A lot of Hustle bustle was going on among 12th class students because they were not sure when they will appear for the 12th class exams. But finally government yesterday come up with the announcement that the exam has been got canceled and different criteria will be followed for declaring the result.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday come up with the statement that due to these uncertain conditions conducting exams is not possible. They will go for well-defined objective criteria in a time-bound manner to compile up the result of the students appearing for exams.

Some students are happy with the decision, and some are still not happy. Everyone has a different wave in their mind regarding the 12th class exams.

For all those students who actually want to appear for the examination, there are different criteria where they can apply for assessment as 12th class exams whenever the situation becomes conducive. In the official statement, CBSE has mentioned it.

What effect will be there of 12th class exams?

The major effect will be seen in all the competitive exams. Students who are looking forward to appearing for NEET-UG 2021 examination need to secure 50% marks in their academic career in class 12. Right now, everyone will have a minimum of 50% marks available, which clearly means that all students are eligible to appear for the examination as in the 12th class exams they will secure 50% marks.

This is also a matter of concern for those students who are not looking forward to appearing for any competitive examination because the admission purely dependent on the marks they will secure. The 12th class exams marks will allow them to secure a stable position in reputed universities like Delhi University and others. But when the criterion has been changed, things have been disturbed to the core. Every university is looking forward to some alternatives for admission in the 2021—22year.

What can a student do now?

For all the medical aspirants, this is a matter of concern because now the competition is quite high, and now every medical aspirant has the right to appear for the NEET UG 2021 examination. Not only this right now, but the scenario is also being so that students who wish to go for MBBS Abroad can go for it. We all are aware that certain Government Universities in Russia there that permit MBBS admission without the NEET UG examination.

How will the NEET-UG examination get conducted?

All the medical aspirants are in confusion right now about the date of the NEET UG examination. Earlier, there was an announcement that it would get conducted in 2021 August, but right now, there is no surety with it. The national testing agency will issue the notice soon, considering the same. But still, students need to be sure that the date is finalized in the month of August only. Also, if the situation comes under control, there might be some changes in the date, and it totally depends on the situation.

What criteria will be there for MBBS abroad?

If students are planning to go for MBBS Abroad, there are common criteria they need to follow. Student needs to submit the admission form of the particular university in which they want to seek the admission, as per the criteria will be as decided by the education council. Some universities are quite strict about the fact that they will not permit students without NEET-UG examination but some universities of relaxation in it as well. Therefore check it out and follow the same criteria as suggested.

How will this exam cancellation affect the future aspect of the student?

Right now, 12th students are happy that there is no need for them to appear for the 12th class exams. But still, it will have a major impact on their future. Some of the educational institutions are there that do not allow you to continue studies without the 12th standard. Especially the foreign universities are quite specific about it. It totally depends on how the decision will going to change in the future, but right now, it holds a major impact.

So there is a sigh of relief with the 12th class students that now there is no need for them to appear for class 12th Board examinations at all, and they will apply for their favorite university and college easily. Don’t miss the updates for the CBSE examination, and stay tuned with us at ADMISSION ROUTE to know what to do and what not to do and to get all the latest updates!