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About Tyumen State Medical University:

In 1963, Tyumen State Medical University was established, and from that day till yet thousands of student have completed their MBBS from here. The major is in students are choosing this university because of the educational standards settled by them. Since 1963 to present, 25,000 specialists have completed their education from this university and are settled up in good places.

Every year education programs are available for more than 4000 students, and all of them complete them willingly as well. In total, 72 departments are there at the university, and majorly all of them are dealing with clinical affairs. Moreover, 5 teaching buildings are there and this training Centre become a hub for all the students. They are dealing with 23 leading medical and preventive treatment facilities as well. One cannot say that a student will be going to deal with old things only as this university have equipped with best facilities for all the students out there and there is no doubt in the fact that modernization have hit this university to the core.

So many graduates are there who are still completing their education from this university and looking forward to make their career only. Moreover, for every student there is a different facility available and they can avail them easily.

Every Biology student has a dream that one day they will be part of MBBS. But due to less score in 12th standard or get disqualified in NEET-UG examination with their dream seems to get shattered. If you are also among those who have a dream then you must visit Tyumen State Medical University Russia.

When you are approaching this University for MBBS in Russia, there will be so many facilities that will be offered to you. This was established in 1963, and till yet, thousands of specialists have been graduated from this University.

Ranking and faculties:

Tyumen State Medical University is in the 10th position among all the medical universities in Russia in the national rating of higher educational institutions of the Russian Federation.

Additionally, when it comes to looking at the medical faculties available at Tyumen State Medical University, these are as follows:

  • General Medicine Faculty (MBBS)
  • Pediatric Faculty
  • Pharmaceutical Faculty
  • Stomatological Faculty
  • Nursing Faculty
  • Post-Graduation

If you wish to study MBBS in Russia, then you must the part of this University and make your dream come true.


Tyumen State medical university is recognized by:

  • MCI
  • WHO

Tyumen State Medical University: Admission Procedure

The admission procedure for MBBS in Russia at this Tyumen State Medical University is not very difficult. One just needs to go through the below-mentioned procedure, and they will be able to be the part of Tyumen State Medical State University. These are:

  1. At the very first, the students looking for admission in MBBS in Russia need to fill the online application form of this University. The application form is available on the official website.
  2. After filling the application form, the student needs to wait for the official offer letter. The official of a letter will be sent to the student by the University on their own.
  3. After getting the offer letter, the student needs to pay the fees for MBBS in Russia.
  4. After paying the fees, the admission will get completed in the University. Now the student is ready to apply for Visa.
  5. Make sure you are applying for Visa with all the appropriate documents. In case any of the documents are find out to be missed, then you will not be able to get your Visa to travel to Russia for being the part of MBBS in Russia.
  6. After getting the VISA, you are ready to book your ticket to travel to Russia.

These are the steps which are a must to follow by a student who is looking forward to taking admission in MBBS in Russia. But make sure you are attaching all the necessary documents and filling all the details appropriately. In case any of the detail is find out to be missed, then a student will not be able to get the admission, and his request for the same will get canceled.

Visa Details for MBBS Course for Indian Students:

Tyumen State Medical Universityallows the students to do MBBS only if they have matched the criteria set up by them. Visa approval for completing MBBS in Russia at tyumen State Medical University is also hassle-free. There will be no need for a student to feel like any hassle is created and they will not be able to get it. Among all the documents, VISA is really very important. Let’s discuss the same!

Documents required:

Documents required to apply for a visa for MBBS admission in Russia are as follows:-

  • Birth certificate
  • Covid-19 negative report
  • Health record
  • Bank statement with a minimum balance
  • Invitation letter
  • Offer letter
  • Passport size photograph
  • Original passport
  • Aadhar card
  • Caste certificate
  • HIV negative report

When you apply for Visa, and after it goes for verification, the original documents are important. These are required for verification and for other procedures. Make sure to have them in a folder so that no document will be missed.

Steps to apply for Visa:

When you are applying for Visa for MBBS in Russia, the steps you need to follow are:-

  1. Scan all the asker documents.
  2. Visit the official website and look out for the visa application link.
  3. Upload all the documents and now fill out all the details.
  4. After filling out all the details, crosscheck, then submit the form.
  5. After form submission, wait for the duration until you receive confirmation.
  6. After receiving the confirmation, you need to visit out the regional office for a verification procedure.
  7. After the verification procedure has been done, you are all set to pack your bags to travel for MBBS in Russia.

After reaching Russia:

When you reach Russia, there will be a verification procedure you need to go through. This verification will be done by the Russian embassy considering the resident where you are staying and the purpose for which you are traveling there. Original documents are required for it, so make sure to have them. After the verification has been done, you are all set to pursue MBBS in Russia.

Documents required:-

Documents required for MBBS Admission at this university for admission are as follows:-

  1. 12th standard passing certificate
  2. NEET-UG examination qualified scorecard
  3. 12 passport size photograph
  4. Character certificate
  5. Medical certificate
  6. Passport
  7. Birth Certificate
  8. Migration certificate

Eligibility criteria:-

The eligibility criteria for MBBS in Russia at Tyumen State medical university are as follows:-

  1. Age of a student must not be more than 25 years and less than 17 years.
  2. NEET-UG examination of a student must be qualified
  3. The student must not hold any criminal record in his academic studies
  4. He must have secured 60% marks in 12th standard.
  5. The student must opt for Subjects in 12th standard must be Physics, Biology, and chemistry along with English

Eligibility criteria at this university are also very simple. For students need to complete their 12th with 60% marks and qualified NEET UG examination so that they will be able to appear for higher studies

Hostel facilities:

Hostel facilities at Tyumen State Medical University are also very advanced for Indian students. There is no need for Indian students to feel like they are bound to anything. Veg and non-veg sections are available separately, and the accommodation is equipped with every required necessity. The hostel campus is fully Wi-Fi, and they can easily get access to internet services without paying any additional charges. The surroundings of the hostel are very friendly that students will be able to cope up with the situation easily. Moreover, every festival also gets celebrated by the students residing here.

Tyumen State Medical University is known for creating a network of international links as well. Currently, 5 International project agreements of corporations are going on with European universities. Hurry up me the part of MBBS in Russia at Tyumen State Medical University now so that you will be able to fulfill your dream of becoming a doctor and without any trouble.


How can students manage expenses during MBBS in Russia during stay at Tyumen State Medical University?

To have a detailed view of how much it would cost a student to manage their expenses during MBBS in Russia, we must first understand the average expenses that would be incurred by a student during their stay at Tyumen State Medical University. It is essential for a student to have a clear and concise budget plan before commencing their studies so that they can avoid any financial difficulties during their stay.

The average expenses that a student would incur while studying MBBS in Russia would be as follows:

1. Tuition Fee: The tuition fee for MBBS in Russia would be around $3500 per year. However, the tuition fee may differ according to the university and the type of course that you choose.

2. Hostel and Food Expenses: The hostel and food expenses would be around $600 per month. However, this amount may differ depending on the type of accommodation and food that you choose.

3. Miscellaneous Expenses: The miscellaneous expenses would include the expenses for books, stationary, laundry, internet, etc. and would amount to around $200 per month.

4. Visa Expenses: The visa expenses would include the fees for the visa application, registration, insurance, etc. and would amount to around $450.

5. Travel Expenses: The travel expenses would include the cost of flights, airport transfers, etc. and would amount to around $1000.

Thus, the total average expenses that a student would incur during their stay at Tyumen State Medical University would be around $7000 per year.

How to save money?

There are various ways in which a student can manage their expenses during their stay at Tyumen State Medical University. Some of the ways are as follows:

1. Choose an affordable accommodation:

One of the ways to reduce your expenses is to choose an affordable accommodation. There are various types of accommodations available near the university such as hostels, guesthouses, apartments, etc. You can choose the type of accommodation according to your budget and requirements.

2. Opt for a cheaper meal plan:

Another way to reduce your expenses is to opt for a cheaper meal plan. There are various meal plans available at the university such as the university canteen, self-catering, etc. You can choose the meal plan according to your budget and requirements.

3. Cut down on unnecessary expenses:

One of the best ways to reduce your expenses is to cut down on unnecessary expenses. There are various unnecessary expenses such as buying new clothes, going out for movies, etc. which can be avoided. Thus, by cutting down on these expenses, you can save a lot of money.

4. Use student discounts:

Another way to reduce your expenses is to use student discounts. There are various businesses which offer discounts to students on various products and services. Thus, by using these discounts, you can save a lot of money.

5. Apply for scholarships:

One of the best ways to reduce your expenses is to apply for scholarships. There are various scholarships available for students which can help you in reducing your expenses.

Thus, by following the above tips, you can easily manage your expenses during your stay at Tyumen State Medical University.

Benefits of Doing MBBS From this University:-

The benefits of pursuing MBBS in Russia from Tyumen State Medical University are as follows:-


There will be no need for an individual to worry about their budget. This University offering MBBS at a reliable budget and they can completed. Loan facilities are also there so that students can repair it after completion of their studies.

Educational standards:

The educational standards settled up by the University also upto the mark and a student will be going to learn theory and practical both. They will not going to feel like interested at any point because the professionals are aware about everything in detail.


Transportation facilities are also there for students and there is no need for them to carry any private vehicle with them. Moreover, they can simply move ahead with public transport as it is available at a affordable price.

Medium of teaching:

Language of teaching adopted by the teachers is English. There will be no need for a student to learn any particular language for the same. Moreover they will be able to learn about things in detail easily as teachers are efficient enough in communication as well.