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About MBBS in Kazakhstan

Every medical student wants to pursue MBBS after completing 12th standard. But admission to MBBS is not that easy. In-country like India, MBBS is a costly study in private medical college. So students consider abroad for MBBS. We at the admission route recommend Kazakhstan for an MBBS degree. MBBS in Kazakhstan is famous for providing an MBBS degree at very affordable fees. There are many universities in Kazakhstan. All universities are recognized by the WHO (World Health Organization), UNESCO (United Nations Educational and Scientific Cultural Organization), and Medical Councils of many countries like India, America, Australia, and others. Kazakhstan is a country which is known for its unique culture and rich past. Homeland is a direct historical successor of the state formation which was established by the nomads of the vast steppe. Medical universities of Kazakhstan ensure that best offers could be provided to the Indian students at affordable prices. The company ensures that it could help the students in finding out all Medical Universities.


MBBS Admission In Kazakhstan : At a Glance

Eligibility of Admission  Aggregate 50% In PCB of 12th 
NEET Entrance Exam Yes 
Minimum Tuition  Fee 3500 USD Per Year
Maximum Tuition Fee 5500 USD Per Year
Last Date Of Apply Last Week of August
Admission process time Working 25 – 35  Days
University Recognition WHO, MCI
Medium of Teaching English & Kazakh
Course Duration 5 Year
Accommodation Cost (twin Sharing in Hostel) 500 – 600 USD per Year
Donation Requirement No 


Admission Procedure for Indian Students –

Admission procedure is as follows:-

  1. Fill the application form with all the correct information available on the official website.
  2. Wait for the admission letter from the University. This will get received by admission route and we will forward you the same.
  3. After having the admission letter available, you are supposed to fulfill the additional requirements, including visa fees and uploading of all the necessary documents.
  4. When you will be done with doing so, we will guide you throughout.
  5. University hostel will get accommodated in the initial stages.

After confirmation, you are ready to fly for MBBS study in Kazakhstan.

Eligibility Criteria to study MBBS in Kazakhstan for Indian Students:

When moving ahead to study MBBS in Kazakhstan, eligibility criteria is as follows:-

  • It is essential for students to complete their 12th standard from any of the recognised board. 
  • The subject in the 12th standard must be physics, chemistry, biology, along with English.
  • A student must have secured 50% marks in the 12th standard to get MBBS admission in Kazakhstan. 
  • It is essential for a student to qualify NEET UG examination.
  • A student must hold a good moral character in case there is no character certificate available, student will not be able to take admission.

Documents required:

Documents required are also important to understand when going for MBBS in Kazakhstan. This includes:-

  1. Marksheet of previous education.
  2. If pursuing any graduation program after 12th documents related to the same.
  3. Birth certificate
  4. Migration certificate
  5. Character certificate
  6. Medical reports including HIV and covid to reports.
  7. 10 passport size photograph.
  8. NEET UG examination scorecard.

Duration of MBBS Course In Kazakhstan:

The duration of MBBS in Kazakhstan is of 5 years. The first 4th years are focused on theoretical knowledge and clinical knowledge, the final year is focused on training sessions. Our company assures students about the best physical training in reputed and recognized hospitals after completing a degree program.
One of the reasons for recommending Kazakhstan is that this country is much affordable than others in terms of medical education. In other countries such as India, America, England, Russia, etc, MBBS is highly expensive. If we talk about India, MBBS, cost nearly to 65 laces. Admission Route prefers Kazakhstan to student because MBBS require only about 12 to 15 lacs to complete the degree program. Accommodation and other necessities are also included in this price while doing MBBS IN Kazakhstan.

Courses offered in MBBS in Kazakhstan:

When going to study MBBS in Kazakhstan the courses offered to students include:-

  • General medicine
  • Therapeutic
  • Medico prophylactic
  • Pediatrics
  • Pharmacy
  • Public health and pharmacy
  • Post-graduation options

The Visa process for MBBS Admission in Kazakhstan:

Kazakhstan is among the most famous countries known for its culture and education system. No doubt, every year, hundreds of students from India apply for MBBS in Kazakhstan after having a look at the achievements they have made in the previous year.

If you are someone who is planning to go for MBBS admission in Kazakhstan, you must be aware of the visa process as well. Well, some students feel that the process is very simple and they will get it overnight. But in reality, this is not the truth. There are certain conditions which you need to fulfil to get it seamlessly. Let’s discuss the same in detail!

Documents required for the visa process:

When you are applying for a visa for MBBS in Kazakhstan, the major documents you require include:-

An invitation letter received from the University

When you pay the course fees for MBBS in Kazakhstan, you will receive an invitation letter showing that you can apply for a student visa.

Verification proof:

For verification: You will require an Aadhar card, a PAN card, a passport, residential proof, and photographs. Make sure all these documents are updated because if they are not updated and original, the application process will be affected.

Updated bank account statement:

When you apply for a student visa, it is also important for you to have access to your bank statement. The bank statement must be updated and have a minimum balance of Rs. 4 lacs. The minimum balance is a primary requirement because if this criteria is not met, you will not be able to get the visa. Financial security does make a difference when you are applying for a visa.

Health record:

Get available with a health record as well when applying for a visa. Covid-19 test results and HIV negative reports are required for you to apply for it. Make sure the date when you are applying for a visa is the same as mentioned on the test you took. Always go for a medical checkup with a reputed pathologist.

Steps to apply for  Visa to Study MBBS in Kazakhstan:

When you have the documents completed and in scanned format available, now the time has come when you can apply for a visa. Make sure you have read all the terms and conditions before applying for the same. If the terms and conditions are not met, the process will not be completed, and unfortunately, you will need to wait for a longer duration. Let’s have a look at the steps you need to follow:

  • Visit the online portal:

Visit the online portal and check out the Kazakhstan Visa form link. When you have a look at the form, you will see that some terms and conditions are mentioned. Confirm all of them and then move ahead in the process.

  • Fill out all the details and upload the documents:

After confirming all the rules and regulations, fill out all the details correctly and make sure the documents you submit for verification have the same details mentioned. Be sure that the details are not mismatched because it terminates the visa procedure.

  • Pay the visa fees:

After filling out all the details and uploading all the documents, the time has come when you need to pay for the visa. The visa fees can be paid through net banking, credit card, or debit card as per their convenience. Whatever mood you are in, it must be feasible and must not be terminated in any way.

  • Wait for the visa email:

When the VISA is approved, you will receive the information in an email and you need to visit the regional office for the verification procedure. The verification will be done considering the documents you have uploaded and other details.

  • Get the visa and fly to Kazakhstan:

When the verification has been completed, you will receive the visa and be all set to fly to Kazakhstan. Pack your bags and reach the university timetable so that there will be no problems and you can start pursuing MBBS in Kazakhstan easily.

All the candidates who are coming for MBBS in Kazakhstan need to be sure about the documents because if the documents are not completed, they cannot move ahead with the procedure. Also, after reaching Kazakhstan, you need to be a part of a small verification procedure where the police and Kazakhstan embassy are engaged, and they will check out the university where you have taken admission and the residence where you are staying.

Visa application success rate for Study MBBS in Kazakhstan:

The success rate of visa applications for MBBS in Kazakhstan is 85%. If you have uploaded all your documents correctly and filled out all the details, you will get approval within a while. If there is any correction required, you will receive the mail and do it to continue the process.

The following are the things you need to keep in mind for MBBS in Kazakhstan: The visa is valid for one year only, and after that you need to apply for it again. Make sure to participate in the extended application process because if you do not, you will face unnecessary difficulties!

Top 10 Medical Universities in Kazakhstan: 

Name of Universities Place
Kazakh National Medical University Almaty
Semey State Medical University Semipalatinsk
Karaganda State Medical University Karaganda
Astana Medical University Astana 
Al- Farabi Kazakh National University Almaty
South Kazakhstan medical Academy Shymkent
Kazakh Russian Medical University Almaty
UIB international medical School Aktobe


Medical Universities In Kazakhstan- Ranking in 2024

Top medical universities are:

University Name Country Rank World Rank
Kazakh National Medical University 6 3888
Karaganda State Medical Uiversity 25 6893
Semey State Medical University 35 7462
Al- Farabi Kazakh National Univetsity 1 207 
Astana Medical University 31 7354
South Kazakhstan medical Academy 50 8465
West Kazakhstan medical Academy 54 8692


MBBS In Kazakhstan Fee Structure 2024:

Name of the Universities Total 5 year (tuition fee + Hostel Fee)
Kazakh National Medical University INR. 19.95  Lakh
Semey State Medical University INR. 13.65  Lakh
Karaganda State Medical Uiversity INR. 14.70  Lakh
Astana Medical University INR. 17.15  Lakh
Al- Farabi Kazakh National Univetsity INR. 17.85  Lakh
South Kazakhstan medical Academy INR. 14.80  Lakh
Kazakh Russian Medical University INR. 17.85  Lakh
West Kazakhstan medical Academy INR. 16.20  Lakh

Benefits of MBBS in Kazakhstan:

Here we have some features regarding   MBBS in Kazakhstan:

  • Kazakhstan is situated in central Asia. This country is surrounded by Russia, China, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Turkmenistan. Its capital is Astana, but another city named Almaty is the biggest city in the country.
  • International students living in Kazakhstannever feel homesick. The local people of the country are amiable and humble. 
  • All the universities here are equipped with modern technologies the facility of digital libraries in the latest technology introduced in the universities.The modern infrastructures of the universities are beautiful.The laboratories of the universities here have the best in class equipment and apparatus.
  • MBBS in Kazakhstan is comparatively cheap than other countries such as India, Ukraine, Russia, America, etc.MBBS in Kazakhstancost only 10-15 lacs. Total duration of doing MBBS in Kazakhstan. Initially, the students are given classroom learning and practicing for five years, while in the last year, the students are trained at the reputed hospitals.
  • The students studied from Kazakhstan are practicing their profession in renowned hospitals around the world.
  • The admission process in Kazakhstan universities is straightforward. Admission is directly based on the marks obtained in the 12th standard.
  • To pursue MBBS in Kazakhstan, one does not need to go through several entrance exams. Medical universities in Kazakhstan only require NEET exams with qualifying marks.
  • Every year a considerable number of international students apply for MBBS in Kazakhstan.
  • Graduated MBBS students can easily apply for their MD in a significant country like America or Australia.
  • Kazakhstan universities have eligibility for the admission to MBBS degree. The eligibility criterion includes:  the student should have a minimum of 50% marks in physics, chemistry, and biology, their 12th standard. The students must complete 17 years of age by the end of the admission year.
  • Choosing Kazakhstan for pursuing MBBS is the best decision. Kazakhstan comes under the top countries in providing medical education.
  • Admission Route suggests you apply for the MBBS by the end of July. The classes will be commencing from the first or second week of September. 
  • The students studying in Kazakhstan are getting exposure to the different cultures and religions as the universities often organize cultural festivals and events.
  • the universities in Kazakhstan have employed excellent staff in its teaching faculty.

The admission route suggests you the best place for your education career. Getting admission to universities is our responsibility for your concern.If we talk about getting admission to a medical degree in India, then one has to be very conceall ntrated towards achieving an outstanding percentage in academics and the entrance test level. Another most important thing you should have is financial power. Getting a medical degree from abroad is much cheaper and much more accessible. Kazakhstan is one of the most exceptional countries in terms of medical education like MBBS in Kazakhstan. Admission Route provides the best medical consultation services abroad.

Safety of Indian students during MBBS in Kazakhstan:

When going for MBBS in Kazakhstan, parents usually filled worried about their child safety. But it is quite an attention to note that this is one of the safest country around. There will be no need for parents to worry about it because management is quite good, and as compared to India, your child will be safe out there. Also, there might be a chance you feel like he is alone and some trouble may arise, but the faculty available and all other security facilities are highly advanced, which will not let your child face any difficulty. In case any difficulties arising, he can report it to higher authorities, and there will be district action taken against it.

Every activity of your student will get recorded so that you can easily find out whether your child is honest about it or not. In the eye of University, everyone is equal, and there is no discrimination done with boys and girls. Separate facilities are available for boys and girls, and for the same as well there is nothing to worry about.

Vacation period for students during Study MBBS in Kazakhstan:

Understanding about the vacation period for students in MBBS in Kazakhstan, then summer and winter vacation break is there. The summer vacation break is quite long as compared to winter break. This depends on the criteria followed. Usually, the summer break takes place in the month of July to August, and winter break takes place in the mid-week of January to the first week of February.

This depends on the semester going on and the activities in which a child is engaged. If you are not looking forward to coming back to your place, you can simply stay at the University and engage in extracurricular activities.

There will be no restriction imposed on the student when they want to engage in extracurricular activities because the University of Prince MBBS admission in Kazakhstan is in favour of it and want students to engage in extracurricular activities to explore all their strength and weaknesses. When students are engaging in these activities, they will be able to understand what is good for them and what is not.

Other facilities during MBBS in Kazakhstan:  

  • Our primary goal is to provide admission assurance in a reputed university, guide through all the visa formalities. We help students in every single stage of their courses like, MBBS IN Kazakhstan. MBBS aspirants must thing of pursuing their degree in Kazakhstan.
  • This country is located in central Asia and also known as the Kazakhstan Republic is covered by four other countries, namely Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, China, and Kazakhstan. The Islamic religion is followed here. Famous for its natural beauty.
  •     If you want to do MBBS in Kazakhstan it is one of the best countries having the top most reputed universities.  All the universities here are affiliated from MCI (medical universities of India).
  • If a student does not get good marks in academics, then takingMBBS admission in Kazakhstan universities to pursue MBBS is the best choice. Students with 55% of marks in academics can get admission in a good university in Kazakhstan.

Impact of Kazakhstan medical education on Indian students in Healthcare:

When you are going for MBBS in Kazakhstan, you will see a lot of different things. There is a possibility you will not be able to understand how it is going. But don’t worry because when you come to us for admission counseling, we will help you. We will help you to know about every change that you will Experience so that you can prepare yourself mentally and physically for it:

Exposure to a different culture:

People in Kazakhstan are very different from people in India. There is a possibility that you will find out some good people. But be sure that you will find people who can belong to every region. Some people are very good, and some are not. You must be mentally prepared for the changed Behaviour of people. It is also important that when you are exposed to different cultures, you will see there are a lot of different things in the healthcare department as well. Understand how things work so that you can be ready to adapt them.

Exposure to International professors:

In Kazakhstan, you will find professors who belong to Kazakhstan or some other international countries. There are very few chances that you can get in touch with some Indian professors. Well this exposure to international professors will help you to develop as a doctor. You will come to learn about a lot of things. You will learn about empathy and other behaviors of a doctor that will help you to grow.

Exposure to a different healthcare system:

Be ready because in Kazakhstan the healthcare system is very different. You will see that the technology in concentration is very different. If we specifically focus on the Indian Healthcare system, it is on the verge of advancement. But in Kazakhstan you will encounter that the technology is to the mark. Different medical equipment are available for the diagnosis and treatment of the condition. There is a possibility you may find out very new. But don’t worry, with time you will get habitual of it.

Research opportunities and innovation:

The list of research opportunities and innovations available to you is very long. You will see that after getting into something, specifically the research part, you will come to know about a lot of things. These things are not only the marks for your career. But these will help you to grow as a doctor as well. By doing the research, you will find out about the treatment plants that can be considered in the future and the diseases that may happen.

You will become a good listener:

Pursuing an MBBS in Kazakhstan will help you become a good listener. As a doctor you need to be attentive about everything your patient is saying. For that you must be turning out to be a good listener. Don’t worry because during your course you will learn about it in detail. This will be helpful for you in analyzing your patients more.

You will develop empathy:

As a doctor, you need to understand the emotions of your patient. If you are unable to understand your patient you will not be able to provide them the proper treatment. When you are pursuing an MBBS in Kazakhstan, you will see that you will become more empathetic. This is so because the culture is quite different from India, and you will see people treating each other with all the love and respect. When you are surrounded by people who treat each other with love and respect, there is a high chance that you will not face any problems, and you will become more empathetic automatically. Also, there are different sessions available that help students understand the importance of empathy and the practices that they need to adapt to get it.

Personal expenses of student during MBBS in Kazakhstan:

If you are planning for MBBS in Kazakhstan, then you need to get an idea about the personal expenses as well. If these are not cleared, then it will become difficult for you to adjust. It is important for you to get an idea because this will allow calculating the budget you need to be there during MBBS. Therefore, go through this read so that things will become crystal clear, and you can plan whether you are ready for MBBS in admission in Kazakhstan.

Personal expenses are as follows:-


The currency used in Kazakhstan is the Tenge. It has been represented by KZT. 1 KZT is equaled to 0.17 Indian Rupees. If we analyze it with more detail, then it comes up as the cheapest currency around. An individual just needs to pay one-fourth of Indian currency when they are in Kazakhstan.

Transport charges:

When you are availing of the transport facility in Kazakhstan, then the amount you need to pay to depend on the kilometers you are traveling. For every city, there is a particular amount settled up per kilometer. But on an average for a week, an individual needs to get available with around 300 to 400 KZT.

Vegetable rates:

You will get surprised to know that the vegetable rate also depends on the location where you are living. Among all the cities in Kazakhstan, the price depends on availability. But on an average, for a week, an individual needs to have almost 500 to 600 KZT. In this amount, they will be going to have three-time vegetable services available.

Water bottle rate:

When you are moving ahead to purchase a water bottle, then it will be going to available at around 213.68 KZT. It is somewhere equal to 36.21 INR. There is not that much fluctuation in rate considering the water bottle. Therefore one can easily purchase it.

Restaurants snacks:

If you are fond of visiting restaurant, then for one time, you need to pay the minimum to minimum of 600KZT. In this amount, you will be going to have a time meal available. You can have any of the snacks available at the restaurant. If you are visiting some five stars or 7 Star Hotel, then the amount will be going to increase according to the ambiance and standard Saturday by them.

Medical facilities:

Medical facilities also play a very important role in an individual. You cannot end up without having an idea about it. For a time visit to a doctor, and individual needs to get available with around 300 to 400 KZT. Rest, it depends on whether you are visiting the private hospital or the public hospital. Also, the medicinal facility is available at very reasonable prices.

These are the basic expenses that are important for an individual to understand when they are looking forward to MBBS in Kazakhstan. Make sure you are keeping yourself aware of the expenses so that things will become clearer, and no trouble will arise in any case. In case there is any problem, do let us know about it. At Admission Route, we are here to help you in every case.

Admission Route is the one-stop destination for international students from counseling to admission work, plus we do all required documentation. One needs to check-in. For any query, please contact our team. 

About in Kazakhstan:

For all those people out there who are heading towards Kazakhstan, they need to know about this country in detail. If they are not aware of culture, religion, livelihood, languages, and other aspects then become quite difficult for them to deal with the people here.

At the very first, the need to understand it is the Republic of Kazakhstan, Kazakh country of Central Asia. Russia has bounded it on the north-west and north side. And on the east and Southside, it is surrounded by China, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan. Hence the culture you will be going to find here is diverse, and at every step, there is something new waiting for you. Usually, when a student is coming for MBBS in Kazakhstan, they have the curiosity to know about things in detail. For the same, we are here to help you.

  • Religion:

When it comes to looking at the religion adopted by people of Kazakhstan when they are following Islam, the majority of the population here is Muslim, and they are also practicing the same culture prevailed. Also, from the time of Independence, people are free to adapt to things. In case any of them is feeling like to change their religion, they can go for it as well. Also, some of the people are Eastern orthodox here and hence there is no need for a person to feel like that they will be going to deal with the people who are following Islam only.

  • Language:

The language which people of Kazakhstan fluently speak includes Turkic language. Russian is an official language here, but apart from it, some people are fluent in English as well. All those who are coming from another country it is important for them to know about English. This will let them to easily communicate with the people here.

  • Climate:

One cannot easily figure out about the climate of Kazakhstan because it is sharply continental. The summers are extreme hot and winters are cold. If one wish to figure out about the month where they will be going to feel a lot of cold, then they can easily take on January. And when it comes to looking at the month what temperature will exceed to maximum then the month of July to August. An individual needs to get prepared for it.

  • Livelihood:

When you step outside to explore Kazakhstan, at every step, you will have what to see. Hear people are increasing in a lot of activities where some of being manufacturers and some of them being the sellers. Also, when it comes to looking at financial practice, everyone has a lot to do, and they do not feel like they need to ask someone for it. Also, people here are so hardworking and Independence that they will find out some major through which they can earn their livelihood. Modernization has surrounded Kazakhstan to the extent that not even a single thing relates to conserving nature.
These aspects will let a student prepare for MBBS in Kazakhstan easily. Being a student, there might be a chance you feel like you will be going to deal with minority section having a lot of religious values, but this is not the truth in case of Kazakhstan. Here people from different cultures are available, and they will help you in understanding about the things easily. All of them are so friendly that they will not let you miss your home at all.

How is Admission Route advantageous to students?

We are helping students to understand all the details related to MBBS admission in Kazakhstan. We will not leave you in between and help you to understand how to have a hassle-free stay there. We are not only helping you during the admission procedure but if any problem arises later on, you can come to us anytime. We are always here to help the student. Sometimes the consultancies are there to help students at the time of admission only, and after that, they have nothing to do with the problems they are facing.But with us, this is not the case at all because we will help you at every step you are not only your parent’s responsibility but now you belong to us as well.
Our company is the only organization authorized from the Medical Universities of Kazakhstan  that assists Indian students to get admission in top reputed universities.
We guide every student to choose the best in terms of university infrastructure to university teaching faculty. The quality of education given in Kazakhstan is way beyond our thinking.

Students are also provided with the current prospectus, application form, and other information regarding events that took place in the university.
Our company assists the student in any situation. We always stand by side.
Every student gets many opportunities to attend the international seminars held in the universities, as our company Admission Route shares information with their students via efficient means. Indians are treated very well in this country. Kazakhstan people give respect to Indians.

Kazakh National Medical University

Duration: 5 year Total: ₹19.72 Lakh | $26,300
1st Year ₹4.12 Lakh $5500
2nd Year to 5th Year ₹3.90 Lakh per year $5200 Per Year

 UIB International Medical School

Duration: 5 Year Total: ₹14,62,500 | $19,500
1st Year ₹4,12,500 $5500
2nd Year to 5th Year ₹3,22,500 $4300

Astana Medical University

Duration: 5 Year Total: ₹17,61,500 | $27100
1st Year ₹4.88 Lakh $7500
2nd Year to 5th Year ₹3.19 Lakh/year $4900 USD/year

Al Farabi Kazakh National University

Duration: 5 Year Total: ₹18.76 Lakh | $26,800
1st Year ₹4.48 Lakh $6400
2nd Year to 5th Year ₹3.57 Lakh $5100

Semey State Medical University

Duration: 5 YEAR Total: ₹13.10 LAKH | $20150
1st Year ₹2.3 LAKH $4550
2nd Year to 5th Year ₹2,54 LAKH PER YEAR $3900 PER YEAR

Kazakh Russian Medical University

Duration: 5 YEAR Total: ₹27,56,250 | $36,750
1st Year ₹8,81,250 $11750
2nd Year to 5th Year ₹4,68,750 $6250

Karaganda State Medical University

Duration: 5 YEAR Total: ₹19,82,250 | $26,430
1st Year ₹6,92,250 $9230
2nd Year to 5th Year ₹3,22,500 Per Year $4300 Per year

South Kazakhstan Medical Academy

Duration: 5 Year Total: ₹18.82 LAKH | $25,100
1st Year ₹4.425 Lakh $5900 USD
2nd Year to 5th Year ₹3.60 Lakh Per Year $4800 Per year


Direct Fly time duration between Delhi to Almaty Kazakhstan?

Between Delhi to Almaty Kazakhstan, the flight time duration is 3 hours 30 minutes.

Is MCI coaching is available in Kazakhstan medical Universities?

Yes. Professionals available at the University will help you to understand about the curriculum of MCI and some of the universities also offering students with MCI coaching. You need to check out whether the University in which you are applying is offering you will MCI coaching or not.

After completion of MBBS Degree from Kazakhstan, what to do?

After completion of MBBS in Kazakhstan, you will be able to appear for the MCI screening test. There will be no need for you to appear for any additional exam for it at all. After completing the MCI test, you can easily pursue a career in your own country. The degree offered to you is recognized globally.

What are the Average monthly recharges of mobiles of students in Kazakhstan?

You can Recharge 1680 Tenge ( 300 INR)  Cost of Data Recharge easily. It clearly depends upon your usage. If you do not wish to spend a lot of money on mobile recharges, you can call your parents with the phone available in the hostel. This will be going to a free option for you available.


Is the raging free campus of Kazakhstan medical universities?

Yes absolutely. There is no need for you to feel like anyone will be going to do ragging with you. In case any of the students is finding out to do the same, their admission will get terminated from the University, and they will not be able to apply for MBBS in other countries and Kazakhstan for almost two to three years.


Is the Climate of Kazakhstan is favorable for Indian students?

 Kazakhstan is available with a Continental climate. The continental climate clearly indicates that the winters are cold, and summers are a bit warm and dry. Therefore being Indian students, you will be able to adjust here easily. You will be going to feel that the climate is somewhat the same as India only.

Which University offers the lowest MBBS course fees?

 South Kazakhstan Medical Academy is known to offer MBBS at a very low price in Kazakhstan. If you wish to go for MBBS in Kazakhstan, then which University is the right one for you to choose as the fees are very less here.


Is it safe for international students?

Kazakhstan is considered to be a safe place for international students as well. Strict rules and regulations are imposed by the government and by the University people as well. If a student is finding out to commit some nuisance to others or they are getting engaged in things which are unacceptable strict action should be taken by the University and by the government as well.

Indian Food availability in Kazakhstan for Medical Students.

Indian food is also available in the hostel and in the cafeteria. If you can not consume any other food except Indian cuisine, there is no need for you to worry about anything. Indian shops R available, and they will prepare food without compromising with the taste and quality.

Hostel condition of Kazakhstan Medical Universities.

Hostels in Kazakhstan medical universities are amazing. Neat and clean surroundings are there, and a student will be going to get a familiar atmosphere as he can have at his home. People are so friendly, and they will help him to adjust to the surroundings easily. Also, Indian wardens are available who will help them to understand their surroundings and also help them to adjust their easily.

MBBS Degree from Kazakhstan Is Valid in India.

Yes. The degree offered to the students after completing MBBS in Kazakhstan is globally accepted. Not only in India, but if they wish to go with it in other countries, they have the option available. There is no need for them to think twice unnecessarily.


Is MBBS in Kazakhstan Is a good decision for Indian Students?

When you are heading for MBBS in Kazakhstan, there is no need for an Indian student to think twice. Here they will be going to get an amazing atmosphere, and modernization has equipped the surroundings as well. Fees are quite affordable, and a student can apply for an education loan as well.