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Jalalabad State Medical University: At a Glance

Established In  1993
Type of University Public
Locaton Jalalabad, Kyrgyzstan
Scholarship  Available
No.of Students Above 2000
MBBS Course Duration 5 year
Study Of Medium English & Russian
Last Date of Apply Last week of  October
Cost Of Living 500 USD Per Year
Cost Of mess charges 1200 USD Per Year
Eligibility 50 % in PCB of 12th
Official Webside https://jasu.edu.kg/

Jalalabad State Medical University is among those universities which are known to provide the best education to all those who are having an interest in MBBS. If you are looking forward to MBBS in Kyrgyzstan, then this is the right destination for you to approach.
This university was founded on April 2, 1993, in the city of Jalalabad. This is one of the top educational and functional institutions available till yet.

Jalalabad State Medical University: Recognition

The Jalalabad State Medical University is recognized by:-

  1. MCI
  2. WHO

Indian students lifestyle:

Usually, Indian students, look to other countries primarily for MBBS. Indian students at Jalalabad State Medical University will be going to available with all the necessary facilities, which are a must for them to learn about the modern skills and techniques available.

  1. The campus of Jalalabad State Medical University is well equipped with everything which is necessary for a student when he is here for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan.
  2. The student will not feel lacking even a single point when he is here for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan.

Indian mess facility:

Indian mess facility is also very amazing at Jalalabad State Medical University.

  1. The campus focuses on every student available here.
  2. Usually, Indian students find it difficult to adjust to different food habits.  For them, particular mess facilities are available.
  3. This will let them adjust here adequately. There will be nothing that can let them face any issue.

Indian hostel facility:

The Indian hostel facility at Jalalabad State Medical University is also available. if a student is here for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan, they will get:-

  1. The best part about the hostel facility is an Indian warden is available who will help them at every step.
  2. Emergency doctors are available that will help them to figure out if there is any issue arising.
  3. Security is also very advanced, and parents will be going to know when their child is entering the campus and when he is leaving the campus

Visa procedure and all other details:

Visa is an important document when you are moving ahead for Jalalabad State Medical University for MBBS.

Documents required applying for Visa:-

The major documents required to apply for Visa when you wish to pursue MBBS in Kyrgyzstan from this university are as follows:-

  • Invitation letter
  • Application letter
  • Offer letter
  • Passport size photograph
  • Passport
  • Original documents
  • Bank statement with a minimum balance
  • Covid-19 negative report
  • Health record
  • HIV negative report
  • Aadhar card
  • Birth certificate

At the time of verification, original documents are required, so if there is any document that is just a scanned copy with you, just get the original document as soon as possible before verification.

Steps to apply for Visa:

The steps to follow a very simple but before moving ahead with the steps, make sure to scan all the documents which are required. These are as follows:-

  1. Look for the application form for Visa at the official website.
  2. After visiting the official website, look at the link to apply for the Visa.
  3. Fulfill all the requirements of the application form along with attaching all the scanned documents.
  4. After uploading all the documents, submit the form.
  5. Wait for the duration until you receive confirmation.
  6. After receiving confirmation, complete the verification procedure.
  7. After verification, within 10 to 15 days, the VISA will get delivered to your doorstep.

After reaching Kyrgyzstan:

When you reach out to Kyrgyzstan, there is a small verification procedure you need to complete. Just carry all your original documents for the same. After this small verification, there will be no problem throughout the year for sure.

Don’t worry about anything when we are here for you because we always believe our students must not face any trouble, and by keeping the same in consideration, we help you to go through the same procedure too.

How students can manage expenses during MBBS in Kyrgyzstan?

Jalalabad State Medical University is famous for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan. But Indian students after choosing this university majorly experience the problem in managing their expenses.

If you also experience the same problem during MBBS in Kyrgyzstan you will not be able to manage the expenses Do keep the below-mentioned tips in mind. Let’s have a look!

Tips to consider for managing budget:

1.Plan your budget:

First of all, it is important for you to plan your budget. Until and unless you are not planning your budget you will not be able to understand where you need to spend the money and where not. You can consider a diary for the same and mention everything in it. You can do the total and figure out whether the amount you are spending is worthy or not.

2.Have a look at the basic necessities:

We cannot deny to the fact that it is important to fulfill the basic necessities and that’s why it is advisable to have a look at it. Figure out whether the basic necessities you are considering are important for you or not. If you find them to be important spend the money as much as you want otherwise just let it be as it is.

3.Do not spend unnecessarily on additional stuff:

The hostel is well equipped with all the facilities and there will be no need for students to get any additional stuff available. But if you are in need of getting additional stuff, check out whether you really need it or not. If you don’t need the same then do not spend unnecessarily on additional stuff because it will ultimately have an impact on your budget and you will not be able to manage things properly.

4.Do not go to unnecessary parties:

Some students feel that whenever they have come for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan they got the option to go to parties. But this is not right at all. Try to not get into such things. Once in a while, it is alright to go for it. But if you are considering it unnecessarily, drop the option right away.


It is totally on students how will they be able to manage the budget. If they are aware of the art of managing expenses no problem will take place and they can manage things easily. It is important to take care of everything while planning the budget because you cannot avoid the important things in order to save your budget!

Jalalabad State Medical University: Fee Structure 2024

ParticularsYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Year 6
Tuition Fee4200 USD4200 USD4200 USD4200 USD4200 USD4200 USD
Hostel & Mess Fee1800 USD1800 USD1800 USD1800 USD1800 USD1800 USD
Total Fee in USD6000 USD6000 USD6000 USD6000 USD6000 USD6000 USD
Total Fees in INR4,98,000 INR4,98,000 INR4,98,000 INR4,98,000 INR4,98,000 INR4,98,000 INR

Jalalabad State Medical University: Syllabus

Year Semester Syllabus
1st 1st semester Anatomy
2nd semester Histology and Anatomy
2nd 3rd semester Physiology, Histology, Anatomy, and  Bio-Chemistry
4th semester Physiology, Micro Biology and  Bio-Chemistry
3rd 5th semester Path physiology, Pathology, Micro-Biology, and Pharmacology
6th Semester Path physiology, Pharmacology and Pathology
4th to 5th  7th to 10 th Semester Clinical Subjects and Clinical Postings
Oncology, Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine, Neurology, Psychology, ENT, General Surgery, Pediatrics, Gynecology,  and Cardiology

Benefits of MBBS in Jalalabad State Medical University:

Multiple benefits will be served to a student for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan. Some of them are:-

  1. Education:

The faculty available here is also very amazing, and they will be going to get a quality education. There is no leniency considering education. A student will be able to ask the queries anytime. No compromise with quality of education at all.

  1. Medium of teaching:

There is no need for a student to worry about the medium as well. The medium of teaching is English only. A student will be able to learn about the course effectively. There is no need for them to learn any particular language for learning.

  1. Cost of living:

The cost of living is also very less. There is no need for a student to feel like the accommodation will charge a lot to them. At a very low price, the well-equipped accommodation is available.

  1. Tuition fees:

The tuition fee is comparatively less as compared to other countries. When a student is coming for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan, he will be able to be the part of it at the affordable as well.

  1. Scholarship:

For all the meritorious students, scholarship programs are also available. They just need to fulfill the criteria. After it they will be able to be the part of a scholarship as well.

Jalalabad State Medical University: Faculties and ranking:

The country ranking of Jalalabad State Medical University is 29. The world rank is 12495.

The faculties available here are:-

  1. Faculty of Medicine
  2. Faculty of Nursing
  3. Business and Pedagogical Faculty
  4. Zoological & Veterinary Technical Faculty

Ragging and duration at Jalalabad State Medical University:

Usually, students feel like when they are migrating to another country, they will face ragging. But at Jalalabad State Medical University, there is no need for them to worry about it. The campus is ragging free. In case any of the students is find out to do the same, they will get suspended from the university.
The duration for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan in this university is six years. 5 years will be the academic once, and one year will be an internship. If you wish to go forMBBS in Kyrgyzstan, then Jalalabad State Medical University is the correct destination for you.