Every medical aspirant wants to become a part of MBBS is looking forward to preparing for NEET-UG 2024 examination. They are looking forward to certain tips that help them to retain the content to the court to stop it was hit in the same category you are in the right place. Here we will share some best tips with you to prepare for NEET-UG 2023 examination effectively.

Tips to consider while preparing for NEET-UG 2024 examination:-

Make yourself familiar with the NCERT course:

Primarily it is integral for you to make yourself familiar with the NCERT course. All the concepts in NCERT books are important to understand in detail when appearing for the NEET-UG 2024 examination. This is the syllabus that will be going to hold a major part in the 2023 examination. When appearing for NEET-UG 2024, don’t forget to familiarize yourself with all the subjects and syllabus because if you have not paid attention to it will be difficult to crack the examination. The content in the NCERT book is quite limited and not up to the mark, but the topic there are important to understand for the examination.

Get an idea about the syllabus and exam pattern:

Check out previous year examinations and all the updates from the National testing agency to understand the syllabus and exam pattern. Until and unless you are not aware of the exam pattern, it will be difficult to prepare for it.

In total, there are 180 questions in the NEET-UG 2024 and these are separated into three sections, including Biology, chemistry and physics. In the Biology section, there will be 90 questions, and in Physics and Chemistry, there will be 45 questions respectively each of them. The maximum marks awarded to the students are 720 which are divided as 360 in biology and 180 in Physics and Chemistry, respectively.

Understand the marking scheme:

When preparing for the examination, understand the marking scheme because for every answer, you will get four marks, and for a wrong answer, one mark will get deducted. You have understood it right. There is negative marking, and make sure to achieve the target score of 650.

Understand the topic where you have expertise:

When you go through the NEET UG 2024 exam pattern, you will find out that certain topics are there in which you have the expertise, and some topics might appear to be unfamiliar to you. Focus on the major part and prepare it well. Don’t forget to prepare those sections having the highest marking scheme in the examination. Also, the topics in which you have the expertise, prepare the right notes and understand them in detail. This will help you to retain all the topics you have studied, and scoring good marks in the NEET-UG 2024 examination will be easy.

Make a list of all the topics:

When you will start studying, make a list of all the topics. These topics must be divided according to marks from high to low. Focus on those topics more, having the highest marking range. When you will be done with preparing 70% of the highest marking topic, prepare for the lowest marked ones. Prepare them up to 70% and then get back to 30% of the remaining ones.

Start with biology:

Three subjects are there, including Biology, Physics and Chemistry, and we suggest you start with biology. The major reason to start with Biology because it holds 360 marks, and you need to score maximum from it. If you have obtained 320 marks from biology and 120 marks in each of the Physics and Chemistry, it will contribute to a good score and chances of having the right college for MBBS will have a boost.

Occupy yourself with the right study material:

The market is flooded with enormous publishers, and you will find out all of them come up with some competitive books. We suggest you purchase those books having the right question and helping you to practice as well. Always do practice for as many questions as possible for all of the subjects.

Consider the books from two or three publishers only and then start practising. Make out our time session to complete those questions and check out the answers. There is a duration of 3 hours for the NEET-UG 2024 examination, and you want to do all the 180 questions in the same duration. Therefore you need to be a bit time specific as well.

Understand the short tricks to do the Physics and Chemistry questions:

Physics and Chemistry are all about numerical and concepts; we suggest you understand tips and tricks to do these questions effortlessly. You will find out numerous tips on online portals that can help you to crack all these questions. Along with it; you can approach your competitive tutors to help you with that. These tips and tricks are essential to understand because this will help you to do the examination within a short duration, and there will be some more time to focus on those aspects, which seems to be quite tricky.

Don’t forget to become a part of the revision:

It is also integral for you to revise the content you have. Don’t be someone who is just focused on doing the question for one. Frequent revision is something that will help you to retain all the aspects. If you are facing any trouble in a particular subject, you can make the slips and stick them around your study table to learn them in a better way.

Don’t be a book worm:

It is not integral for you to study almost 20 hours in a day to crack NEET-UG 2024 examination. Don’t stress yourself unnecessarily and always take proper sleep of 7 to 8 hours. If you are compromising with sleep, it will become difficult to concentrate on the content, and it will have an effect on retaining power. Study for minimum hours but do it with concentration so that you can learn all the aspects and not even a single topic will be missed.

Engage in activities you love:

For better retaining power and a healthy lifestyle, it is also essential to engage in activities you love. Either you like book reading or engaging in physical activities, it is totally your choice but doesn’t forget it at all. These activities will act as a therapy to your mind and boost the retaining power as well.

These are the essential tips you must consider while preparing for the NEET-UG 2024 examination. If there is any problem arising, ask your mentors they can help you in finding out the answers to all the questions. Don’t stop learning because it will help you to crack the examination.

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