Mbbs In Armenia

About MBBS In Armenia:

MBBS admission in Armenia is one of the most considered choices by every student who have completed their 12th with Biology. If a student is looking forward to a world-class education, then Armenia is the right choice for them to consider.

There are so many reasons which make a mania a must choice to consider. Some consider the environment available, some consider the fee structure, and some people just consider the faculties. Here everything considered to MBBS in Armenia is mentioned, which will help you to understand it more effectively.


MBBS In Armenia - At a glance

NEET-UG Entrance Exam YES, Only Qualifying marks
Study Medium English
Duration of MBBS Course 5 + 1 year
Minimum Fee INR.2 lakh Per Year
Maximum Fee INR.2.95 lakh Per Year
Eligibility 50% in PCB OF 10+2  
Affilation of Universities  MCI & WHO
Intake  From 1st week of July 
Last Submition Admission Form First Week of October
Indian Food Availability YES


World-class medical education in Armenia:

There is no compromise with education in Armenia. MBBS is considered to be among those courses where practical and theory both need up to the mark. It is a must for a student to excel in both theory and practical.

In case they are feeling lacking at any point, the professionals are available to help them at every step. Practical and theory classes are separate and run simultaneously. There is no need for a student to feel like there will be something that can let them feel disappointed in any case.

MBBS in Armenia is known for world-class medical education, and this has been proven by all those students who have passed from here and who are pursuing MBBS in Armenia still. Before a student proceeds towards Armenia, it is necessary that they are aware of the need to study and focus. There is no leniency for anyone who is compromising with studies.


Why select MBBS Admission in Armenia?

When it comes to looking at the reasons for MBBS admission in Armenia, there are multiple available. Here you are the reason for the mentioned which will help you to understand it. After getting aware of these reasons, you will be able to pursue MBBS in Armenia easily.

These are:

1. Fees structure of Mbbs in Armenia:

Fees structure for MBBS admission in Armenia is design with a lot of attention. The best part about the fee structure is it is affordable. There is no need for a student to feel like they cannot afford it is as compared to other European countries. The fees here are very less comparatively. Education loan facility is also available if a student is willing to go for it, they can let the institution know about it. The institution will help them to avail of the loan facility as well.


2. Medical Education Standard of Armenia:

The education facility is also Top class. For every particular subject, teachers are available. There is no need for a student to feel like they cannot understand the concept. If a student asks a hundred times, the professor will clear it 100 times as well. No compromise with studies at all than here.


3. Security of Students:

Security is considered to be the topmost factor when one is migrating to another country. But while you are here for MBBS in Armenia, there is nothing for you to worry about security. Armenia and the Universities and colleges available here are safe. Every campus is ragging free, and securities are up to the mark. In case a student is facing any trouble, they can report about it immediately. Higher authorities are capable enough to take immediate action. The security of a student hits at the top for everyone here.


4. Separate Indian Hostel and mess:

Hostel and mess facilities are also very advanced. Boys and girls hostel are separate, and no one can interfere in their lifestyle as well. Security at the hospital is also very strict, and Indian wardens are also available accordingly. Mess facilities are also decided as per the requirement of a student. Four times meal is allowed, which is not only nutritious and healthy but tasty.


5. Hassle-free Visa for Indian students:

When a student applies for MBBS in Armenia, there is no need for them to worry about Visa as well. Approval of student visas will get easier, and there is no need for a student to wait unnecessarily. Additionally, there is no need for a student to wait for years for the approval of a visa. Usually, within 15 to 20 days, the request for a visa will get accepted.


6. Scholarship for International Students:

Scholarship programs have also been organized at the universities offering MBBS admission in Armenia. These scholarship programs help a student to manage the fees and their day to day activities. In a few of the scholarship programs, the expenses of a student are also covered.


7. No additional exams for MBBS admission:

There is no need for a student to appear for any additional examination to get admission in MBBS in Armenia. They just need to qualify an NEET-UG examination, and they are eligible to take admission.

Duration of MBBS in Armenia:

      MBBS in Armenia duration is six years. It is divided into two parts.

  1. Five years for theory and practical
  2. One year is for internship


Fee Strucutre - MBBS In Armenia:

University Name TotalTuition Fee for 6 Year Total Hostel Fee for 6 Year Total Fee
Yerevan State Medical university 21,35,000 INR 2,94,000 INR 24,29,000 INR
Mkhitar Gosh Armenian  Russian International University 13,44,000 INR 8,82,000 INR 22,26,000 INR
St.Tereza Medical University 16,80,000 INR 4,20,000 INR 21,00,000 INR
Yerevan Haybusak university 15,96,000 INR 4,20,000 INR 20,16,000 INR
University of Traditional Medicine 18,90,000 INR 4,20,000 INR 23,10,000 INR


Study medium in Armenia:

Usually, people feel like when they migrate to some other countries, they need to understand a particular native language. But for MBBS in Armenia, no such hassle will get created. The medium of teaching is English only, and one just needs to understand this.


Eligibility to MBBS admission in Armenia:

   The eligibility criterion for MBBS admission in Armenia is very simple. This is as follows:

  1. The age of a student must be 17+ years on the date of filling the examination form.
  2. A student must have passed out 12th with PCB from any of the recognized board or university.
  3. Valid identity proof must be available with a student; it could be any passport, aadhar card, for any other.
  4. NEET UG examination qualified scorecard must be available with a student.


Recognition of Armenia medical universities:

The universities offering MBBS in Armenia are recognized by:

S.N. Affilated By
1. MCI
2. WHO


Documents for MBBS Admission in Armenia:

The documents required for MBBS admission in Armenia are as follows:-

  1. 12th standard with PCB scorecard
  2. NEET UG examination qualified scorecard
  3. Valid identity proof
  4. 8 to 10 passport size photographs
  5. VISA


MBBS Admission process:

    Admission procedure is quite simple. It is as follows:-

  1. A student needs to fill the online application form available on the official website of the university.
  2. Attach all the necessary document details with it.
  3. Submit the application form and wait till the offer letter gets generated.
  4. After getting the offer letter, the student is supposed to pay the fees.
  5. A confirmation letter will be issued, and now a student is ready to apply for Visa.
  6. After getting a visa, the student is ready to travel to Armenia.


Important dates of MBBS admission in Armenia:

  • in the month of First weekof July, admission will get started.
  • The last date to apply is 1st October.


After completing MBBS course for Indian students:

There are multiple options which are available with Indian students after completing MBBS in Armenia. These are:

  1. They are eligible to take a step forward in their career in Armenia.
  2. If they wish to come back to India, they can come here. Their MBBS degree is globally accepted.
  3. If you wish to go for any further degree, they can easily enroll in it.


MBBS In Armenia : Economical or costly option?

The option for MBBS in Armenia is quite affordable. Tuition fees, living fees, and other expenses are very affordable. If a student wishes to get engaged in some internships through which we can earn, the option is also available.


Indian Student lifestyle in Armenia:

    The lifestyle of a student will be going to change when they are here for MBBS in Armenia.

  1. They will be going to learn about so many new things which they haven't learned till yet.
  2. Professionals are available at every step to help them.
  3. There will be changes in their personality, behavior, way of living, and everything.
  4. There will be no need for a student to feel like they have become a bookworm.
  5. Additional activities also get organized at the universities in which a student can take part willingly.
  6. A student is not bound to class only.
  7. They will get the chance to portray their talent as well if they have any.

These are the things that are linked with MBBS in Armenia. If you wish to go for MBBS admission in Armenia, you must apply for it and start your career effectively.

The University of Traditional Medicine

Duration: 6 Year Total: ₹25.58 Lakh | $34,100
1st Year ₹4.58 Lakh $6100
2nd Year to 6th Year ₹4.20 Lakh per year $5600 PER YEAR

Yerevan Haybusak University

Duration: 6 Year Total: ₹20.63 Lakh | $27,500
1st Year ₹3.75 Lakh $5000
2nd Year to 6th Year ₹3.38 Lakh $4500

Yerevan State Medical University.

Duration: 6 Year Total: ₹25.58 Lakh | $34,100
1st Year ₹4.58 Lakh $6100
2nd Year to 6th Year ₹4.20 Lakh per year $5600 PER YEAR

St. Tereza Medical University

Duration: 6 Year Total: ₹26.63 Lakh | $35,500
1st Year ₹4.88 Lakh $6500
2nd Year to 6th Year ₹4.35 Lakh $5800

Important FAQ

Ques: I have not appeared for NEET UG examination this year. Can I apply for MBBS in Armenia still?

Ans: No. NEET-UG examination is a must for you to qualify whenever you wish to get admission in MBBS in Armenia. In case you have not appeared for NEET UG examination this year, then you will not be able to get admission at all.

Ques: From when the classes for MBBS in Armenia will start?

Ans: The classes for MBBS in Armenia will start from mid-August on starting September. The last date to apply for MBBS in Armenia is the first week of August. You just need to understand the criteria and apply them accordingly.

Ques: If I am out of money, how will my parents be able to send me money?

Ans: It is a suggestion to you that you always carry an International debit card with you. If you are having an International debit card available with you, then your parents will be able to send you money. In case you have no International debit card available, then you can approach the University and ask them about the bank in which they are linked. They will suggest to you, and there you can open your bank account. And after it, you will be going to receive money from your parents easily.

Ques: Is it necessary for me to clear the MCI screening test to practice regular MBBS in my country?

Ans: Yes. It is necessary for you to appear for an MCI screening test to practice regular MBBS in your country. If it is not available, then you will not be able to appear for the regular practice of MBBS in your country.

Ques: Can I start my career in my country after completion of MBBS in Armenia?

Ans: Yes. This is totally your choice where you wish to start your career. There is no particular restriction imposed on the student. Whenever you are starting your career in India, it is a must that you appear for an MCI screening test. It will help you to pursue your career in India easily.

Ques: Is the degree offered to me is globally accepted?

Ans: Yes. The degree offered to you is globally accepted. There is no need for you to feel that the degree offered to you will not be accepted by another country.

Ques: University is usually signing the contract. What does it indicate?

Ans: Universities offering MBBS in Armenia sign the contract with clearly indicates that you are approaching them for admission, and you will be going to complete your MBBS there only. You will not violate any rule, and in case you have done the same, then you will get suspended from the University. Also, the contract indicates the rules and regulations of the University. It is a must for a student to read about them before they are signing it.

Ques: Is medical insurance available for students by the University?

Ans: Yes. University will also offer its students medical insurance. Inside the medical insurance, every particular problem which may arise to the students during the academic session will be covered. There is no need for parents to worry about the expenses at all.

Ques: Is it necessary for me to apply for a part-time job at the university only?

Ans: No. it depends upon your choice where you wish to apply for a part-time job. If you are finding any part-time job at the University you can go with it. If you wish to apply for a part-time job outside the University, then you need to avail of some permission from the higher authorities. They will format you, and you can apply for it. Make sure you are not compromising the regular year classes. In case you have compromise with your regular classes, then they will not permit you for a part-time job at all.

Ques: What type of cuisine is available at the hostels of the University offering MBBS in Armenia?

Ans: At the hostel, multiple cuisines are available. For Indian students, Indian cuisine is available, and they can easily adjust to the food available. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian sections are separate, and there is no need for them to worry that they will be going to face some difficulties considering it.