Things to know about education system for MBBS in Kazakhstan


Kazakhstan is among those countries that come with a first-class education system for all the students out there. It doesn't matter whether the students are becoming part of primary courses or taking their education to the next level, they will have access to a first-class education that will be helpful for them in becoming a good individual in life.

Right now, international students also take an interest in MBBS in Kazakhstan and take admissions. But before becoming part of any residential program, it is important to know what the education system is all about in Kazakhstan and how it deals with students effortlessly.

Here we discuss the education system in detail related to Kazakhstan for better understanding, so that when you apply for any course like MBBS Admission in Kazakhstan, you can simply understand it in detail!


Things to know about education system of MBBS in Kazakhstan:-

  1. School education:

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Primary education is an important part of education for all students in Kazakhstan. It will last for 4 years and it is accompanied by one year of preschool education. In this system, students will get well versed in general education and also learn about some basic aspects that help them grow. The teachers divide it according to age and help students learn about the aspects in detail. During the primary education course, students will be able to learn the basic manners that are helpful in developing into the best humans.

  1. Secondary education:

Secondary education comes with three main educational phases. It includes primary education, general education and senior level education.

  • Primary education will focus on development, which is followed by all the relatable subjects. General education focuses on helping an individual grow. Some students are so introverted that they are not able to open up about things.
  • During the secondary education program, the teachers help them to put their point of view in front.
  • The final step is senior level education, which continues into their professional education. In senior level education, students will learn about the proficiencies they have and the force in which they are interested.

For example, if students choose to pursue MBBS in Kazakhstan, they will find that they have an interest in it and can enroll in any university and pursue the doctor of sciences course easily.

  1. Training staff:

Training staff is also in consideration when designing the Kazakhstan education system. Not even a single teacher will be there who does not have expertise. Every teacher must have a 5-year course leading to a specialist diploma so that they can deal with students effortlessly. In most cases, it happens that teachers are not able to have encounters with students, and Kazakhstan's education system eliminates them by keeping professional qualifications in mind.

  1. The age of the student:

The minimum age of a student to become a part of education is 5 to 6 years. Every citizen will have access to a good quality education, and it is helpful in maintaining society as well. The best part is that when you are going for MBBS in Kazakhstan as an international student, the minimum age required to get admission is 17. This clearly means that there will be no problems and students can simply enrol in any force as per their choice.

  1. The University in Kazakhstan is well recognized.

All the universities in Kazakhstan are well recognized. Most of the universities are recognized by the Medical Council of India and the World Health Organization, which clearly means that the degree will be globally accepted and you can simply fulfill your dream of becoming a doctor in any country.

When you are going for MBBS in Kazakhstan from India, there is an advantage that you will learn about a lot of things that you haven't learnt about in India. Moreover, after completing MBBS, you can simply qualify for the Medical Council of India exam and start your career as a doctor here in India.

  1. Assessment:

Assessment is really very important for students when they are becoming part of the Kazakhstan education system. Sometimes it happens that universities do not focus on the overall development of a child, but this is not the case in Kazakhstan. The university pays attention towards the growth of their students and then treats them accordingly.

For example, students entering the senior education level must also pass some examinations that will help them determine their performance. The professors will be able to see what the students are up to and help them learn new aspects in return.

  1. Discipline for students:

Discipline is also an integral part of what students learn. It is important to help them understand a certain part and develop their skills. It is helpful in making them a successful and organised person in their life. Whomsoever you meet in Kazakhstan, you will see if they are well spoken and also pay attention towards things as a personal matter. You will not feel like they are not treating you right or behaving appropriately with you.

Overall, it is right to conclude that MBBS in Kazakhstan is one of the best options for students because the education system is well developed. All universities come with practical and theoretical knowledge for students, so that there will be no problems throughout. Moreover, if students are facing any trouble, they can reach out to higher authorities and report it so that they can pay attention to them in detail and help them to develop as an individual.

If you are a resident of Kazakhstan or going from India to Kazakhstan for any particular subject, you will have an encounter with the best education policy which is not right there in India.