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In 1956, Lugansk State Medical University was founded. This University is also known as Voroshilovgrad State Medical University. LSMU is among those universities which have received 4th edition level as well by the Ministry of Health and education Ukraine.

At this University, teachers and candidates are available in multiple fields and involved in research as well. Everywhere, things have been placed in a manner that they are contributing to history and also attracting a student towards learning more.

For MBBS in Ukraine, this University is considered to be one of the best destinations. All those who wish to pursue MBBS can look forward to here.

Considering the Lugansk city, it is situated in the east of Ukraine on the Logan River, and it is contributing to major areas to industrial development as well.

Ranking of Lugansk State Medical University:

Country RankWorld Rank

162 is the Ukraine ranking, and 10523 is the world ranking of Lugansk State Medical University.

Faculties of Lugansk State Medical University:

  • General medicine:

At Lugansk State Medical University, 6-year general medicine courses offered. After completion of the course, the MD degree will be awarded to the student. They will be trained with all the innovative techniques.

  • Pediatrics:

The pediatric course offered at the Lugansk State Medical University is of 5 years. After the completion of the 5 years, a student will be awarded the degree. Within the five years, they will be able to learn about how to take care of children easily so that they can feel comfortable and relaxed.

  • Pharmacy:

The pharmacy program available at LSMU is for five years. They will be get awarded by the degree and known to be the Bachelor of pharmacist.

  • Postgraduate:

Postgraduate programs have also been introduced for the students. If a student wishes to pursue a post-graduate from Lugansk State Medical University, they can apply for it as well.

  • Premedical:

The paramedical courses are for duration of 10 months only. In this, 10-month duration of the student will get familiar with the course, and he will be able to choose things appropriately.

  • Nursing:

The nursing course is also available at the University with a duration of 5 years. All the basic to major aspects will be taught to the students so that they can easily understand the curriculum and follow as they required doing.

  • Dentistry:

The dentistry course is for five years. The degree awarded to the students after completion of the force will be the degree for Bachelor of dental surgery.

Recognition of Lugansk State Medical University:

 Lugansk State Medical University offering MBBS in Ukraine is recognized by

S.No.Recognized By

Duration and medium of MBBS Study:

The duration of MBBS in Ukraine at Lugansk State Medical University is 6 years.

In the duration of 5 years, a student will be able to learn about theoretical concept, and in the last year, she will become part of the internship.

MBBS in Ukraine at Lugansk State Medical University will be taught in English only.

Benefits of MBBS in Ukraine:

There will be multiple benefits that will be solved to a student pursuing MBBS in Ukraine. Some of them are:

  • Hassle-free visa processing.
  • Low fees for accommodation and tuition.
  • Modernization equipped everywhere.
  • Globally accepted degree.
  • Climate is moderate to adjust.
  • Ragging free campus.
  • High-class security
  • Mess facilities are perfect.
  • Hostel facilities are amazing.
  • Professionals are available to train the students.

About MBBS in Ukraine at Lugansk State Medical University:

  • The duration of the force is six years. And it is as follows:
  • After the completion of MBBS, a student will be lead to the MD program. This is totally the choice of the student in which course he wishes to become the part.
  • In the second year, a student will be able to learn about clinical studies. Clinical studies will help them to treat the patients with all the care they require, and they will be able to understand the situation followed by them.
  • After the completion of MBBS in Ukraine, they will be awarded the degree. And they are ready to pursue their career and if they want they can also enroll themselves in higher courses.

Eligibility criteria of MBBS In Ukraine:

The eligibility criteria for MBBS in Ukraine at Lugansk State Medical University are:

  1. 12th standard passing certificate
  2. Qualified NEET-UG examination
  3. Age of a student must be more than 17 years and less than 25 years
  4. Valid identity proof must be available
  5. The courses in 12th standard must be physics, chemistry, biology along with English
  6. The student must hold a good moral character

Documents required for admission:

    The documents required for MBBS in Ukraine include:

  1. The passing certificate of 12th standard with more than 60% marks.
  2. Qualified scorecard of NEET UG examination.
  3. 10 passport size photographs
  4. Passport
  5. Migration certificate
  6. Transfer certificate
  7. Character certificate

Admission procedure:

The admission procedure for admission in MBBS in Ukraine at Lugansk State Medical University is as follows:-

  1. A student needs to require scan all the document copies at the very first.
  2. Search for the application form available on the official website.
  3. Fill all the necessary details in the document and attach the scanned copies along with it.
  4. Submit the form and wait for the acceptance letter.
  5. Within 2-3 working days, an acceptance letter will be generated by Lugansk State Medical University.
  6. After acceptance letter, pay the fees at the University.
  7. After getting the fees received, your admission has been confirmed.
  8. Apply for visa and travel for MBBS in Ukraine

Make sure while you are applying for MBBS in Ukraine at Lugansk State Medical University, you are submitting all the relevant documents. If any of the documents is find out to be fraud, then your request for it might get canceled.

Visa procedure in detail:

When you are going for MBBS at Lugansk State Medical University, get the VISA too as without it pursuing MBBS here will not be easy.

Documents required:

  • Invitation letter 
  • Offer letter
  • Aadhar card
  • Academic record
  • Caste certificate
  • Passport size photograph
  • Covid-19 negative report
  • HIV negative report
  • Bank statement with a minimum balance
  • Original passport
  • Health record

Original documents play an integral role and these are needed to out. Make sure to carry your original documents at the time of verification and when you reach to Ukraine as well.

Steps to apply for VISA:

  1. Visit the visa website to apply for a work visa on your own
  2. In order to be able to use our website, software or apps, you have to approve the terms & conditions.
  1. Please fill out the application form and upload all of the documents that were asked for.
  2. After uploading all the documents, you submit the form and wait for the verification email.
  3. Complete the verification procedure at a regional office
  4. After it, the same will be delivered to your doorstep within 15 days. You are all set to study in Ukraine after that, guaranteed!

After reaching Ukraine:

Ukrainian government is quite strict considering the rules and regulations and they cannot let anyone to come here for no reason. There will be a small police verification procedure that carried out to know for which reason you are visiting here and the residence where you are staying. All the original documents are required for this verification so make sure to have all of them.

Don’t worry we will provide you complete guidance for the verification procedure so that there will be no problem lately.

Internships available:

At Lugansk State Medical University, a student can become the part of below mention internships. These are:

  • Pulmonology
  • Psychiatry
  • Neurology
  • Emergency medicine
  • Family medicine
  • Internal medicine
  • Obstetrics
  • Gynecology
  • Intensive therapy
  • Pediatric surgery

Hostel and food facilities;

  • Lugansk State Medical University is available with 5 hostels.
  • The rooms in the hostel are well equipped with basic amenities.
  • 24/7 electricity, Wi-Fi supply, purified water is available.
  • For MBBS in Ukraine, the environment offered is equipped with everything required.
  • The mess is neat and clean, along with a well-equipped dining area.
  • Indian wardens and Indian Chefs are available.
  • 24 by 7, emergency doctors are also available at the hostel campus.
  • Hostels for all the girls and boys are separate.
  • The security facility is also amazing.

How students can manage expenses during MBBS in Ukraine?

Living expenses in MBBS in Ukraine are relatively low as compared to other countries. This is one of the
main reasons why more and more Indian students are opting to study MBBS in Ukraine. Ukraine has
many good medical colleges which are recognized by the MCI. One such college is Lugansk State
Medical University.
Tips to follow:

  1. Make a budget:
    Determine how much money you will need for tuition, room and board, and other living expenses. Then,
    try to stick to your budget as closely as possible.
  2. Get a part-time job:
    If you can find a part-time job, it can help you offset some of your costs. Just be sure to check with your
    university first to make sure that working during your studies is allowed.
  3. Ask for financial aid:
    If you need help paying for your education, don’t be afraid to ask for financial aid from your university or
    from private organizations.
  4. Cut back on non-essential expenses:
    When you’re on a tight budget, you may need to cut back on some of your non-essential expenses, such
    as eating out or buying new clothes.
  5. Coupons and discounts:
    Look for ways to save money on everyday expenses, such as using coupons or taking advantage of
    The cost of living in Lugansk is relatively low as compared to other cities in Ukraine. A student can easily
    manage his/her expenses by eating at local restaurants and doing his/her own shopping. There are
    many supermarkets and shopping malls in the city where a student can get all the necessary things at
    reasonable prices.
    So, these were some of the things which a student must keep in mind while managing his/her expenses
    during MBBS in Ukraine while studying in Lugansk State Medical University.

These are the things linked with MBBS in Ukraine with Lugansk State Medical University. If you wish to pursue MBBS in Ukraine, approach us now. We will help you to get available with it easily.