How to study MBBS in China?

China is considered to be the most tech-savvy country worldwide. It is right to conclude that most of the innovations that came into existence are from China. You might be wondering what the major reason behind it is.

Well, the major reason behind it is the education system. The educational policies set up by them are really very advanced and help students get the best results. By having a look at the educational policies, most students apply for MBBS in China.

If you are planning to go to study MBBS in China, it is important for you to take each and every factor into consideration. In this article, we will discuss all the important factors that will help you understand why choosing China for MBBS may be the best option. Let's get started!

Factors making China the best destination for MBBS:-

MBBS is recognised in Chinese University!

The primary factor making MBBS in China the best option is recognition. All the universities in China have received recognition from higher authorities, including:

  • The Medical Council of India
  • The World Health Organisation
  • The Health Ministry of China

Medical courses are available in China.

If we browse through the courses available for MBBS admission in China, the list is very long. This includes:

General medicine

General medicine is among the most popular courses among students when they are coming to study MBBS in China. During this course, you will learn about general medicine in detail and have a specialisation in the same. A general understanding of general medicine will assist you in selecting the best medication for a specific condition.


As we all know, if you want to be a surgeon, you need to have a specialisation in surgery. Most of the universities offering MBBS admission in China have surgery as a specialisation available. You can simply apply for MBBS in China in surgery and get it done.


Gynaecology is among the most popular choices among girls. A gynaecologist is a doctor who deals with female problems. She is also involved in childbirth and other female-related health issues.


A pathologist is a person who has experience in analysing samples. In the medical field, sample testing plays a big role, and pathologists are highly in demand. In the last few years, about 30% of students have taken admission in pathology in MBBS in China.


A psychologist is a person who deals with the well-being of a person. Sometimes we are going through some mental trauma due to which we are not able to focus on the things that actually matter to us. But the psychologist will help you come out of the same state and make an analysis of what is going on.


A Psychiatrist is a doctor who specialises in mental health issues.Some mental conditions are there, like mental attacks, which require a psychiatrist. Sometimes you are addicted to a particular condition, and you want someone who can help you out to come out of it. At that moment, psychiatry is still the one who will help you out.


A paediatrician is a doctor who specialises in dealing with children's issues.If your child is going through any health-related condition, you need to approach the paediatrician about it.


An orthopaedic doctor is the person who has expertise in analysing bone-related issues. Right now, most people suffer from arthritis and conditions like this, which call for the need for an orthopaedic doctor.


A dermatologist is the person who deals with skin-related issues. You will consult a dermatologist if you have a skin allergy or if you have a lot of pimples on your back.If you want to be one, you must be knowledgeable in the field.

Universities in China are famous for all their courses. All the universities offering MBBS courses in China have some specific courses to which you can apply. It is entirely up to the student to decide which one they prefer.

Documents required : Admission for MBBS in China

Documents are also very integral to what we know. If you don't have a complete set of documents available, the admission process will be nominated. The majority of the documents you require include:-

  1. Academic record:

At the very least, you need to be sure about your academic record. The academic record contains the marksheets for the 10th and 12th standards. If you have taken any gap, a gap certificate is also required, and if you have taken admission throughout the same period, then the documents for it are also required.

  1. Passport-size photographs

There is a simple criteria for a passport-size photograph. Make sure the background of the photograph is white and that your name and current date are imprinted on it. Almost 15 to 20 photos are required throughout the admission, so make sure some photos have the name and date format and some have a white background only.

  1. Transfer certificate and character certificate:

A transfer certificate and a character certificate will be issued to you by the organisation where you were studying previously. If you have just completed your 12th, you can apply at your school and get it.

  1. NEET UG examination scorecard:

The NEET-UG examination scorecard is really very important. If you have not qualified for the NEET-UG examination, then you will not be able to take the admission. It is not important for you to have a very high rank in the exam, but you need to be in it and qualify for the same.

  1. Verification proof:

Verification proof is also very important. Aadhar card, voter ID card, residential address, and passport are required for verification. Make sure all of them are updated and you have them when applying for MBBS in China.

Admission process while coming for MBBS in China:

When you are coming for MBBS in China, the admission process is very simple. As a student, you will not face any difficulties. The steps you need to follow are:

  1. Check out all the documents:

At the very least, you need to be sure about all the documents. Check out the list and scan all of them to make them available in a suitable format. Make sure the documents are scanned properly because if the details are mismatched or blurry, they will not be accepted.

  1. Check out the admission form:

Visit the official website of the university you are choosing for MBBS in China and get the admission form. When you click on the admission form, there will be certain rules and regulations available that you need to follow. I agree with all of them for a seamless procedure.

  1. Fill out the admission form:

Now fill out the admission form and make sure to upload all the documents. When you are filing the form, make sure you are mentioning the details correctly and not even a single detail is mismatched. When you submit the form, pay the fees. This is the form fee you have to pay.

  1. Pay the rest of the fees:

Within a few days, you will receive a confirmation e-mail along with the offer letter. In the offer letter, all the details regarding fees will be mentioned, and you will need to pay the fees accordingly. When you have finished paying the fees after receiving the offer letter, an invitation letter will be generated and mailed to you.

  1. Apply for Visa:

After paying the fees and receiving an invitation letter, you are all set to apply for a visa. Particular documents are required for a visa, so do check them out and fill out the application form. Submit all the documents so that there will be no problems and your request for these will be accepted. After a ceiling visa, you can pack your bags and go for MBBS in China.

MBBS in China is the best option for all the students out there who want to be the best doctors. Examine everything thoroughly before applying for the position. Unfortunately, if you forgot to check out the details, then you will not be able to apply for it seamlessly and there will be problems lately!