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Chita State Medical University: Highlights

Established In 1974
Location Chita, Russia
University Type Government
Recognized By MCI & WHO
NEET Exam Compalsory
Eligibility for MBBS Admission 50 % In PCB of 12th
No. of Students 15000
Academic Staff 700
Admission Start from 1st Week Of july

Chita State Medical University: About

Chita State Medical University is among those Government Universities which offer first-class education to all the students out there. When you wish to become the part of medical surroundings where you can deal with the latest and additional equipment, both the University will going to hit at the top.

It was established in 1953. This University has 20000 train students along with 251 teaching staff. There are five faculties, and in all of them, the professionals are there to help the individuals. There will be a great advantage for students because they have everything which led them to prepare their career.

In this duration of 70 to 80 years, they always come up with students who have just completed their degree and stand in a good position. When you want yourself to equip with a degree where you have knowledge and confidence both then, this University will help you to get the same easily.


Chita State Medical University is recognized by MCI and WHO.

Ranking of Chita State Medical University:

The country rank of this University is 315, and the world rank is 7258.

Faculty of Chita State Medical University:

The faculty at Chita State Medical University is as follows:

      • Faculty of General Medicine

      • Faculty of Dentistry/Stomatology

      • Faculty of Pediatrics

      • Faculty of Higher Nursing Education

      • Faculty of Training and Internship

    Eligibility criteria:

    The eligibility criteria for taking admission at Chita State Medical University are as mentioned below:

        • A person must be more than 17 years in age.

        • He must qualify for the NEET UG examination.

        • An individual must be aware of the English language.

        • Individuals must have PCB as the main subject in their 12th standard.

        • They must have secure 50% + marks in their 12th standard.

        • They are quite familiar with all the aspects of biology.

      Documents required:

      Documents required for MBBS in Russia at this University are as mentioned:-

          • Detailed mark sheet of 12th standard

          • NEET UG examination qualified scorecard

          • Birth certificate

          • Passport

          • Eight passport size photographs

          • Medical report

        Admission procedure:

        For completing the admission procedure, the steps are very simple to follow. These are:-

            • At the very first visit the official website of the University.

            • Now look forward to the application form for admission.

            • Scan all the necessary documents and complete the admission form with all the attached to copy is.

            • Wait for 3 to 5 working days.

            • Within 3 to 5 days call letter will get generated and mailed to the registered email address.

            • After receiving the mail, pay the fees.

            • After paying the fees, apply for Visa, and wait for the duration until it gets approved.

            • After your visa approval, you are ready to fly for MBBS in Russia at this University.

          Visa process for MBBS Admission:

          Chita State Medical Academy is among the best medical schools in Russia. When you apply for MBBS in Russia at this school, you need to get a visa as well. Let’s discuss the visa procedure in detail so that there will be no problems later.

          Documents required:-

          When you are applying to this university to study MBBS in Russia, a visa is important. The documents required for it are as follows:

              • Passport-size photographs

              • Academic record

              • Original passport

              • Aadhar card

              • Negative report on Covid-19

              • Health record

              • Birth certificate

              • invitation letter

              • Offer letter

              • Bank statement with a minimum balance

              • HIV negative test results

            A candidate needs to be sure about all the original documents because they are required at the time of verification and during visa confirmation as well. If you don’t have the original documents available, then chances are the verification procedure will be terminated, and you will not be able to go for MBBS in Russia.

            Steps to apply for a visa:-

            When you are applying for MBBS in Russia, a visa is an important document, and the simple steps that you need to follow to get it are mentioned below. –

                • At the very least, you need to check out the eligibility criteria and get all the documents available.

                • Scan all the important documents.

                • After scanning all the documents, you need to fill out the application form right there on the official website.

                • Pay the fees.

                • After paying the fees, wait until you receive a confirmation email.

                • After receiving the confirmation email, you need to visit the regional office for verification.

                • After the verification procedure has been completed, you need to wait until you receive the visa.

                • After receiving a visa, you can simply go for MBBS in Russia.


              After reaching Russia

              After reaching Russia, the candidate needs to go through the verification procedure conducted by the Russian embassy and police. The major intention behind conducting this verification procedure is to know where the candidate is staying and the university where they have taken admission. Original documents are required for the same, so make sure you have all of them available and prevent all of them from being given to the officer visiting you for verification.

              Fee Structure of Chita State Medical University:

              Particulars Annual Fee
              Tution Fee In  2800 USD
              Hostel Fee 400 USD
              Visa & Insurance 200 USD
              Total In USD 3400 USD
              Total In INR 2,89,000 INR

              85 INR = 1 USD

              Benefits of MBBS In Chita State Medical University:

              There are so many benefits and the individual will be going to get when they are going for MBBS in Russia at Chita State Medical University. Let’s have a look at them:-

                  • Educational standards:

                The educational standards Saturday by them are quite good. No one can assume to match them easily. Professionals are there who help students to complete all the necessary requirements during their MBBS so that their degree will not appear to be a waste.

                    • Affordable education:

                  If you are looking forward to engaging in MBBS but with affordable choice, then MBBS in Russia from this University will be the best decision you will ever make. They come up with education plants that are really very affordable, and a person from a middle-class family can go ahead with the help of an education loan facility as well.

                      • Mode of teaching:

                    The mode of teaching preferred by teachers for MBBS is English. They will complete the entire course in the English language so that there will be no problem for students in any case. With this, they will be able to get what is going on in the class.

                        • Security:

                      How one can forget to get an idea about security. Russia is among those places where the crime rate is almost negligible. Therefore when you are heading for MBBS at Chita State Medical University, you are heading towards security as well.

                          • Internship programs:

                        At the University, internship programs also get organized for students so that they can easily understand what they have learned. For internship as well, there is no need for a student to carry the burden because the faculties are sufficient enough for arranging the same and to let them understand their performance in an academic career.

                            • Hostel facilities:

                          Last but not the least, hostel facilities are also up to the mark for all the students coming for MBBS in Russia. There will be going to get the surroundings which they have not expected, and they will be going to have separate hostels as well.

                          Therefore to keep yourself on the safe side, you can give a try to Chita State Medical University for MBBS in Russia.

                          Duration and mode of teaching of MBBS:

                          The duration of the MBBS program at the University is of 6 years. The mode of teaching preferred is English & Russian.


                          What makes Chita State Medical University the best choice for students?

                          As we have already discussed above that there is a lot for a student to explore whenever they are going for MBBS in Russia at Chita State Medical University. The major advantage they will be going to have is that there is no need for them to end up with something which they have not to imagine. Education standards are quite higher, which make a student feel reliable on them.

                          Moreover, there is no need for them to engage in unnecessary procedures to get admission. All they need to do is just present the NEET-UG qualified scorecard, and within no time their admission will get approved. Therefore one can easily conclude that a student can be on the safer side by choosing MBBS in Russia from this University.

                          We hope that now you have a clear idea that why MBBS in Russia from Chita State Medical University is the best choice to have. If you are planning to go for MBBS in Russia and you wish to know something more about this University than at Admission Route, we are always here to help you.

                          We have experts available who will resolve all your queries, and within no time, you will be going to feel comfortable. Just make sure you are asking them what you are up to so that the admission procedure will become hassle-free for you.

                          How students can manage expense while Studying from Chita State Medical Academy?

                          Pursuing an MBBS degree in Russia can be an exciting journey but can also be expensive. It is important to understand budgeting and money management while studying in Russia. Here are 5 tips to help you manage expenses while on your journey to becoming a medical professional.

                          Tips to follow:

                          • Plan Ahead:

                          Prior to arriving in Russia, create a budget and list all expenses that you might incur during your stay such as accommodations, food, tuition, textbooks, and other academic fees. Have this budget ready so that you know where you’re spending your money and adjust it when necessary.

                          • Find Affordable Accommodations:

                          You can save money on housing by opting for student dorms. These are cost-effective and can provide a communal environment to make the transition to Russia easier. You can also find a private room or apartment in the city for a cheaper rate than a hotel.

                          • Find a Job:

                          Working part-time or full-time while studying in Russia is allowed under certain conditions. This is an excellent way to make some extra money to cover living expenses.

                          • Utilize Public Transportation:

                          Purchasing a travel pass for public transport is much cheaper than using a private car or taxi. Taking advantage of buses, trams, and metro system is an effective way to reduce costs while still in Russia.

                          • Spend Wisely:

                           Sticking to your budget is a key factor in money management, but it is also important to know where and when to spend. Look for student discounts or discounts when using cash when shopping. These small measures will help you save money in the long-run.

                          These five tips will help you better manage your expenses while studying with Chita State Medical Academy. With a sound budget and smart spending, you can achieve your goals and make the most out of your journey.