becomes quite easier for you to get admission here easily. If you wish to know something more, do let us know in the comment section below so that we can help you understand it in detail.

Facilities offered to students pursuing MBBS in Nepal:

  • Easy document verification during MBBS admission in Nepal.
  • To take admission to MBBS in Nepal, there is no need for a candidate to get available with a visa.
  • There is no need for a candidate to give any proficiency test.
  • Comparative to other cities and countries, it is less expensive to pursue MBBS in Nepal.
  • Hostel and mess facilities will be given to all those available.

And many other benefits are there which one will get when they apply for MBBS in Nepal. If you are not aware of what is the procedure for MBBS admission in Nepal, there is no need for you to get tens about the same. Here the procedure is mentioned.

Study MBBS In Nepal- At a Glance

Apply for MBBS Admission  1st Week of July
End Date for MBBS Admission First week of September
Course Starts From From 1st week of October 
NEET Entrance Exam Yes, Compalsory
Minimum Tuition  Fee 8.50 Lakh INR Per Year
Maximum Tuition Fee 10.4 Lakh INR Per Year
Admission process time 20 – 25 Working Days
University Recognition MCI & WHO
Medium of Teaching English
Accommodation Cost (twin Shaaring in Hostel) 7000 – 10000 INR Per Month
Eligibility of Admission  55% In PCB of 12th 
Course Duration 6 Year -including internship

MBBS is among those dreams which every medical student sees for once. When a student opts for Biology, he wants that he will go for MBBS as well. If you are also among those who want to pursue MBBS, then MBBS in Nepal is the right choice for you.

Yes, you read it right. There might be chances that you feel like why MBBS admission in Nepal is the best choice for you or why you should move towards Nepal? If you have such queries, then soon you will be able to figure out the same.

Admission Procedure of MBBS In Nepal :

When one is looking forward to taking admission in MBBS in Nepal, there is no need for them to get available with NEET conducted by NTA. Separate entrance examinations will be conducted by the Universities and medical colleges. To appear for the same, it is a must that a student is aware of the eligibility criteria and documents required.

Eligibility criteria of mbbs admission in Nepal:

  • A student must be a minimum of 17 years in age.
  • For Indian citizens, the maximum age limit for MBBS in Nepal is as same as required by the students going through the NEET exam.
  • Students appearing for MBBS marks secured 50% marks 10 + 2 from any of the recognized Board University. 
  • In 10+2 student must have chemistry, physics and biology as main subjects. English is also among the compulsory ones.
  • One must be NEET-UG qualified.
  • No visa is required, but a valid Indian passport is required by the candidate.
  • Make sure a valid MCI certificate is also available.

Documents required for mbbs in Nepal:

These are the necessary documents that are a must for a candidate to get available with.

  • 10th and 12th mark sheet
  • Birth certificate
  • Aadhar card
  • Passport size photographs
  • NEET scorecard 
  • Passport

Apart from everything when it comes to looking forward to ranking and faculties available with the colleges providing MBBS in Nepal, these are unbeatable. You can get yourself enrolled in any of the colleges, and you will be able to take MBBS admission in Nepal easily. Nothing will be there, which can create any trouble for you.

MBBS In Nepal – Total Fee Structure

Name Of the Univrsities Total 5 year fee (tuition fee +Hostel Fee)
KIST Medical College 48,00,000 INR
Institute of Medicine, Kathmandu 45,10,000 INR
B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences 54,60,000 INR
Patan Academy of Health Sciences 36,80,000 INR
Kathmandu University 61,00,000 INR
U. Manipal Academy 57,60,000 INR
U. Tribhuvan 52,50,000 INR

Hostel and mess facilities for Indian Students:

When it comes to the hostel and mess of government colleges, people get confused about that reason, not the appropriate ones. But when you are pursuing MBBS in Nepal, there is no need for you to get tensed about the same. The hostel and mess facilities are appropriate enough and are well occupied as well.

The hostel is equipped with all the necessary amenities, and there will be no need for a student to worry about anything. The hostel campus is available with Wi-Fi so that nothing will be there, which can create any problem while a student is studying. Also, when it comes to the mess facilities, these are also good. Three-time meals and supper are available along. This is totally the choice of a student how he wants to avail of the same facilities.

Ranking and faculties:

The faculty available here are also the masters. No one will point out anything when they are teaching their students about the subject. Usually, students have a doubt about how they will be able to manage with the teachers. But when you are taking MBBS admission in Nepal, there is no need for you to worry about the same point. The teachers will help you at every step, along with theory and practical. They will not compromise with your future at all. They will help you at every step and will clear all your doubts considered to the subject. The colleges for MBBS from Nepal rank the first in education and extra-curricular activities as well. You will not feel like after taking admission to MBBS, you have become a bookworm.

Make sure, during MBBS admission in Nepal, you are available with all the genuine documents, and nothing is there, which is proving out to be a false one. If the same happened, you would not be considered for admission.

Medical Education system in Nepal:

Nepal is among those countries, which is known for top class medical education to all the students. Whenever students are heading for MBBS in Nepal, they will be going to have the surroundings that are up to the mark and can help them learn about all things easily.

If you are a medical student and want yourself to be available at the best college than MBBS in Nepal is best for you to choose. But before you come for MBBS here, you need to know about the education system followed.

The education system of Nepal is efficient enough to let the students know about everything. But you need to know each and everything at your end.

Things to know about the medical education system:

  • Education criteria:

The best part about MBBS in Nepal is the education criteria. The professors will not be going to force you to attend the theory classes. They focus on theory and practical both that you will not be going to feel disappointed and bored at the same time. Moreover, you will try to become the part of theory classes own your own because the lecturers are so energetic and devoted towards their subject that it will not let you feel running out from the theory class.

  • Internship:

When you are completing MBBS Degree from Nepal, the university allows you to go for an internship as well. The internship is also important for you to pursue because it will let you there is about the skills you have. Moreover, just make sure you are opting for the internship within time. If you missed the opportunity to become part of the internship, you need to search for the one at your end. But before it, the university will arrange things for you.

  • Exams:

There is no such thing available for completing MBBS in Nepal that you do not need to give exams. You need to appear for exams, and they got conducted a timely as well. Not only the annual examinations but every week and month, the professor organizes the exams to check out your performance. This will help them to understand whether you are learning well or not. You are performance in exams will help them in understanding whether you are getting as they are teaching or not.

  • After MBBS options:

After completion of your MBBS in Nepal, there will be certain options available. It is quite interesting to see that the professor will not let you feel disappointed in any case. When you complete your MBBS in Nepal, they will help you understand all the available options. If you want to complete your post-graduation from Nepal, the option will get available. If you want to practice your MBBS profession in India, the option is also there. For coming to India you need to clear the exam organised by the medical council of India so that you can easily be able to become the part of the government sector as well.

And there is a lot available for you to know about the education system in Nepal. When you are going for MBBS in Nepal, do not forget to check everything in detail. If you wish to take admission in any of the university available in Nepal, then come to us. At the Admission Route we are helping you in dealing with all these aspects, and your priority is our priority, and we will not let you feel disappointed in any case. If you wish to know something more about it, then mention the same in the comment section below. We will get back to you with an answer and help you in understanding it easily.

 It is important to go for a medical test to migrate for MBBS in Nepal because this will be going to act as a gateway for admission. The medical test acts as an initial it is at the student is physically and mentally fit and there will be no trouble for them. The university does not hold any responsibility if there is any innate disease a student is having.

From Delhi to Nepal, a student needs to cover 700-800 kilometers. It totally depends on them whether they want to cover the distance through flight or want to go by train. It totally depends on the conveyance a student is taking for traveling because by road the distance is 674 km and by road, it is 1079 km.

 When going for MBBS in Nepal, have a nice idea about the climate and other factors because some people face difficulties with climates over there, and it let them suffer unnecessarily.

 Students prefer to do an internship in India after MBBS in Nepal because it helps them to get an idea about the NEXT examination as well. The next examination will be going to act as the license through which they can have a stable career in India and apply for civil services as well.

 Conveyance facilities are quite accessible by the students going for MBBS in Nepal. They can go through flight or choose the road as well. Approximately the duration they need to reach Nepal through flight is almost 6 hours, and if they are choosing road or train, the distance depends on the route they are choosing for it.

Applying for MBBS in Nepal is quite easy. Students just need to fill out the application form for the university to which they want to apply. If there is nothing helping you, do let us know, and Admission Route will guide you throughout.

For MBBS in Nepal, students need to spend almost 5.5 years. In this duration, academic sessions and internships are covered. After completing MBBS here, if a student wants to go for an internship there, they can move ahead and do it.

When going for MBBS in Nepal, BP Koirala Institute of Health Science and Manipal College of Medical Science hit at the top for MBBS. The student just needs to complete the admission procedure, and then they can easily think about a stable career with first-class facilities.

MBBS in Nepal is the superior option over other countries because of the culture and facilities available. The fees are quite low as compared to India and other countries, and also, there will be no need for them to feel new at the place. People are quite familiar with every culture, and no discrimination will be there with anyone.

MBBS in Nepal is different from MBBS in India in terms of education and fees. Here the government is quite aware of the aspects related to educational facilities, and there is no need for students to worry about anything within a low budget as when a student can easily complete their MBBS.