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India is one of the second-most populous countries in the world and thousands of students appear for various examinations every year. Students who have completed their 12th from a Medical background appear for the NEET UG medical examination held in India for MBBS in India. This examination is not only important for Indian students but is also important for those students who are looking forward to getting admission in foreign.

You might be looking forward to starting MBBS in India and want to know how everything will work out. Every year, thousands of students appear for the same examination, but only a few of them get the chance to attend government colleges in India. This seems to be troublesome to many students because they have prepared very hard for the examination but, unfortunately, are not able to make up for it. Not only appearing for the examination is enough, but it is necessary to understand the admission procedure and other aspects. Let’s explore it in detail!

Recognition to Indian Medical Colleges:

All the universities in India of ring MBBS in India are recognized and acknowledged by:

  • National Medical Commission (NMC)
  • World Health Organisation (WHO)
  • United Nation educational scientific and cultural organization (UNESCO)

Why choose MBBS in India?

The primary questions students have his bhai choose MBBS in India. Choosing an MBBS in India comes with so many benefits. Knowing about the benefits helps students to make up their minds. The major benefits include:

Top class Medical College:

The primary reason to choose MBBS in India is that all the universities are prominent and have held different positions across the globe. The university is equipped with the best facilities that help students to learn about everything in detail.

So many medical universities and colleges:

There are more than 300 Medical Universities and colleges in India, and 180 of them are private colleges. Students can be admitted based on the marks they obtain in their competitive exams.

High ranked universities:

Students need not worry about the College’s ranking. All of them are ranked well due to the research facilities that are available. Students can participate in various curriculum activities that help them grow.

Appearance in international seminar:

There are also many international seminars held in India and abroad, and students can actively participate in them. Appearing for international seminars allowed students to understand all the latest technology in detail.

Can go to any part of the world:

After completing MBBS in India, students are free to go to any part of the world because the medical Colleges are recognized by the Medical Council of India, and they can practice anywhere in the world.

Duration of MBBS in India:

The duration of MBBS in India is also on major concern among all the students. There are so many students who have thought that this will be a very long procedure. Well, this is the truth because the tenure for MBBS in India is 5.5. This includes 4.5 years of classroom study and one year of internship.

After completing MBBS, students can go for postgraduate programs, and the tenure for postgraduate programs is 3 years. There are so many students who become part of diploma courses, and the duration for diploma courses revolves around 2 to 3 years, and the rest depends on the specialization programs that students are choosing.

Eligibility criteria for MBBS in India:

The eligibility criteria for MBBS in India are very simple to understand. No specific examinations are needed except the competitive exam, which students appear for after completing the 12th standard. The eligibility criteria is as follows:

  • The candidate must not be less than 17 years of age at the time of admission.
  • No candidate must cross the age of 25 years at the time of admission.
  • The marks required in the 12th standard for general category students are 50%. For other reserved categories, it is a minimum of 40%.
  • The percentage is 60% if students are going for AIIMS and 45% for other reserved sections.
  • The primary subjects that a student Has chosen in 12th standard must include physics, chemistry, and Biology.
  • NEET UG examination is mandatory.

Documents required for MBBS in India:

It is important for all students choosing to study MBBS in India to understand that they cannot compromise on the documentation. Documentation is very necessary, and missing even a single document can lead to termination of their admission. The main documents include:

  • Valid marksheet of class 10th class 12th
  • NEET UG examination scorecard to get admission in MBBS in India
  • A school transfer certificate, code of conduct certificate, medical certificate, health checkup certificate, and no criminal record certificate are needed.
  • Passport and passport-size photos and photocopies are also one of the major requirements.
  • Students belonging to the reserved category need to carry their caste certificate.
  • The Bank statement of parents is also required to verify whether the student will be able to pay fees during the admission or not

Process of admission for MBBS in India:

The process for MBBS in India admission is very simple, and it is as follows:

  • A student must complete their 12th standard with major subjects, including physics, chemistry, and Biology.
  • Students must qualify NEET UG examination for admission to MBBS.
  • Students need to appear for counseling after qualifying for the NEET UG examination.
  • If a student needs to go into AIIMS, they need to qualify for the AIIMS examination.
  • The teaching methodology adopted for MBBS in India:

Teaching methods are also something that requires major attention and it include:

  • The academic year for Indian MBBS begins in the month of September.
  • All the colleges offering MBBS in India consider the English language to be their primary source of communication.
  • The use of local language is widespread among all the universities.
  • The mode of communication is Hindi language and students easily communicate in their native languages to doctors and other people, respectively.


Can I appear for the NEET UG examination twice?

Yes, students who did not qualify for the examination in the first round can appear for it again.

Do I need to pay all the fees in advance for MBBS in India?

Every college comes up with a different method for fee collection. There are colleges that consider taking first-year fees in advance, and there are some colleges that follow the semester system.

Can students expect a good quality education at a Colleges offering MBBS in India?

Absolutely! Universities are focusing on good curricula to help students become future doctors. Students will be able to learn about everything in detail during their tenure as MBBS students in India.

Is MBBS in India Chief expensive?

If students are choosing MBBS in India at Government colleges there will be no expensive things that will be noticed. But if students are going to private colleges, then they need to pay a hefty amount for admission and fees.

Is it possible to get admission to India without completing the NEET UG examination?

Without the NEET UG examination, the students will not become part of internship sessions, and they will not be able to appear for MBBS in India.

How much does MBBS in India cost?

The cost of MBBS in India depends on various factor. From 2000 INR to 25 lakhs INR a student will end up spending that much in MBBS in India.

How many years in MBBS in India?

The tenure for MBBS in India is 5.5 years. This complete duration include 4.5 year tenure for classroom study and one year of internship.

Is 12th marks important for MBBS?

12th marks are highly important for MBBS in India because these are required for entrance examination for eligibility purpose only.

Is there any limit imposed upon NEET UG examination attempt?

There is no limit in post upon NEET UG examination attempt but a student need to be less than 25 years of age.

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