Course Duration
5 Year


Bukhara State Medical Institute
Bukhara State Medical Institute

Bukhara State Medical Institute  is one of the best institutions in Uzbekistan for MBBS. It is around 29 years old educational institution, and also they are known to offer you multiple courses. After getting yourself and roll here, you will not feel this satisfied at all.

Here faculties are available who are up to the mark, and they will solve all your doubts. For practical and theory, separate teachers are available, and all of them are up to the mark. The faculties available here are Ph.D., doctorates, and are considered to be masters of their field. Therefore there is no need for you to worry about anything when you are here.

Bukhara State Medical Institute: Quick Overview

Founded In  1990
Location Bukhara, Uzbekistan
Affilated By MCI, & WHO
Medium of Study English & Uzbek
Duration of MBBS Course 5 Year
Basic Eligibility 55% In PCB
Intake of MBBS Admission From 1 st July
Last Date of Apply 10th, August 
MBBS Course Level Bachelors
Official Website https://www.bsmi.uz/index.php


Recognition of Bukhara State Medical Institute:

Bukhara State Medical Institute is recognized by:-

S.NO. Recognized By


Ranking of Bukhara State Medical Institute :

Country Rank World Rank
18 8963

Bukhara State Medical Institute rank in the country is 18 and in the world is 8963.


Faculties of Bukhara State Medical Institute :

S.NO. Name of Faculty
1 Faculty of medicine
2 Faculty of dentistry
3 Faculty of pediatrics
4 Faculty of orthopedic
5 Faculty of neuroscience
6 Faculty of gynecology
7 Faculty of the postgraduate program


Why choose Bukhara State Medical Institute for MBBS?

     Multiple benefits will be served to a student pursuing MBBS in Uzbekistan from Bukhara State Medical Institute. Few of them are:

  1. Fees are low
  2. Ragging free campus
  3. Scholarship programs available
  4. Transport in facility available
  5. Hospital facility available
  6. Well-equipped research labs
  7. Well-equipped classrooms
  8. Globally accepted degree
  9. Internship programs organized
  10. Sports activities organized
  11. Security is as advance
  12. Uzbekistan is comparatively safe


Eligibility criteria for MBBS In Uzbekistan Universities:

       For admission at Bukhara State Medical Institute , the eligibility criteria are as follows:-

  •  The age of a student must be more than 17 years and not exceed 25 years.
  • A student must have completed 12th with science stream having Biology as the main subject along with English.
  • A student must have secured 60% marks in his academic career.
  • NEET-UG examination of a student was be qualified.
  • A student must hold good moral character.
  • Valid identity proof is a must to have with a student.


Fee Structure of Bukhara State Medical Institute:

Particulars Fee Per Year (Hostel + Tuition Fee)
Fee In USD 4300 USD
Fee In INR 3,01,000 INR


Documents required for MBBS Admission:

      Documents required for MBBS in Uzbekistan at Bukhara State Medical Institute  are:

  1. 12th standard passing certificate
  2. NEET UG examination scorecard
  3. Passport
  4. Migration certificate
  5. Transfer certificate
  6. Character certificate
  7. 10 passport size photograph
  8. Birth certificate


Admission procedure of Bukhara State Medical Institute :

     Admission procedure for MBBS in Uzbekistan at the Institute is as follows:-

  • Scan all the documents and look forward to the application form.
  • Application form is available on the official website, fill it, and submit it.
  • Now wait for 2-3 working days, and within no time, you will get the offer letter.
  • After getting the offer letter, pay the fees.
  • Now, after paying the fees, you are supposed to apply for Visa.
  • After getting a Visa, you are ready to fly for MBBS in Uzbekistan at Bukhara State Medical Institute .

Do not forget to submit all the validity documents at the time of application processing and Visa processing. In case any of the documents is find out to be fraud, your request for admission and Visa might get cancelled.


Visa and its approval:

Visa is an important document that you must have when traveling for MBBS in Uzbekistan at Bukhara State Medical Institute. If the Visa is not approved, then fulfilling the dream of pursuing MBBS here will not turn out to be true.

Documents required:

The documents which are required for Visa approval for MBBS in Uzbekistan are as follows:-

  • Offer letter
  • Invitation letter 
  • Caste certificate
  • Aadhar card
  • Covid-19 negative report
  • HIV negative report
  • Health record
  • Academic record
  • Birth certificate
  • Passport size photograph
  • Bank the statement with a minimum balance 

During the verification procedure, a candidate needs to carry all the original documents and present them right in front of the officers. If the documents appear to be mismatched, the application for Visa gets rejected.

Steps to follow:

When you are applying for Visa to study at Bukhara State Medical Institute, are as follows:-

  1. Scan all the documents available with you. Make sure to scan documents clearly and properly because if the pixels are not appropriate, the details will appear to be mismatched.
  2. Look at the official website of visa applications and fill out the form.
  3. After filling out the visa application, you need to upload all the documents and wait for a while until you receive the confirmation.
  4. After receiving the confirmation, there is a specific date and time when you need to visit the regional office and complete the verification procedure.
  5. After completing the verification procedure, you need to wait for 15 days until the Visa gets delivered to your doorsteps, or you can collect it from the regional office.

After getting it, you are all set to fly for MBBS in Uzbekistan.


After reaching Uzbekistan:

After reaching Uzbekistan, police verification will be conducted. In this police verification, they check out the residence where you are staying and check out for all other related aspects. At this time, as well, the original documents are required, so don't forget to present them.

At Admission Route, we are helping students to go through the visa procedure seamlessly and also guide you throughout. Don't worry about anything because we always believe in transparent procedures and help you in knowing how to get it seamlessly.


Hostel facility of Bukhara State Medical Institute:

     Hostel facility is also well equipped there. Basics linked with it are:-

  1. Separate hostel for girls and boys
  2. Well ventilated rooms
  3. The reading room is available
  4. The guest room is available
  5. 24 by 7 doctors and wardens are available
  6. 24 by 7 security is strict
  7. The campus is Wi-Fi enabled
  8. Transportation facility is available at the campus
  9. Neat and clean surroundings of the hostel


Mess facility for Indian Students:

       Mess facility in Bukhara State Medical Institute is also available here. Basics linked with it are:-

  1. Indian Chefs are available
  2. Well-equipped dining area
  3. Filtered water will be available to students
  4. Four times meal will be served to a student including breakfast, lunch, supper, and dinner
  5. Everyday different cuisine is followed
  6. Separate vegetarian and non-vegetarian sections
  7. No compromise with the quality of food


Sports activity at Bukhara State Medical Institute:

Sports activities all so organized there. If you wish to MBBS in Bukhara State Medical Institute and you are looking forward to getting engaged in sports, the option is available. Things linked with it are:

  1. Every year tournaments organized.
  2. Professionals are available to train the students.
  3. Multiple sports are there in which students get engaged willingly.
  4. Tournaments are organized in the manner that the study of a student will not get affected.
  5. Sports like volleyball, football, cricket, hockey, basketball, and so on get organized here every year.

These are the things linked with Bukhara State Medical Institute. If you wish to pursue MBBS in Uzbekistan from here and you have any doubt, then mention the same in the comment section below. We will try to get back to you with the solution and will help me to get admission here easily.


About Bukhara city:

Bukhara is considered to be the fifth-largest city in Uzbekistan and population here was 247,644 on 31st August 2016. It is the capital of the Bukhara region. Moreover, here the people have inhabited the region and moving ahead with different businesses out there. It is located on the Silk Road and considered to be the centre for scholarship culture religion and trade as well. The mother tongue for the majority of people is Tajik it is the dialect of the Persian language.

Additionally, the city, also known as Noble Bukhara and has about 140 architectural monuments as well post of this clearly indicates for exploring about history as well as there is a lot available. UNESCO also listed Bukhara as the historic centre because of the mosques and madrasas out there. It is considered to be a World Heritage site as well.

Exploring the history then as well as a lot of facts is there which contributes to it more. There is no doubt in the fact that people from ancient time have maintained a place which just seems to be unbeatable. The history of Bukhara stretches back in Millenia. In mediaeval times it is the capital of Empire and birthplace of Imam Bukhari as well. After it, things have been changed and with growing, time and people explore things as well. With the construction of different monuments out there this hit in the category of World Heritage site as well. There is no doubt in the fact that the monuments here are so beautiful that no one can take their eyes off from it.

The climate in Bukhara is quite the same as they will be going to get in India. The city does not reach very hot summers and very cold winters. A person will be able to adjust accordingly. Moreover, in case some people are not adapting to the climate, it takes a bit time for them to get habitual of it.

The city is not far away from the education sector as well. Every year thousands of students come here for completing their engineering and medical degrees. For medical study, Bukhara State Medical Institute is all around famous because it offers study at a very nominal price and some scholarship facilities are also there for students.

Fee Structure 2021

Total Package:15.05 Lakh|$ 21,500

1st Year3.01 Lakh |$4300

  • Tuition Fee 
  • Hostel Fee
  • Airfare
  • Mess Charges
  • Visa Charges
  • Health Insurance

2nd Year to 5th Year3.01 Lakh |$4300

  • Tuition fee
  • Hostel fee
  • Mess charges
  • Visa extension