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Karaganda State Medical University is one of the most considered choices by all the students who wish to pursue MBBS in Kazakhstan. It was established in 1950, in Kazakhstan.

All those students who want that their medical career to get completed successfully look forward to Karaganda State Medical University.

Karaganda State Medical University: At a Glance

Last date to Apply Last week of july, 2020
Any Enterance examNEET Qualified
MBBS Course Duration5 year
MBBS Course Tuition fee2,77,500 Per Year ( 3700 USD)
University Affilated ByWHO, MCI
Mess and Hostel Available Yes, Separate Indian mess and Hostel
Eligibility for admission12th Passed with 55%

Karaganda State Medical University: Ranking and faculties

Karaganda State Medical University is on 24th rank in Kazakhstan, and world rank is 6197.

The faculties available here are:

  1. Faculty of General Medicine and Dentistry
  2. Faculty of Internship
  3. Faculty of Preventive Medicine, Biology and Pharmacy
  4. Faculty of Continuous Professional Development

Reasons for MBBS Admission in Karaganda State Medical University:

When it comes to taking admission, a student considers every aspect. Here top 10 reasons are mentioned that will help you to understand why Karaganda State Medical University is the right choice for you to consider. These are:

  •  Fees:

The fees for MBBS in Kazakhstan at Karaganda State Medical University are comparatively less. There is no need for a student to worry about the fees as the education loan facility is also offered.

  •  Academic career:

The best part about Karaganda State Medical University is the academic career of the student. They will not feel hesitant in any manner because faculties are available every time to help them.

  •  Hassle-free visa:

When a student wishes to get a visa for MBBS in Kazakhstan, it is very easy. There is no need for a student to wait unnecessarily to get it available. In a hassle-free manner, there is a will get generated.

  •  Environment:

The environment here is also very amazing. A student will not find it difficult to adjust there because everywhere they will find something Indian to let them feel attracted to it. Hostel and mess facilities are also well equipped, and the campus is also neat and clean.

  •  Security:

Security of a student hits at the top for the faculties here at Karaganda State Medical University. If a student is facing any issue, they can report about it to higher authorities. There is no mercy to the students who are creating any trouble for other students.

  •  Modernization:

Modernization also took place for MBBS in Kazakhstan, and Karaganda State Medical University hits at the top for it. All the modern equipment is available, which will help a student to learn about surgery in an efficient manner, and also there is nothing which is lacking at any point.

  •  No additional exam:

Except for NEET-UG, there is no need for a student to appear for any additional examination. If they are available with NEET UG score card and 50% plus marks in their 12th standard, they are eligible to take admission here.

  •  Globally accepted:

The degree issued to the students studying in MBBS in Kazakhstan is widely accepted. There is no need for a student to feel like they need to appear for any particular exam for being part of any other country.

  •  Practical and theory:

The faculty is available hair focuses on theory and practical both. If a student feels like there is something missing in their practical hand, they can ask the professors. Professors are always available to help them in every manner.

  •  Internships:

For all the students in MBBS in Kazakhstan, internship programs have also been organized. These internship programs will help them to understand something more, and also they will get a certificate for it. This adds an extra star to their experience.

Affiliations of Karaganda state medical University:

Karaganda State Medical Universityaffiliated by:

  1. MCI
  2. WHO

Study Medium and duration of MBBS:

For MBBS in Kazakhstan in Karaganda State Medical University the duration is five years.

For international students, the medium of teaching is English. There is no need for them to learn any particular language when they are here.

Karaganda State Medical University: Fee Structure

ParticularsYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Year 6
Tuition Fee4000 USD4000 USD4000 USD4000 USD4000 USD4000 USD
Hostel Fee500 USD500 USD500 USD500 USD500 USD500 USD
Total Fee in USD4500 USD4500 USD4500 USD4500 USD4500 USD4500 USD
Total Fees in INR3,73,500 INR3,73,500 INR3,73,500 INR3,73,500 INR3,73,500 INR3,73,500 INR

MBBS Admission Eligibility criteria and Documentation:

     The eligibility criterion for MBBS in Kazakhstan is very simple. It is as follows:

  1. A student must be above 17 years of age.
  2. They are available with a valid identity proof.
  3. A student must have secured 60% marks in their 12th standard.
  4. They have qualified for the NEET UG examination.

Documents Required:

The documents required by the students for MBBS in Kazakhstan in Karaganda Medical University is as follows:-

  1. 12th standard passing certificate with physics, chemistry, and Biology.
  2. NEET UG scorecard
  3. Passport size photographs
  4. Valid identity proof along with passport

Visa procedure and all other details:

For Karaganda State Medical University, a student to get the approved visa as well. Let’s discuss it.

Documents required for Visa approval: 

When you explore through the documents, you will see that these are common documents that you can require in any of the admission procedures. But make sure to carry the original documents along with you.

  • Application letter
  • Academic record
  • Offer letter
  • Invitation letter
  • Passport
  • Aadhar card
  • HIV negative report
  • Health certificate
  • Birth certificate
  • Passport size photographs
  • Covid-19 report
  • Bank statement with a minimum balance

After receiving the confirmation letter when you move for verification, the original documents are important to carry. Along with photocopy, just carry the original documents so that there will be no problem throughout.

Steps to follow for Visa:-

The steps to follow to apply for Visa are as follows:-

  1. Visit the official website to look for the application form.
  2. Along with the visa application form, a section for terms and conditions is available. Read it out clearly.
  3. After reading out the terms and conditions, check out all the documents and scan them.
  4. After scanning documents after filling in the details, upload all of them.
  5. After uploading documents, wait for the duration until it gets submitted
  6. After submission within 3 to 7 days, a confirmation email will be received.
  7. After receiving the confirmation email, visit the regional office and get the verification done.
  8. After verification, you are ready to fly for MBBS in Kazakhstan. 

Make sure to get available with all the original documents. After reaching Kazakhstan, there is a small verification procedure you need to complete, and don’t worry. Our officers will help you to go through it seamlessly. If there is any problem just let us know and we will help you with it.

Hostel life of Indian Students:

There are so many features which are linked with the hostel life of Indian students here. When an Indian

The hostel facility is one of the biggest concerns for all the parents who are sending their children
for MBBS in Kazakhstan. Thankfully, if you are choosing Karaganda State Medical University as your
university, there will be no need for you to think about it twice. The university comes in front with a
separate Indian hostel facility for all the boys and girls around so that they can stay peacefully without
any problems. There are some major highlights that make the hostel one of the best choices, and these
are as follows: –
1. The hostel rooms for students doing MBBS in Kazakhstan are neat and clean. The cleaning staff
is available 24×7, and in case a student wants them to clean the house, they offer the same
option as well.
2.The hostel campus is equipped with all the facilities. From getting clean drinking water to having
a well-accommodated bathroom, each and every facility is integrated to provide a student with
a safe and pleasant stay.
3. Students will be able to contact the warden directly because she or he is available 24 hours a
day. Sometimes it happens that day students are not able to adjust to the premises, and at that
time, there is a need to approach them, and they are always ready to help.
Overall, it is right to say that hostile facilities are first-class when students choose KARAGANDA STATE
MEDICAL UNIVERSITY. There will be no need for them to worry about anything because things will be
under control, and no problems will be there.

student is there for MBBS in Kazakhstan, these are the following benefits served to them:-

  • A student will get available with Indian food.
  • Hostels are well equipped, and the campus is having Wi-Fi available 24 by 7.
  • Separate hostels for girls and boys
  • Indian wardens are also available.
  • Emergency doctors are also available.
  • Security is very strict, and without permission, a student cannot step outside the hostel.

Indian food availability:

There is no need for an Indian student to adapt to any particular food habits. Indian food is also available, and the man you have been decided on the basis of voting. As the majority is referring to the same menu will be decided.

When you are a medical student, you cannot think of skipping a single day without a meal. But with
Indian students, the problem happens because they are not able to find out the Indian food when they
are coming for MBBS in Kazakhstan. If the same has happened to you, don’t worry because the
university is especially focused on the same, and they have hired Indian staff to prepare the delicacies.
At the mess, you will find out that the mess people are always ready to prepare the dishes you want.
From preparing vegetarian to non-vegetarian dishes, they have experience in preparing all of them. You
just need to reach the mess timely so that you can get the best food and there will be no problem at all.
In case you have fallen ill, and the doctor has suggested you eat something specific, the mess people
also help you to get it. So yes, don’t worry about anything and get your admission to KARAGANDA

Two Time Meal Will be approx 120 USD to 150 USD Per Month of Indian Food.

Climate condition:

When a student is here for MBBS in Kazakhstan, they will we going to have an amazing atmosphere. But climatic conditions Mein trouble them. The climatic conditions are bit humid Continental, and also so a student may find it difficult to adjust in starting. But as per the timings, it will become adaptable.
If you are looking forward to MBBS in Kazakhstan, then Karaganda State Medical University is the right choice for you. Apply for it as soon as possible. August is the last month to apply for admission here.

How students can manage expenses while doing MBBS in Kazakhstan?

During MBBS in Kazakhstan at Karaganda State Medical University, there are certain tips that you can consider for managing your expenses. This includes:

1. Consider Limited stationery:

There are some students around who love to get stationary in Access and there is no point in getting it. It is advisable for you to get stationary in a limit so that there will be no need for you to bother about the expenses. You can simply go for a sketch pen or other colorful pens instead of going for some highlighters or anything else. The colorful pens are available at a very reasonable price and these are also helpful in maintaining the notes attractive and understanding.

2. Consider going outside on weekends:

If you wish to explore Kazakhstan it is advisable to go outside on weekends only instead of going regularly. If you go regularly outside during MBBS in Kazakhstan it will definitely add an additional expense to your pocket. So try to go outside on weekends and do not eat food outside when you are roaming because this also adds an additional expense to you.

3. Consider public vehicles:

Public and private vehicle options are available in Kazakhstan for students around. But when you are leaving Karaganda State Medical University to go somewhere consider public transport as it is reasonable and will not add on additional expense to your pocket.

4. Do not eat outside Food unnecessarily:

In the starting you have already paid for the mess facility at the hostel during MBBS in Kazakhstan that’s why it is advisable not to eat food outside unnecessarily. It simply adds on an additional expense and sometimes lets you suffer with health issues that call the need for reaching out to the doctor. Therefore try not to go for it unnecessarily.


During MBBS in Kazakhstan it is advisable to all the students around that whenever you are about to make an expense try to research it carefully because some reasonable or inexpensive options are also available. Also, the services available from Karaganda State Medical University for students are less expensive as compared to other services available outside so try to rely on them.