Bangladesh is among the developing countries, and there is no doubt they have come up with first-class facilities for everyone out there. In the past few years, after having a look at the growth scale in Bangladesh, it is right to conclude that they are having the best facilities, which attract students the most. Do you know that every year, hundreds of students apply to new universities for MBBS in Bangladesh?If you are not aware of why Bangladesh is becoming one of the most popular choices for students around the world, stay tuned with us till the end!

Here we are sharing certain details about how you can study MBBS in Bangladesh easily and why people are choosing the same. We also help you to know about the medical courses available here so that you can easily make up your mind whether you want to come here or want to choose any other country for MBBS.

Factors making best destination for MBBS in Bangladesh:-

Recognition for Bangladeshi universities!

All the universities in Bangladesh are new but are recognised universities for MBBS in Bangladesh. The higher authorities have to pay attention to the same. The majority of universities are accredited by:

    • The Medical Council of India

    • The World Health Organization (WHO)

    • UNESCO

    • UNICEF

    • The health ministry of Bangladesh

Medical courses are available in Bangladesh.

If we explore the medical courses available in Bangladesh, the list is very long. But the courses in which students take MBBS admission in Bangladesh majorly include for MBBS in Bangladesh:

General medicine

General medicine is among the most popular courses among students. In general medicine, they learn about the medications that are required in an emergency and in an ordinary state as well. The study of medicine is important for candidates because it will help them to know how to handle an emergency situation as well. If doctors have no clue about the medication, they can’t be doctors at all.


Pediatrics is a specialty that deals with the care of children. Doctors who have expertise in looking after the care of children are known as pediatricians. If you are someone who loves to spend time with children, you can simply enrol yourself in pediatrics.


An andrologist is a person who has a specialisation in dealing with problems related to males. Right now, some male conditions are present that one cannot discuss with a female doctor at all. If you have an interest in male bodies and want to be a severe for them, then take MBBS in Bangladesh as an andrologist.


A gynaecologist is a female who specialises in treating female-related conditions.They are also involved at the time of delivery. They know about the female body in detail and can easily tell what is going wrong and how to treat it.


An ophthalmologist is a doctor who has a specialisation in treating conditions related to the eyes. Right now, almost 85% of people are dependent on them to get their specs and correct their vision. If you want to be a lady doctor, choosing an ophthalmologist course could be the best choice.


Orthopedics is the branch of science that deals with the well-being of joints. For example, right now, the orthopaedic doctor is helping a person get rid of any problem they are facing due to arthritis or any particular knee injury.


A pathologist is a person having experience in testing out the samples. Right now, before starting any particular treatment, doctors require the current reports. No doubt, pathologists are highly in demand.


Psychiatrists are doctors that deal with the mental well-being of a person. Right now, most people are going through mental trauma and, unfortunately, are not able to come out of the particular state. At that moment, approaching the psychiatrist can help because they will help them to feel comfortable and settle for a while so that they can easily think of other things in their life.


An urologist is a person that deals with issues related to the kidneys and other related parts. They have expertise in treating uterine infections and performing all the surgery as well.

Some other courses are also available in which you can enrol and start your MBBS in Bangladesh. Make sure you are aware of your interest and then apply for it.If you have any doubt about knowing about your interest, just try to explore it yourself so that you can make up your mind for the course. Becoming a doctor is not an overnight thing, therefore it is important to pay attention to your interests and then choose the branch in which you want to specialise.

Documents required for MBBS in Bangladesh:

The following documents are required by the candidate when coming to Bangladesh for MBBS:

    • Academic record:

Your academic record is your primary requirement. 10th and 12th standard mark sheets are required, along with a gap certificate if you have taken any. If you have time to prepare for any particular examination, like the NEET-UG examination, be sure to present a certificate from the institution where you have enrolled yourself for the same. If you have not chosen any institution, there is no restriction imposed on you when considering it.

    • Passport-size photographs

Passport-size photographs also play a big role. There is a simple requirement that the photograph be short, have a white background, and have your name and date imprinted on it. Recent photographs are required, so you cannot choose a photograph that you have clicked in your 10th standard.

    • There are three types of certificates: transfer certificates, migration certificates, and character certificates.

A transfer, migration, and character certificate will be issued to you by the school where you last did your studies. Be sure to collect the same before the date of admission because it is very important to move ahead with the process.

    • NEET UG examination scorecard:

The scorecard of the NEET-UG examination is also important. Check to see if you are eligible for the same. It is not important for you to score very good marks in the NEET-UG examination, but be sure that the exam has been qualified.

    • Verification proof:

Verification proof is also important. The domicile, as well as your Aadhar Card and passport, will be used for verification. Make sure you have all these documents updated.

Admission to MBBS programmes in Bangladesh:

The admission process for MBBS in Bangladesh is really very simple, but it is important to understand each and everything in detail. These are as follows:

    • Get all the documents available:

At first, you need to check out the list of documents required for MBBS admission in Bangladesh and make sure to scan them. It is important to scan the documents properly and in JPG format because if documents are not in the same format, it will be difficult for you to upload them on the portal.

    • Check out the admission form:

When you have all the important documents available for MBBS in Bangladesh, it is important to check out the admission form. On the official website of the university, the admission form is available. Check out the admission form and agree to all the rules and regulations mentioned on it. Before accepting the same, go through the sections in detail. If you are missing a document, you can simply attach it to the same and proceed with the process as usual.

    • Fill out the form and pay the fees:

Fill out the form correctly and pay the fees to MBBS in Bangladesh. The fees you need to pay this time are the form charges. It will be helpful for you in generating the offer letter.

    • Pay the rest of the fees:

It is important for students to pay the rest of the fees when they receive the offer letter. It will help you get the invitation letter. Until and unless you pay the rest of the fees, the invitation letter will not be generated. It is not necessary to pay all of your fees at once, but there are certain criteria that the university has established that you must follow.

    • Apply for Visa:

After generating the invitation letter, the time has come when you can apply for a visa. The higher authorities will let you know about each and every document that is important to getting the visa. Pay attention to it and move ahead. After having the visa available, you are all set to go for MBBS in Bangladesh.

Here we have discussed all the details regarding MBBS admission in Bangladesh and how you can get the admission seamlessly. We hope right now you know about each and every factor in detail. If there is any doubt arising, you can contact the consultancies around you and discuss it with them.