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Fergana Medical Institute

Fergana Medical Institute is a college in Uzbekistan where people can learn how to become doctors and other medical professionals. It is located in the Fergana region, which is in the eastern part of the country.

The college offers courses in medicine, dentistry, nursing, and other healthcare-related fields. Students can earn bachelor’s and master’s degrees in these areas, and they also have opportunities for research and practical training.

Fergana Medical Institute has a faculty of experienced teachers and doctors who are dedicated to helping students learn and succeed. The college has modern facilities, including laboratories, clinics, and libraries, that provide students with access to the latest medical technologies and resources.

It is right to say that Fergana Medical Institute is a great place for anyone who wants to pursue a career in healthcare. The college provides students with high-quality education and hands-on experience that will prepare them for a successful career in the medical field.

Recognition for Fergana Medical Institute:

The recognition to Fergana Medical institute has been given by:

  1. NMC
  2. WHO
  3. MCI

All these recognitions are there that indicates this university is best to consider for MBBS from Uzbekistan.

Eligibility criteria for admission:

The eligibility criteria for admission in MBBS at Fergana Medical Institute in Uzbekistan include:

  • Age:

Applicants must be at least 17 years old at the time of admission.

  • Academic Qualifications:

Applicants must have completed their secondary education, which means they must have passed their high school or equivalent exams.

  • Language proficiency:

Applicants must be proficient in English, as it is the language of instruction at Fergana Medical Institute.

  • Medical fitness:

Applicants must be in good physical and mental health. You will need to undergo a medical examination to ensure that you’re fit for pursuing a career in medicine.

  • Application process:

You will need to complete the application process, which includes filling out the application form, providing supporting documents, and paying the application fee.

  • Entrance examination:

The entrance examination in considerations by the institute is NEET UG. Be sure you have applied for it and qualified the same as well.

Meeting these eligibility criteria is essential if you want to secure admission in MBBS at Fergana Medical Institute. If you have any doubts or questions about the eligibility criteria, you can always reach out to the institute’s admission office for more information.

Documents required:

The documents required for admission at Fergana State Medical institute are as follows:

  1. 12th standard passing certificate
  2. NEET UG examination qualified scorecard
  3. 12 passport size photographs
  4. Birth certificate
  5. Transfer certificate
  6. Character certificate
  7. Migration certificate
  8. Passport online
ParticularsYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Year 6
Tuition Fee3500 USD 3500 USD3500 USD3500 USD3500 USD3500 USD
Hostel Fee650 USD650 USD650 USD650 USD650 USD650 USD
Total Fee in USD4150 USD4150 USD4150 USD4150 USD4150 USD4150 USD
Total Fees in INR3,44,450 INR3,44,450 INR3,44,450 INR3,44,450 INR3,44,450 INR3,44,450 INR

Admission process:

The admission process at Fergana Medical institute is as follows:

  1. During the application process, students should scan all necessary documents.
  2. Visit official website to obtain the application form.
  3. Students should complete the application form and submit it as required.
  4. Upon verification of documents, an offer letter will be generated within 5-6 working days.
  5. After receiving the offer letter, students should pay the fees as instructed.
  6. Subsequently, students are expected to apply for a visa after the fees have been paid.
  7. Once the visa has been obtained, students are eligible to travel to Fergana State Medical Institute for their MBBS studies in Uzbekistan.

It is essential that students ensure all documents submitted are valid, as any fraudulent or irrelevant documents discovered during the admission or visa processing stage will result in the cancellation of their application.

Documents required:

Certain documents are there which you need to carry for visa application. These are as follows:-

  1. Caste certificate
  2. Offer letter
  3. Invitation letter
  4. Birth certificate
  5. Passport size photograph
  6. Covid-19 negative report
  7. HIV negative report
  8. Aadhar card
  9. Academic record
  10. Health record
  11. Bank the statement with a minimum balance

Along with documents, you need to be sure that there is an original copy available. If the original copy of the document is not there with you, chances are there the verification procedure will get terminated.

Procedure to follow:

When you are flying for MBBS in Uzbekistan, also understand that there is a small procedure you need to go through to get the visa. These are as follows:-

  1. Scan all the documents available with you. Scanning is important because, at the time of visa application, you need to upload all of them.
  2. When you are done scanning the document, visit the official website and fill out the visa application form.
  3. Check out all the details and upload all the documents.
  4. After uploading all the documents, submit the form and wait until you receive confirmation.
  5. After receiving the confirmation, you are all set to go for the verification procedure.
  6. Within a few days, you will receive the visa delivered to your doorsteps. After getting the visa, you are all set to go for MBBS in Uzbekistan.

After reaching Uzbekistan:

Upon arrival in Uzbekistan, a verification process will be conducted by the local police and the Uzbekistan embassy. It is essential to carry all the original documents and relevant details required by the embassy for the verification process, which will be based on your residence and record.

At Admission Route, we are committed to assisting you in obtaining a visa without any difficulty. We will provide you with all the necessary information related to the visa application process, making it easy for you to complete the task. You can rely on us to assist you throughout the process, so there’s no need to worry.

Duration of MBBS in Fergana Medical institute:

The MBBS program at Fergana Medical Institute typically takes 6 years to complete. It is divided as follows:

  1. During those 5 years, students will learn about different parts of the body, how medicines work, and how to treat patients. In this duration you will be able to know about human body in detail.
  2. In the last year, you will become the part of internship program. This internship program will be helpful in knowing more about the practical experience.
  3. After it, you will also work in real hospitals to practice what they’ve learned.

Medium of teaching in Fergana Medical institute:

The medium is also important to know. Well, Fergana Medical Institute teaches courses in English.

  • All lectures, discussions, and materials will be presented in English.
  • To succeed in your studies, you will need a good understanding of English.
  • You will need to communicate with your teachers and classmates in English.
  • Being comfortable with English is important to get the most out of your studies.

Hostels of Fergana Medical institute:

Hostels are also available with Fergana Medical institute. Basic things linked with hostel are:-

  1. The rooms are well-equipped.
  2. The washrooms are well-equipped.
  3. There is a constant supply of electricity, Wi-Fi and water available 24/7.
  4. Guest rooms are provided.
  5. Transportation facilities are available.
  6. The rooms and washrooms are regularly cleaned by sweepers.
  7. Indian wardens and emergency doctors are available 24/7.
  8. A reading room is available.
  9. Security measures are strict.
  10. The campus is surrounded by greenery and provides seating areas.
  11. There are fixed timings for leaving the hostel premises.
  12. Separate hostels are provided for boys and girls.

Mess facility in Fergana Medical institute:

Mess facility is also available. Things linked with it at Fergana Medical institute are:

  1. The dining area is fully equipped.
  2. There is a water filter available within the mess.
  3. The mess operates during fixed hours.
  4. All students can have access to breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper.
  5. If students encounter any issues, they can report them to the mess staff.
  6. The variety of food is not compromised.
  7. If a particular food is recommended by a doctor for a student, it is also available as an option.
  8. The mess staff is highly cooperative.
  9. Various types of food are prepared on a regular basis.

Why choose Uzbekistan for MBBS?

There are so many features indicating that you must choose MBBS in Uzbekistan and these are as follows:

  1. The cost is affordable.
  2. The campus is free of hazing.
  3. Opportunities for scholarships exist.
  4. Transportation services are provided.
  5. Medical care is available on campus.
  6. The research laboratories are well-equipped.
  7. The classrooms are well-equipped.
  8. The degree has global recognition.
  9. Internship programs are arranged.
  10. Sports activities are held.
  11. Advanced security measures are in place.
  12. Uzbekistan is relatively safe.

Fergana Medical Institute: Fee Struture 2023

ParticularsYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Year 6
Tuition Fee3500 USD 3500 USD3500 USD3500 USD3500 USD3500 USD
Hostel Fee650 USD650 USD650 USD650 USD650 USD650 USD
Total Fee in USD4150 USD4150 USD4150 USD4150 USD4150 USD4150 USD
Total Fees in INR3,44,450 INR3,44,450 INR3,44,450 INR3,44,450 INR3,44,450 INR3,44,450 INR

How can students manage expenses during MBBS in Uzbekistan?

There are many ways through students can manage expenses and these are a s follows:

1. Make a Budget:

Before starting your studies in Uzbekistan at Fergana Medical Institute, it is important to make a budget that outlines your income and expenses. Include the cost of tuition, textbooks, housing, food and any additional expenses associated with your study. Make sure you include a savings plan so you can save some of the money you earn.

2. Cut Back on Non-Essentials:

To help manage your expenses during MBBS in Uzbekistan from Fergana Medical Institute, it is important to make sure you are only spending money on the necessities. Reducing spending on nonessential items such as entertainment, clothing and eating out can help you make your budget more manageable.

3. Secure Scholarships and Financial Aid:

Many universities and foundations in the country offer scholarships and financial aid for MBBS studies in Uzbekistan from Fergana Medical Institute. Research and apply for the various programs available to help you manage the costs associated with your studies.

4. Look for Affordable Housing:

When it comes to living in Uzbekistan, it is essential to look for secure, affordable housing. Look for housing that is convenient to the campus of Fergana Medical Institute as well as close to amenities such as grocery stores, pharmacies and banks.

5. Utilize Student Discounts:

Many businesses in Uzbekistan offer student discounts to those enrolled in MBBS studies at Fergana Medical Institute. Make sure you take advantage of these discounts, including discounts on groceries, transportation, and entertainment.


1. What are the eligibility requirements for admission to Fergana Medical Institute?

Prospective students must have a high school record with a minimum average score of 4.0 and should have passed the Tashkent State University Entrance Exam. They must also have a valid passport and provide proof of health insurance.

2. What documents are required for application to Fergana Medical Institute?

Prospective students should provide a copy of their passport, copies of high school transcripts or proof of college or university studies, and a copy of a valid health insurance policy.

3. What are the language requirements to study at Fergana Medical Institute?

To study at Fergana Medical Institute, students must demonstrate a good level in both written and spoken English.

4. What type of accommodation can students expect at Fergana Medical Institute?

Students at Fergana Medical Institute are provided with a single or double room in one of the dormitories of the Institute. Students can also find accommodation in one of the local student residences.

5. Are meals provided at Fergana Medical Institute?

Institute provides meals in the dining hall for all students. Students will be able to interact with people at the mess easily.

6. Are there any tuition fees for studying at Fergana Medical Institute?

There are tuition fees for the MBBS program at Fergana Medical Institute. The fees vary depending on the program of study and the nationality of the student.

7. What extracurricular activities and student services are available at Fergana Medical Institute?

The Institute offers a range of extra-curricular activities and services to students, including sports and cultural activities, study abroad opportunities, health services, and an extensive library.

8. What happens after graduation from Fergana Medical Institute?

After graduating, students can seek employment in hospitals, clinics, or other healthcare facilities. Many graduates also pursue further studies, either in Uzbekistan or abroad.

9. Is there a cost to attend Fergana Medical Institute?

Yes, there is a cost to attend Fergana Medical Institute. No fee waivers or discounts are available.

10.  How can I apply for admission to Fergana Medical Institute?

Prospective students can apply for admission by completing the online application form and submitting the required documents. An Individual Student Request Form and a copy of the valid passport are also required for admission.