mbbs in egypt

After completing MBBS in Egypt

After completing MBBS in Egypt, students have a lot of questions in their minds, and they feel like no option is there for them. But this is not the case at all. Multiple options are waiting for them ahead, and they can easily pursue the job of their dreams.

Some students want to have a stable career and for it the look and other countries where they can move ahead and engage in things feeling. If you also get in the same category, which is looking forward to taking MBBS admission in Egypt but want to get unsure about the future options here, we will be going to discuss them.


Post-graduation in the USA:

After completing MBBS in Egypt, students can go post-graduation in the USA by following the particular criteria. They need to crack the USMLE examination and secure marks 230+. After qualifying for the exam, they can appear for USMLE-2 CK in India and qualified for Residency in the USA. After qualifying, they can apply for a work visa in the USA and start their career. After having a working visa, they can easily complete post-graduation medicine in the USA.


Do the job in Saudi Arabia after MBBS in Egypt:

If you want to migrate to Saudi Arabia after from medical universities of egypt, the option is there. There is no doubt in the fact that for students, opportunities are available, and according to the criteria, they can qualify for the exam and have a seat reserved for a job in Saudi Arabia. But it is essential to get familiar with ongoing criteria because every year, there is a new edition for medical students which they want to understand in detail.


Admission in PG in India after MBBS in Egypt:

If you want yourself to become a part of PG courses in India after completing MBBS and there is nothing for you to worry about. You can prepare for the NEXT exam and become eligible for the post-graduation courses. Not only this exam but some Government Universities are there that organize special exams for post-graduation courses. According to a University in which you want to apply for post-graduation, you can search for it and complete your post-graduation. In recent years it has been seen that students usually appear for the MCI exam and then apply for post-graduation. If you want to do the same, you can move ahead but make sure about the guidelines offered by the Medical Council of India related to post-graduation programs for students who have completed their MBBS from another country instead of India.


Job in India after completing MBBS in Egypt:

When you are all set with your degree after completing MBBS in Egypt, now the time has come when you can acquire a stable place in your career. You can simply apply for jobs in India and move ahead. But for it, you need to qualify for the NEXT examination because it will act as a gateway to all the government jobs right there. If you don't want to become a part of government jobs, it helps you to acquire the license. For students who have completed MBBS in Egypt or any other country, the problem usually arises because they don't have the license and cannot practice there. But after having the license, the same problem will not be there for you at all, and you can easily become a part of ongoing services.
But in case you have not acquired the license, you will not be able to have a stable place in your career.


Why is the NEXT exam important after MBBS in Egypt?

NEXT exam is important for aspirants after completing MBBS and Egypt because it is a gateway that helps them to acquire a stable place in India, and they will be able to move ahead in their career without having any thought about legal issues. Medical Council of India does not permit any aspirant to open their own cleaning or apply for a civil job until and unless the same exam is not cleared.
Here we have shared certain details that will help you to understand the things related to MBBS in Egypt.