MBBS In Philippines


About MBBS in Philippines - At a Glance

MBBS Course Duration 5+1 Year
Study of Language Medium English
NEET-UG Entrance test Yes, it is Compalsory
Minimum mbbs course  fee 3,00,000 INR
Maximum MBBS Course fee 5,80,000 INR
Accommodation Charges 10,000 INR Per Month
Universities Recognition MCI, WHO & ECFMG 
Eligibility 10+2 of 50% in PCB 
Last Dtate Of Apply 30 July

Philippines considered being the best place for MBBS. When a student is looking forward to MBBS admission in Philippines, he will be able to get so many advantages and also the atmosphere there is so amazing that nothing can trouble him in any case.

Additionally, MBBS in Philippines is divided into three parts as BS, MD, and internship. Within these three parts, a student will be able to learn about the course more effectively, and his hand in practical and theories will get improved by time.


Top 10 benefits of studying MBBS in Philippines:

When a student takes MBBS admission in Philippines, there are so many advantages that will be served to him. Here the top ten are mentioned that will help you to understand more effectively. These are:

  1. Fees:

The fees decided for MBBS in Philippines are affordable. The fee structure has been designed by considering all the middle class and high-class students so that they will be able to pursue MBBS easily.

  1. Environment:

The environment available here is so amazing. Everywhere students will be able to find out something which is linking him with studies and also attracting him towards knowledge. After being on the campus for MBBS in Philippines, the student will be able to learn so many things that he has not learned cleared.

  1. Practical and theory:

Practical and theory classes are also will manage here. Faculties available focus on both. If a student is feeling like there is something which is missing, they can practice it in extra classes as well. Students can let the professors know about their weaknesses, and they will help them to understand it more easily.

  1. Scholarship:

Some scholarship programs have also been introduced at the University offering MBBS admission in Philippines. If you are eligible for the scholarship, then you will be able to take advantage of it as well. The scholarship helps the students in their tuition fees and hostel fees as well.

  1. Professors:

The professor available here for the course is also very advance. There is no need for a student to feel like they are missing anything considering to studies. Professors are known to be the masters of their subject, and also they will help us student to understand the concept more effectively.

  1. Security:

Security is very tight at the campus of MBBS in Philippines. Usually, medical students are considered to be those who get addicted to some unwanted things. But when they are in the Philippines, there is nothing for them to worry about it. A regular checkup has been done, and security is very tight considering it.

  1. Hostel facilities:

Hostel facilities are also well equipped there. The rooms are well ventilated and acquire every basic necessity. If a student is facing any difficulty, they can report about it. The actions will be taken immediately against it or in favor of it so that things will get alright easily.

  1. Mess facilities:

There is no need for a student to adjust to unnecessary food habits. Separate mess facilities are available, and a student can go for any of them as per their requirements. Four times meal is there, including breakfast, lunch, supper, and dinner. Everything considered the topmost priority when it comes to serving students with the best.

  1. Library facility:

The library facility is available 24 by 7. If a student needs to issue a book when he is here for MBBS in Philippines, he is ready to go there. If they wish to stay at the library for the night, the same option is also available.

  1. Climate:

The climate here is also very moderate. The climate can be considered somewhat similar to the climate of India. They will be able to adjust to the surroundings easily without any hassle.


Recognition of Medical Universities of Philippines:

The universities offering MBBS in Philippines are recognized by:

S.N. Recognized By


Duration of MBBS in Philippines:

  • The course duration for MBBS in Philippines is six years. It is divided into three parts, mainly BS, MD, and internship.
  • BS is considered to be a Prime medical course, and it is also termed as the foundation course.
  • MD is a course for which student news to appear for NMAT Philippines test. After appearing for it, a student will be eligible to go for the MD course.
  • An internship will be done at the local hospitals, Health Care Centres, and clinics available there.


Fee Structure of top Medical Univrsities in Philippines:

 Universities Name Total Fee for 6 Year  (BS Course + tuition fee + Hostel Fee)
AMA School of Medicine 20,50,000 INR
Our Lady of Fatima University 28,41,000 INR
Bicol Christian College of Medicine 15,60,000 INR
Angeles University Foundation 30,60,000 INR
University of Perpetual Help 21,24,000 INR
Emilio Aguinaldo College of Medicine 26,72,000 INR
University of Northern Philippines 13,80,000 INR


Is the Philippines safe for Indian students?

Yes, Philippines are safe for Indian students who appeared for MBBS in Philippines. The best part about Philippines, security is very advanced. Also, on every activity of an individual, there is an eye of the security. No student can face difficulty in any manner.

If there is something which is creating any trouble for a student, they can easily reach any of the nearby security stations or report it to the security of the universities, and they will take actions considering the activity that happened.


MBBS admission in Philippines eligibility:

The eligibility criterion for MBBS admission is very simple. It is as follows:-

  1. A student needs to pass his 12th with more than 50% marks.
  2. The subjects in 12th must be physics, chemistry, and Biology.
  3. A student must be 17+ years of age.
  4. Valid identity proof of a student
  5. NEET UG examination qualified.


Required documents for MBBS admission in Philippines:

The Documents which are required for MBBS admission in Philippines are:-

  1. Passing certificate of 12th standard. The subjects in 12th must be physics, chemistry, and Biology.
  2. NEET UG examination qualified scorecard.
  3. 8-10 passport size photographs
  4. Valid identity proof. It could be any like passport and so on.


Admission procedure for MBBS in Philippines:

If a student wishes for MBBS admission in Philippines, he is supposed to follow the below-mentioned steps. These are:

  1. In whichever university you want to apply, go on the official website and fill the application form.
  2. Fill all the necessary details and submit the form.
  3. Wait till the offer letter gets generated and pay the fees after it.
  4. After getting the confirmation, you are ready to apply for Visa.
  5. After getting, these are you are ready to travel to the Philippines for MBBS.


Student life in the Philippines:

The life of a student is going to change when he goes for Study in Philippines. They will be so many changes that may take place, and also, a student will be able to notice them. Some basic changes are:

  1. A student will become more independent.
  2. The practical and theoretical knowledge will both maintain their places.
  3. Personality will get changed.
  4. The modernization will let them get engaged in technology more.
  5. Understanding the capability of a student will be increased.


After completing MBBS in Philippines:

When a student has completed his MBBS in Philippines, he is available with so many options. Now a student is ready to get them enrolled in any of the University for post-graduation course. The countries included are Canada, America, Australia, and the UK.

If you wish to go for MBBS admission in Philippines make sure you are applying for it before the last date. Always consider the best university for MBBS in Philippines.


UV Gullas College of Medicine

Duration: 5.6 Year Total: ₹18,06,750 | $24090
1st Year ₹6,90,000 $9200
2nd Year ₹2,98,000 $4000
3rd Year to 5th Year ₹2,72,250 $3630

Bicol Christian College of Medicine

Duration: 5 Year Total: ₹ | $

University of Perpetual Help System Dalta

Duration: 5 Year Total: ₹2325000 | $31280
1st Year ₹684000 $9200
2nd Year ₹596000 $8020
3rd Year ₹448000 $6020
4th Year to 5th Year ₹299000 $4020

Angeles University Foundation

Duration: 6 year Total: ₹27.72 Lakh | $39,600
1st Year ₹4.62 Lakh $6600
2nd Year to 6th Year ₹4.62 Lakh $6600

Important FAQ

Ques: What are the benefits of pursuing MBBS in Philippines?

Ans: Multiple benefits are available to you whenever you are pursuing MBBS in Philippines. The cost of living is less, and also there is no need for you to worry about the surroundings. Modernization equipped the surrounding, and this is something which will let you decide here for a longer duration without any hassle.


Ques: Is it a must for me to appear for the IELTS examination for admission?

Ans: There is no need for you to appear for the IELTS examination at all. You just need to appear for the NEET-UG examination after 12th, and after clearing it, you will be able to get the admission.

Ques: What is the last date to apply for MBBS in Philippines?

Ans: The last date to apply for MBBS in Philippines is not fixed point usually, last week of July and the first week of August is considered to be the last days to apply for MBBS. Make sure you are completing the process within the asked the duration.

Ques: How many days am I supposed to wait after applying for MBBS in Philippines?

Ans: You need to wait for 3 to 4 days after getting the offer letter. When you pay the fees, your admission will get confirmed. As soon as you pay the fees after getting the offer letter, your admission will get confirmed, and you can easily fly for MBBS in Philippines

Ques: I have applied for the admission, but the university didn't reply to me. What is the possible reason behind it?

Ans: It takes around 3 to 7 days for the university to reply back. If there is any fault in the document, then also they will revert you about it. University will not let me know any particular admission at all.

Ques: What is the duration of MBBS in Philippines?

Ans: The duration for MBBS in Philippines is 6 years. After the duration of 6 years, you will be able to take your career to the next level. Within the duration of 6 years, the internship is covered.

Ques: Will I be able to apply for an education loan instead of the fact that my family is ready to afford it?

Ans: Whether your family is ready to afford it or not, it is necessary for you to approach the university for it. University people will clear your doubt considering to it, and we'll help you in understanding the criteria linked with an education loan.

Ques: Why are Philippines considered to be the best country for pursuing MBBS?

Ans: Philippines is considered to be the best place between MBBS because here you will be going to get up to the mark security, and also, the literacy rate is very high here. You will not feel like that you are facing any issues when you are in Philippines

Ques: I am 21 years in age, and I am looking forward to apply for MBBS in Philippines. Am I eligible for it or not?

Ans: For getting admission in MBBS in Philippines, it is necessary for you to be in more than 17 years age and less than 25 years.

Ques: What is the eligibility criterion for getting a loan for MBBS in Philippines?

Ans: Eligibility criteria for getting a loan for MBBS in Philippines are quite simple. For the same, it is necessary for you to approach the nearby bank and also ask the university about it. They will help you in understanding the criteria and will issue you a form. You need to fill the form and attach all the necessary documents along with it. If any of the documents is less or missed than it will become difficult for you to apply for an education loan.