MBBS in Kazakhstan

How to Study MBBS in Kazakhstan?

Kazakhstan is among the most famous countries in terms of different factors. If we look at the things available here, then it is right to conclude that one can have the best facilities. But do you know that this country is known for its educational culture as well? If you are unaware of it, then you are on the right page. Here we are discussing how to study MBBS in Kazakhstan so that if you are planning to go for MBBS in Kazakhstan this year, you can easily make up your mind, and things will fall into place for you.

Factors to consider when choosing to study for MBBS in Kazakhstan are as follows:-

MBBS is recognised in Kazakhstan universities!

All the universities you choose to study MBBS in Kazakhstan are recognised by various higher authorities. These are as follows:

  • The Medical Council of India
  • The World Health Organisation
  • The Health Ministry of Kazakhstan

Medical courses are available in Kazakhstan.

When you think of going for MBBS admission in Kazakhstan, it is also important to understand the medical courses available here. These are as follows:

General Medicine

The primary medical course in which you take admission is general medicine. Almost all the Kazakhstan universities offering MBBS in Kazakhstan have general medicine courses available. This will teach you about all of the medications that are required for a specific condition.


Gynaecology is a branch of science that focuses on female reproductive issues. If you want to be a gynaecologist, then choosing the gynecologic course will be the best option. Some universities have gynaecology courses available, and some do not. Therefore, check out the faculties available and then be sure to choose one.


Andrology is the branch of science that deals especially with problems related to males. Students who are interested in exploring the male body and resolving their problems usually go for it.

Pharmaceutical studies

Pharmaceutical studies will help you to understand the medication in detail. This is helpful in analysing the combination of medications that can be used in a particular situation. Some doctors have a specialisation in different fields, and pharmaceutical studies help them out.

Dental studies:

If you choose dental studies, you will become a dentist. During the course, you will learn about it, and everything from extraction to tooth capping and all the other options integrated into it.


Nursing is a course that is especially for those males and females that do not want to come to the front and want to be a nurse. You can be a nurse and start practising it.


Psychiatry deals with the mental state of a person. Some people get mentally depressed and need someone to listen to them. When you are becoming part of psychiatry by choosing it as a specialisation during MBBS in Kazakhstan, you will learn all the skills to understand the other person.


Paediatrics is the branch that deals with the well-being of small children. If you have an interest in children and want them to come out of the problems they are going through, then simply switch to a paediatrics course.

Courses are also available when you are going for admission MBBS in Kazakhstan. This entirely depends on the university you choose. If you want to pursue any specific course, be sure to check out whether the university is offering the same or not and then move ahead with it.

Documents required for MBBS in Kazakhstan:

If we check out the list of documents that you require to get admission, you will be surprised to see that no unnecessary documents are required for the same. The major documents you need to get available include:

  1. Academic documents

At the very least, you need to check out the academic documents. The academic documents include your 10th and 12th-grade mark sheets. Make sure that the 10th and 12th mark sheets are obtained by you and that you are qualified in both classes. Along with that, be sure that the documents are original. If you have presented photocopies at the time of verification or during the admission procedure, there will be some trouble.

  1. Passport-size photographs

It is critical for students to be certain that they have recent passport-size photographs. When you fill out the form for MBBS in Kazakhstan, make sure that the photograph has your name along with the date. Almost 10 to 20 photo classes are required, some with date and name, some without, and some need to be simple. Also, be sure of the background; it must be white.

  1. Transfer certificate:

A transfer certificate will be obtained by you from the university or college at which you were studying previously. Make sure the transfer certificate is valid because after 6 to 12 months, it becomes invalid, and you need to get it renewed.

  1. Character certificate

A character certificate is also an integral document of consideration. Be sure that you don't hold any legal record against you for stopping more than the university from which you have passed your 12th, or any previous education has issued you a positive character certificate.

  1. Scorecard for the NEET-UG examination

The NEET-UG examination scorecard is among the most important documents you need to carry for admission. The National Medical Council of India organises the NEET-UG examination every year, and you must pass it to be admitted to MBBS in Kazakhstan.

  1. Verification proof:

Verification proof, which includes your Aadhar card, voter ID card, and residential address, is also required to be carried by the candidate. This will be helpful in analysing where you stay and what you do. You will be able to enrol in MBBS in Kazakhstan once your documents have been verified.

Admission process while students come for MBBS in Kazakhstan:-

As a student, it is also integral for you to know the complete admission process. Well, don't worry because it is very simple. It is as follows:

  1. Documents:

The first thing you need to do is prepare all the documents and scan them. It is important for you to scan the documents because if they are not scanned, you will not be able to upload them on the university portal.

  1. Admission form link:

Visit the official website of the university and check out the admission form link. When you check out the admission form link, there are details available along with rules and regulations that you need to follow. Browse through them in detail.

  1. Fill in the application form:

Now the time has come when you need to fill out the application form, upload all the documents, and pay the fees. When you pay the fees, you need to be patient for a while because it will take a few days for you to receive the invitation letter.

  1. Pay the rest of the fees:

When you receive the invitation letter, the lump sum amount of the fees is mentioned on it, and you need to pay it immediately. When you pay the fees, it will take 10 days for you to receive the offer letter.

  1. Apply for Visa:

After receiving the offer letter, you need to apply for a visa. The visa procedure is among the procedures and you need to be sure about all the important documents and things you need to submit. After receiving your visa, you're all set to pack your bags for MBBS in Kazakhstan.

MBBS in Kazakhstan is one of the best options for all the students out there. They can simply start their career by taking admission. But be sure to keep each and every factor in mind and then fill out the application form. If you overlook the important details, you will have a difficult time obtaining admission!

Things to know about education system for MBBS in Kazakhstan


Kazakhstan is among those countries that come with a first-class education system for all the students out there. It doesn't matter whether the students are becoming part of primary courses or taking their education to the next level, they will have access to a first-class education that will be helpful for them in becoming a good individual in life.

Right now, international students also take an interest in MBBS in Kazakhstan and take admissions. But before becoming part of any residential program, it is important to know what the education system is all about in Kazakhstan and how it deals with students effortlessly.

Here we discuss the education system in detail related to Kazakhstan for better understanding, so that when you apply for any course like MBBS Admission in Kazakhstan, you can simply understand it in detail!


Things to know about education system of MBBS in Kazakhstan:-

  1. School education:

study mbbs in Kazakhstan

Primary education is an important part of education for all students in Kazakhstan. It will last for 4 years and it is accompanied by one year of preschool education. In this system, students will get well versed in general education and also learn about some basic aspects that help them grow. The teachers divide it according to age and help students learn about the aspects in detail. During the primary education course, students will be able to learn the basic manners that are helpful in developing into the best humans.

  1. Secondary education:

Secondary education comes with three main educational phases. It includes primary education, general education and senior level education.

  • Primary education will focus on development, which is followed by all the relatable subjects. General education focuses on helping an individual grow. Some students are so introverted that they are not able to open up about things.
  • During the secondary education program, the teachers help them to put their point of view in front.
  • The final step is senior level education, which continues into their professional education. In senior level education, students will learn about the proficiencies they have and the force in which they are interested.

For example, if students choose to pursue MBBS in Kazakhstan, they will find that they have an interest in it and can enroll in any university and pursue the doctor of sciences course easily.

  1. Training staff:

Training staff is also in consideration when designing the Kazakhstan education system. Not even a single teacher will be there who does not have expertise. Every teacher must have a 5-year course leading to a specialist diploma so that they can deal with students effortlessly. In most cases, it happens that teachers are not able to have encounters with students, and Kazakhstan's education system eliminates them by keeping professional qualifications in mind.

  1. The age of the student:

The minimum age of a student to become a part of education is 5 to 6 years. Every citizen will have access to a good quality education, and it is helpful in maintaining society as well. The best part is that when you are going for MBBS in Kazakhstan as an international student, the minimum age required to get admission is 17. This clearly means that there will be no problems and students can simply enrol in any force as per their choice.

  1. The University in Kazakhstan is well recognized.

All the universities in Kazakhstan are well recognized. Most of the universities are recognized by the Medical Council of India and the World Health Organization, which clearly means that the degree will be globally accepted and you can simply fulfill your dream of becoming a doctor in any country.

When you are going for MBBS in Kazakhstan from India, there is an advantage that you will learn about a lot of things that you haven't learnt about in India. Moreover, after completing MBBS, you can simply qualify for the Medical Council of India exam and start your career as a doctor here in India.

  1. Assessment:

Assessment is really very important for students when they are becoming part of the Kazakhstan education system. Sometimes it happens that universities do not focus on the overall development of a child, but this is not the case in Kazakhstan. The university pays attention towards the growth of their students and then treats them accordingly.

For example, students entering the senior education level must also pass some examinations that will help them determine their performance. The professors will be able to see what the students are up to and help them learn new aspects in return.

  1. Discipline for students:

Discipline is also an integral part of what students learn. It is important to help them understand a certain part and develop their skills. It is helpful in making them a successful and organised person in their life. Whomsoever you meet in Kazakhstan, you will see if they are well spoken and also pay attention towards things as a personal matter. You will not feel like they are not treating you right or behaving appropriately with you.

Overall, it is right to conclude that MBBS in Kazakhstan is one of the best options for students because the education system is well developed. All universities come with practical and theoretical knowledge for students, so that there will be no problems throughout. Moreover, if students are facing any trouble, they can reach out to higher authorities and report it so that they can pay attention to them in detail and help them to develop as an individual.

If you are a resident of Kazakhstan or going from India to Kazakhstan for any particular subject, you will have an encounter with the best education policy which is not right there in India.

MBBS in Kazakhstan vs MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

MBBS in Kazakhstan vs MBBS in Kyrgyzstan: Which is Better for MBBS

Choosing university for MBBS is one of the major questions of consideration by the students these days. Students are in confusion which city or country they can choose to go for it. Some students are not too fond of completing MBBS in India and at that moment look for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan or MBBS in Kazakhstan options.

But choosing one country between both of them let them deals with multiple questions and they feel confused only. For helping you to come out of that confusion we are presenting all the details so that you will be able to choose the best university easily.

MBBS in Kazakhstan: -

Exploring about the benefits students have while choosing MBBS in Kazakhstan are as follows: -

  1. Basic amenities:

Basic amenities are available to students. There will be no need for them to travel long distances to get them available. The university and hostel facilities are up to the mark which help them to have access to the basic amenities as well. Nearby shops are also available from where they can easily purchase the stuff they require.

  1. Educational facilities:

Educational facilities are up to the mark. Thankfully the universities offering MBBS in Kazakhstan are quite modernized and no need for students to deal with ancient skills at all. They will have access to the new technology, help them to explore the best possible outcomes and understand how they can use all of the things available.

  1. Fee structure:

There is no doubt fee structure is also a considering factor during MBBS in Kazakhstan. The fee structure is divided into semester system, and accordingly, a student can pay the fees. It is really very affordable and without having any second thought they can pay the fees.

  1. Loan facilities:

Loan facilities are also available for students. Just by submitting little documents, they can get it. But there is a particular criterion they need to understand for the same. Education loan will cover all their educational expenses, and a student can easily repay it according to the acquired conditions.

  1. Accommodation:

Hostel facilities are also there so no as such problem with students. Separate boys and girls hostels are available, along with conveyance facility so that traveling to the university will be easy for them. There will be no need for students to take the private transport at all.

  1. Security:

Security is also high class and no compromise has been done with it. If a student is facing any trouble, they can report to the higher authorities. Within no time, justice will be given to them. If you feel like the higher authorities are not taking any action then simply reach out to the criminal department and after it the matter will be resolved.

  1. Scholarship:

Students coming for MBBS in Kazakhstan will be able to become part of some scholarships as well. The scholarships depend on the marks they have gained in the previous classes. But it is essential to understand that the scholarships are majorly available for residential Kazakhstan students and not for international students. Do pay attention to the scholarship eligibility criteria and then fill out the form.

  1. Transportation facility:

A transportation facility is also there. For travelling from hostel to campus, students can simply rely on the transportation facility organized by the college. There will be no need for them to pay an additional amount for it.

  1. Internship options:

Internships options are also there for medical students out there. After completing MBBS, there will be no need for you to apply for internship and any institution on your own. The university will look at it on its own and provide the best options to students.

MBBS in Kyrgyzstan:

Likewise, MBBS in Kazakhstan multiple facilities are also there for students when they are choosing MBBS in Kyrgyzstan. These are as follows:-

  1. Educational facility:

While choosing MBBS in Kyrgyzstan, a student will have access to the ancient and modern skills both. The universities are focusing on both of the aspects because you have no idea when you need to have access to the ancient skills and modern skills too. But majorly, the university is focusing on modern techniques available across the globe.

  1. Basic amenities:

Basic amenities are available to students at a greater extent. The best part is the locality is so advance that just by stepping outside, students can get their basic requirements fulfilled. Also the University Campus is occupied with shops from where they can get their stuff considering education.

  1. Accommodation:

Accommodation facilities are also really very advanced and thankfully the hostels are well occupied. If we explore about the ambiance of the hostel students will be surprised to know that they will have a feeling of home. Wardens are also available so that there will be no trouble to students at all and they can easily discuss about the problem if they are facing any. The rooms in the hostels are well occupied.

  1. Education loan:

Education loan facilities are also there, but a student needs to be sure about the basic documents they require to get it. If the document requirement is not fulfilled, they will not be able to get the same.

  1. Security:

Security facility is so advanced that there is no leniency with those who are creating trouble to others. For example, if a student is try to do your ragging, they will be rusticated from the university and know the university will allow them to complete their education.

  1. Loan facility:

Education loan facility is also there for all the students who are not able to afford the complete fees at the same time. After completing the studies students can pay it.

  1. Scholarship:

Scholarships are also there for students coming for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan. But it is limited to certain students only. There is a particular eligibility criterion for it. Check out the eligibility criteria and fill out the form. If the eligibility criteria is not matched, you will not be able to get you the benefits of a scholarship.

  1. Fee structure:

It is right to conclude that the fee for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan is really very affordable. The education system is designed in a manner that everyone can afford the same. Also for parents, there is an instalment option available where they can fees through the same method.

  1. Transportation facility:

Transportation facility is also there, but it is limited for the students. If you are looking forward to traveling from hostel to campus, there will be no need for you to pay for the private conveyance at all. Just by adopting the transportation facilities organized by the University, you can reach the college.

  1. Internship for everyone:

Internships are also there for everyone out there. There will be no need for students to apply for an internship in any other country or in India. When you come out after completing MBBS, you will have the internship certificate right there with you.


Differences between MBBS in Kazakhstan and MBBS in Kyrgyzstan:

  1. Climatic changes are there with MBBS in Kazakhstan and MBBS in Kyrgyzstan. While choosing MBBS in Kyrgyzstan students will be able to adjust easily but in case of Kazakhstan they need to deal with cold and humid both the climatic conditions.
  2. Some language problems will also arise with people living in MBBS in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Not every individual is well versed with the English language.
  3. Some problems arise when it is about understanding the culture. While choosing MBBS in Kazakhstan, you will be able to interact with people more conveniently as compared to MBBS in Kyrgyzstan. The reason being is because in Kyrgyzstan, people are quite conservative, and sometimes having an interaction with them seems to be difficult.

It is right to conclude that both the options are valid for MBBS. It is on the student in which area they are ready to adjust.


FAQ for MBBS in Kazakhstan:

  1. What education system is followed for MBBS in Kazakhstan?

Ans: Semester system is followed for MBBS in Kazakhstan. There will be 12 semesters in total.

  1. What are the basic documents required for a loan?

Ans: Documents required for loan during MBBS in Kazakhstan include valid educational documents along with a document from the respective University where you are pursuing MBBS. You can simply approach the administrative department of the university and ask them about the loan criteria, and they will guide you accordingly.

  1. Is it possible to renew the visa during MBBS in Kazakhstan?

Ans: Students can simply approach the embassy and look forward to the renewal procedure. Within no time there, it will get renewed, and they can successfully complete their MBBS in Kazakhstan.

  1. Is Kazakhstan safe for MBBS?

Ans: Kazakhstan is a safe option for MBBS, and thankfully, there will be no problem for students at all. If they are facing any trouble, they can simply approach the higher authorities And Get It resolved.

  1. How can Indian students save money during pursuing MBBS in Kazakhstan?

Ans: Indian students can save money during MBBS in Kazakhstan by choosing the government facilities available as compared to private facilities. Some students are so addicted to private facilities that they do not rely on the basic facilities available from the government. Instead of being one, try to focus on the facilities which are available to all the international students.

  1. Why do Indian students to MBBS in Kazakhstan as compared to India?

Ans: Indian students choose MBBS in Kazakhstan as compared to India because the Indian education system is not that much developed as they are expecting. When they are choosing MBBS Abroad, they have access to more facilities as compared to India.

  1. Is MCI coaching available in Kazakhstan?

Ans: MCI coaching is available in Kazakhstan. Some universities also organize the classes, and students can also look forward to nearby Institutions to get them.

  1. Is it important to qualify for the FMGE Examination to be a part of the medical council in India?

Ans: Qualifying FMGE examination is an integral part of becoming part of the medical council in India.


FAQ for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan:

  1. How to get admission to MBBS in Kyrgyzstan?

Ans: To get admission in MBBS in Kyrgyzstan student needs to fill the online admission form and attached the documents. If the eligibility criteria are fulfilled, no one can stop them from getting admission.

  1. Is it possible to get admission after the last date is over?

Ans: Unfortunately, there is no option to get admission after the last date is over. A student needs to fill the form before the last date and complete the admission procedure accordingly.

  1. How to get access to the scholarship during MBBS in Kyrgyzstan?

Ans: To get the scholarship during MBBS in Kyrgyzstan, a student needs to check out whether the same option is available for them or not. Some scholarships are specifically for residential students of Kyrgyzstan, and no international student is allowed for the same.

  1. In how many days does a loan get approved for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan?

Ans: 15 to 20 days duration is required by the banks for approving the loan for MBBS.

  1. From which bank can a student apply for an education loan?

Ans: The education loan will be applied through the bank, which is linked with the university.

  1. How to choose admission consultancies for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan?

Ans: When you choose admission consultancies for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan, make sure they are not the fraud and presenting all the details with transparency.

It is vital for students to be sure about all the queries so that they can have an extraordinary experience and there will be no unnecessary questions which keep them in dilemma.


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