MBBS in Ukraine :About

Ukraine is the hub for international students who are aspired to be doctors. As it consists of world-class quality education and reputation, many of the international students consider MBBS from Ukrainian Universities as their first choice. In terms of the medical degree program, Ukraine is the only country, which has a duration of only 5.8 years for the MBBS degree.Ukraine is making a lot of rounds among medical students. Quality education provided by medical universities in Ukraine is the reason this country is getting so popular. Ukraine is known worldwide for its medical education and students from all over the globe come to study MBBS in Ukraine.
Students go for MBBS courses in universities in Ukraine to get an excellent medical education. MBBS degree from a Ukrainian medical university is of high value in India. It is vital to study at one of the best Ukrainian medical colleges, for example, the VN Karazin Kharkiv National University, or the Kharkiv National Medical University. MBBS admission in Ukraine is affordable, which makes it a famous country among students for medical studies. It costs approximately 4700 to 5000 dollars a year, and the duration of pursuing Study MBBS is of 6 years.
Medical universities of Ukraine do not ask for donations at the time of MBBS admission. There are several positive aspects which are attached with Ukraine, some of them are that Ukraine is an Independent country, it is a member of the Council of Europe, it is one of the largest exporters of grain in the world, and it is a fourth educated nation in the world. Education structure of Ukraine is based on the structure of UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, UK and several other international organizations. 


MBBS In Ukraine: At a Glance

Last date of Admission First week of October
Eligibility 55 % in PCB 
NEET  Entrance  YES , Compulsory
IELTS Entrance NO 
Minimum mbbs Course Fee 4500 USD Per Year
Maximum MBBS Course Fee 7000 USD Per Year
MBBS Course Duration 6 Year
Accommodation Costing 1000 USD Per Year ( twin Sharing)
Study Medium  English
Universities Affilation MCI & WHO


Top 10 Medical Universities In Ukraine: Eligibility and Duration

Top Medical Universities  Language Duration Eligibility City
O.O Bogomolets National Medical University English 6 Year 55% in PCB Kyiv
Vinnitsa National Medical University English 6 Year 55% in PCB Vinnitsa
Kharkiv National Medical University English 6 Year 50% in PCB Kharkiv
Donetsk National Medical University English 6 Year 50% in PCB Donetsk
Ternopil State Medical University English 6 Year 50% in PCB Ternopil
Odessa National Medical University English 6 Year 55% in PCB Odessa
Ivano Frankovsk National University English 6 Year 50% in PCB Ivano Frankovsk
Kyiv National Medical University English 6 Year 55% in PCB Kyiv
Lviv National Medical University English 6 Year 55% in PCB Lviv
Zaporizhia State Medical University English 6 Year 50% in PCB Zaporizhzhia


 MBBS Admission in Ukraine:Procedure

  • Providing the information about University and life style of Ukraine For MBBS in Ukraine. 
  • Filling up the education form for MBBS admission in Ukraine.
  • Sending the mark sheets
  • About 3-4 working days for getting admission letter For MBBS admission in Ukraine.
  • About 15 days for an invitation letter By the University.
  • Filing for the visa may take about 10 working days if everything goes well for MBBS Admission in Ukraine
  • Students will be informed and make sure to be present in the university college from the day one.
  • Finally, the sessions start in October.

Guidelines to follow-

Whenever you are going for MBBS in Ukraine, it is a must for you to follow particular guidelines. These guidelines will not only help you to maintain your things effectively but will also help you to understand whether things are working in your favor or not.

These are:-

  • Be aware of the documents necessary for admission completion
  • After reaching you crying, do not get engaged in unnecessary activities
  • Do not create trouble for anyone and also keep yourself away from ragging
  • Get available with every basic necessity required to maintain your health
  • Do not believe on anyone unnecessarily
  • Do not get engaged in the thing which can let you face difficulties in future
  • Always be focused on your goal
  • Talking about the eligibility, one needs to have a minimum of 50% marks in class 12th examinations, whereas, SC/ST and OBC caste students need to have 40 % for MBBS Admission in Ukraine.
  • If the applicant is applying for a postgraduate course, he/she should have a Bachelor's degree from a renowned University.The Health Ministry cleared that any Indian candidate desired to pursue medical from abroad (on or after May 2020) will have to qualify the National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET) from now on.
  • Student should have passport for MBBS Admission In Ukraine
  • There is no upper age limit for NEET 2021 For MBBS Course. Because the clause had been challenged in the High Court and the judgment is unresolved for MBBS admission In Ukraine.
  • MBBS Admission in Ukraine close end of October for maximum top medical universities in Ukraine. MBBS Admission In Ukraine are based on a first come first served, subject to the candidate Full fill the eligibility criteria of MBBS admission in Ukraine and MCI.
  • MBBS admission in Ukraine open in June and January session for International Students. Ukraine provides the good option for Indian students due to high quality of education and living standard.

Documents required for MBBS admission in Ukraine:

For MBBS admission in Ukraine, the documents required as follows:-

  • All the educational certificates, including the 10th and 12th mark sheet, along with passing certificate.
  • Transfer certificate from the previous school or college.
  • If a student has applied for any graduation program, the need to attach the documents related to it.
  • Attached the NEET-UG examination scorecard.
  • Passport 
  • Character certificate
  • Migration certificate
  • Medical test reports, including covid and HIV as well.
  • 15 passport size photographs
  • If participated in extracurricular activities, certificate related to the same.
  • Parents' consent that they are agreed with their child to come for MBBS in Ukraine.
  • Occupy yourself with scanned copies of all the documents because during the online procedure, the documents need to get uploaded, and when you reach University, the verification will be done with documents you are taking along. 

Application for Visa:

After getting confirmation for MBBS in Ukraine, it is a must for a student to apply for a visa for a student who needs to go through particular aspects. It includes:-

  1. Submit all the necessary documents asked for Visa processing
  2. Submit your medical record
  3. Submit all the relevant documents
  4. Complete the form carefully and properly
  5. Visa application form for MBBS in Ukraine is available in embassy and online
  6. Submit the documents within the duration
  7. HIV AIDS certificate is a must to submit

Duration of MBBS in Ukraine:

The duration of MBBS in Ukraine is of 6 years. The six years duration is divided into two parts. The starting five-year duration is for the academic session where students will be going to learn about the entire syllabus. Practical Classes will get conducted to help students in understanding all the related details easily. In the last year, the internship will get organized through which they can understand the aspects of practical life and have an internship certificate available as well.
It is important for students to complete the entire course because if they are missing any of the aspects, they will not be able to get a degree after six years.

Courses offered by Medical Universities in Ukraine:

Understanding about the courses offered by medical universities in Ukraine majorly includes:-

  1. General medicine
  2. Pharmacy 
  3. Pediatrics
  4. Prosthodontics
  5. Nursing
  6. Bachelor of dental surgery

Along with that, some universities have a specialization available in neurology, gynecology and other fields. If you are interested in pursuing MBBS in Ukraine in any of the fields of specialization, make sure to get an idea of whether the University offering the same specialization or not.

Benefits of MBBS In Ukraine:

Pursue MBBS in Ukraine is very simple and under the budget for everyone. The MBBS admission In Ukraine process is as easy as getting admission to primary school. Few benefits which students can get MBBS Admission in Ukraine here are as follows:

  •  Ukraine not only provides an MBBS degree at its best but also offers other degrees at its best such as Pediatrics, Dentistry, Surgery, Pharmacy, and general medicine.
  • One of the significant aspects is that in Ukraine, the expense of MBBS Course in Ukraine is very less and living is effortless here.
  • Ukraine's Government is taking all responsibility for quality education in the universities and is consistently involved in improvements and development.
  • The candidates who have done MBBS Degree from Ukraine from Ukraine universities are readily employed in any part of the world.
  •  Ukraine has almost 14 medical universities For MBBS Course. All universities are recognized from MCI (Medical Council of India), WHO, UNESCO, and also identified with the medical councils of other countries For MBBS Admission in Ukraine.
  • The university here does not demand any donations for the MBBS admission in Ukraine. The admission is entirely based on the results of the academic of the students. For MBBS admission in Ukraine, one does not need to crack the so-called IELTS, TOFEL, or PTE exams.  But NEET is a must for education abroad For Indian Students.
  • Aspirants must have scored 50% in their 12th standard in PCB and should be of 17 years of age by the 31st December of that year.
  • The total expense of the MBBS Admission in Ukraine is about 3500 to 5000 USD per year, which is very low as compared to other countries in the world such as America, England, India, etc. Full Duration of MBBS course In Ukraine around 20-30 lacs in Ukraine.
  • Faculty or the staff members in the universities here are well experienced and having keen knowledge about the subject they used to teach.
  • Main emphasize is given not only on the theoretical knowledge but also on the practical part of the subject.
  • The medium of teaching here is English, which is understood by everyone, including Indian students during MBBS In Ukraine.
  • As in India, aspired medical students need to appear in the PMT and other exams to get government seats. Still, MBBS admission in Ukraine do not require any entrance exams. MBBS Admission in Ukraine is directly based on the 12th score and NEET score.
  • One of the significant factors is tuition fees and accommodation charges. Living in Ukraine is very simple and cheap. Universities here demand no donation and MBBS admission in Ukraine charges are very less as compared to India.
  • Indian students who want to pursue MBBS from Ukraine can appear for the screening exams conducted by the MCI, such as PLAB, USMLE, etc.
  • Primarily, we will be going to discuss the benefits of pursuing MBBS in Ukraine. These are:-
  • Degree issued to students is accepted worldwide
  • Fees for accommodation and living is low
  • Visa completion is quite hassle-free
  • Summer vacations are available for students
  • Practical and theory classes both are up to the mark
  • Hostel facilities are well maintained
  • Part-time job opportunities are available for students
  • For international students discount will be given
  • Transportation facility is up to the mark
  • No compromise with picture
  • Ukraine is one of the safest countries
  • Surroundings will become familiar with a student soon
  • Moderate climatic conditions are there
  • UNESCO recognition is also available with universities
  • Extracurricular activities also organized
  • English is the medium of teaching preferred for MBBS

 According to IMF and World Bank Ukraine is considered as the world’s 30th largest economy which provides a huge exposure to the students studying in the country.

Ranking 2021 of Ukrainian Medical Universities:

Top Medical Universities  Country Rank World Rank City
O.O Bogomolets National Medical University 50 6331 Kyiv
Vinnitsa National Medical University 71 7089 Vinnitsa
Kharkiv National Medical University 88 7723 Kharkiv
Donetsk National Medical University 167 11566 Donetsk
Ternopil State Medical University 15 4653 Ternopil
Odessa National Medical University 116 8848 Odessa
Ivano Frankovsk National University 97 7917 Ivano Frankovsk
Lviv National Medical University 72 6664 Lviv
Zaporizhia State Medical University 6727 63 Zaporizhzhia

Note : Ranking According By WWW.4icu.org


MBBS in Ukraine-Fee Structure 2021

University Name 6 Year Fee Structure
Kharkiv National Medical University 20-22 Lakh INR
Donetsk National Medical University 22-24 Lakh INR
Lugansk State Medical University 20-22 Lakh INR
Zaporizhia State Medical University 20-22 Lakh INR
Poltava National Medical University 22-24 Lakh INR
Dneperpetrovsk State Medical Academy 19-21 Lakh INR
Petro Mohyla Black sea National University 22-24 Lakh INR
Uzhhorod National Medical University 21-23 Lakh INR
Lviv National Medical University 22-24 Lakh INR
Bukovinian State Medical University 20-22 Lakh INR
Odessa National Medical University 20-22 Lakh INR
Ivano Frankivsk National Medical University 24-26 Lakh INR
Bogomolets National Medical University 25-27 Lakh INR
Vinnitsa National Medical University 18-20 Lakh INR
Kyiv National Medical University 16-18 Lakh INR
Ternopil State Medical University 17-19 Lakh INR


    Top Reasons for Indian students to choose to study in Ukraine:

    MBBS is a dream of every medical aspirant. But the problem arises when it is about choosing the best University for the same. Right now, students are willingly choosing MBBS in Ukraine because it serves them with multiple benefits.

    If you are someone who is planning to go for study in Ukraine, you might get aware of all the benefits related to the same. Here we are exploring the top reasons why Indian students must choose MBBS in Ukraine as the primary choice.

    Reasons for choosing MBBS in Ukraine:-

    1. High standard of education:

    Every medical student wants that they must learn things with quality. Thankfully when choosing MBBS in Ukraine, you will have an encounter with quality education only. The universities are quite focusing on every factor, and they do not compromise with anything. If a student is facing any trouble while learning the course, the faculties are always there to help them. There will be no need for students to compromise with any of the concepts because faculties will help them to understand each of them in detail.

    1. Top medical faculty:

    The universities offering MBBS admission in Ukraine are having top Medical faculty. All the professors available are not less than Ph.D. It is right to conclude students will engage with high-class professionals who have experience in every niche. You will not feel like a person who is having no experience has entered into the classroom to teach you.

    1. Low cost of studying:

    Exploring about the cost of studying, it is really very less. When students study MBBS in Ukraine, they will be able to get it within their budget. Also, if their budget is not allowing them, they can apply for an education loan and get it done. There will be no need to worry about expenditure at all. In the education loan, the tuition fee will be covered, and students can study free mind without having any stress considering it.

    1. Low cost of living: 

    Ukraine does not only offer a low cost of study but also offers a low cost of living. The best part is all the facilities are available at a reasonable price. In some of the cities in Ukraine, you will find out that within the less amount, you will be able to manage your expense. An amount of $100 is sufficient in a month for a student to survive. They can simply manage things in this price range.

    1. International exposure:

    The best part about MBBS in Ukraine is students have exposure to the international level as well. Students will be able to meet the different countries and cultures during this duration. The international network will get developed, which help them to have access to the opportunities available across the globe. It will be quite easy for you to understand things on different scales along with theoretical and practical knowledge.

    1. No need for additional examination:

    To take admission in MBBS in Ukraine, students need to qualify for the NEET UG 2021 examination. There will be no need for them to qualify for IELTS or TOEFL. So there will be no particular entrance test organized by the University. It clearly means that there will be no need for you to appear for any particular examination at all to get admission.

    1. First-class accommodation facilities:

    Exploring about the accommodation facilities you will be glad to know that the rooms are occupied with every stuff you require. The University has arranged the hostel facilities for girls and boys separately. It is totally on the student whether they want to go to a hostel or whether any private apartment. But in the initial years, a hostel is the best option for them to choose. Mess facility is also there, so students will not miss Indian food at all.

    1. Internship opportunities:

    The internship is also an important factor for students pursuing MBBS. While choosing MBBS, you can simply become a part of this internship and complete the same. After the internship, there will be a certificate rewarded which is proof of the same. Along with having encountered quality education, you will also have an internship session which helps you to learn about all the missed aspects in detail and practice the things you have learned earlier.

    1. Encounter with modern facilities:

    Last but not least you will have an encounter with modern facilities. The cities are occupied with first-class facilities so that there will be no need for you to worry about anything. As compared to India, the facilities in Ukraine are quite good, and you will love being there.

    So these are the major reason which let Indian students go for MBBS in Ukraine. Don't compromise with anything and apply for it now. When you apply for MBBS in Ukraine, it will be the best season, and there will be no problem to out to you at all.


    Is the degree of MBBS from Ukraine valid in India?

    There is no doubt in the fact that the degree you get after MBBS in Ukraine is valid in India. There will be no need for you to feel like you can not to go for higher studies in India. Make sure the University where you are taking admission is NMC approved the Medical University of Ukraine. When you want to have a stable career in India, the NEXT exam is important for you to qualify.
    If a student was not able to qualify the NEXT test, they are not eligible to apply for any government job in India. If you want to occupy a place in a government hospital in India, make sure to qualify it.

    Things to know before proceeding for MBBS in Ukraine

    Whenever a person is looking forward to MBBS in Ukraine, it is a must for them to understand about everything in advance. In case any of the aspects is missed, then it will become difficult for them to adjust at the same location.

    Primarily, it is a must to choose the University offering MBBS admission in Ukraine. In case the University you have chosen is not offering you the subject in which you wish to pursue your MBBS, then it will become quite difficult for you to adjust. Therefore it is a must you are getting aware of everything considering to it.
    Ukraine is considered to be among those countries where education is top class, and there is no compromise done with anything. When it comes to treating students with the best treatment Ukraine always hits at the top.
    If you have already planned for MBBS admission and you are not sure how your decision will prove out to be beneficial than here, we will be going to discuss few aspects which you must consider. These aspects will not only help you to pursue your MBBS in Ukraine easily but will also help you to understand the ongoing scenario there.

    Role of parents during Study of Students:

    Taking MBBS in Ukraine is not only the responsibility of a student. It clearly depends upon parents that how they will be going to treat their child after he reaches there. A few of the responsibilities which are a must for a parent to consider are mentioned here. It includes:-

    1. Talk to your children regularly
    2. Be up to the mark considering to his academic report
    3. Encourage them to be there and take care of them
    4. Do not forget to check out the facilities available for a student at the University offering MBBS admission in Ukraine
    5. Keep an eye on the fee structure and course curriculum
    6. Before sending your ward for MBBS in Ukraine, be aware of every basic necessity whether it is clothes, medicines, food, and so on
    7. Do not pressurize them for anything. Encourage them so that they can focus on things very easily.


    Vacation time:

    There will be no need for students to feel like they can only become part of University. Vacations are also there, and they can step outside and visit their hometown. To vacations are available during the MBBS course in Ukraine. These are as follows:-

    • Summer vacation starts in July and lasts till August month. Basically, these are for two months.
    • The winter break is quite short. It is for only two weeks. It depends on the weather but usually starts at the end of January month and ends in February the first week. 

    After sending your ward for MBBS in Ukraine, you might be thinking about vacation. The reason for students pursuing MBBS in Ukraine, long summer vacations is available. Within the vacation duration, they can come back to their city and be with their families easily.

    MCI coaching for students:

    It is also a must for a student to know about MCI coaching. MCI coaching will not only help them to easily go for MS or MD degree in another country but will also let them get available with a certificate which is issued from the Medical Council of India. Things linked with it are:-

    1. Many universities organized weekend classes for all the students to prepare for MCI exam
    2. Coaching for MCI exam started in the first year of MBBS
    3. For training, a student needs to pay the fees
    4. Interaction based classes organized at the University
    5. MCI coaching classes organized without affecting the regular classes


    Personal expenses of Students During MBBS in Ukraine

    Are you looking forward to going to MBBS in Ukraine? Do you have confusion about expenses? If yes then we are here to help you feel so we will be going to discuss all the factors which will clear the expenses things very easily to you. Just make sure when you are moving ahead for MBBS in Ukraine, you are having all the things cleared in advance so that there will be no such problem for you and you can easily move ahead with the education standards there.

    Things to know:

    • Currency in Ukraine:

    The currency used in Ukraine is UAH. It is equal to 2.62 Indian rupees. Yes, you just read it right. Where you pay 3 rupees in India if you compare it with Ukraine currency, then you just need to pay 1 UAH. One can consider it to be somewhat equal to India currency.

    • Transportation in Ukraine:

    When you are coming for MBBS in Ukraine on an average, you need to pay almost 550 UAH per week. It depends on your travelling. It may vary according to the distance you are travelling. In certain cases, some privately owned buses are available where you need to pay a less amount comparatively.

    • Medical facilities in Ukraine:

    Medical facilities are also up to the mark for students coming for MBBS admission in Ukraine. All you need to do is just get available with the student pass. For students, there are some more facilities available. But in case you are looking forward to the amount you need to spend then you need to give almost 70 to 80 UAH only.

    • Food expenses in Ukraine:

    On an average, the food expenses are quite affordable here. For one time meal an individual needs to pay 40 to 50 UAH. In this amount, they will be going to have a full tummy. But if an individual is looking forward to visiting any expensive restaurant, then this amount will be going to triple or four times.

    • Mobile recharges in Ukraine:

    Mobile recharges depend on the operator a person is choosing when they are coming for MBBS in Ukraine. On an average for a week and individual needs to pay almost 50 UAH. In this amount, they will be able to communicate and can get access to internet services easily.

    • Water bottle rate in Ukraine:

    For a 1-litre water bottle, an individual needs to pay 12.83 UAH, which is equal to 25INR. Therefore one can conclude that it is almost same in Ukraine as in India.

    • Soft drink rate in Ukraine:

    For soft drink on an average, an individual needs to pay for 14 UAH. This somewhat equals to 32 INR. Hence one can conclude that a user will be able to have a soft drink at a nominal price without thinking about it a lot.

    • Vegetable rates in Ukraine:

    On an average, an individual needs to pay 20 to 30 UAH for one time vegetables. If they prepare the food on their own, then they can use the same vegetable two times as well. The rate of vegetables is not very high here.

    These are the expenses which may bother students when they are going for MBBS admission in Ukraine. If you are planning for MBBS in Ukraine then come to us we will clear all your doubts and help you to understand how much amount you require on a monthly basis. We will clear everything in detail so that there will be no problem arises to you in any case.

    After MBBS degree completion from Ukraine:

    After MBBS in Ukraine is completed and a student gets their degree will be going to get available with the USMLE option.

    When you are done by MBBS in Ukraine, future options are quite enormous. This includes:-

    • A student may become eligible for an MCI screening test, which is an FMGE test. It is proof that they have successfully acquired a degree.
    • A student can apply for a post-graduation program in any of the countries, including Canada, the USA, UK, and any European country.
    • Student can move ahead for civil jobs in India after qualifying for the Foreign Medical Graduates Examination or MCI screening test.
    • Additionally, if a student does not want to practice as a doctor and want to go into the teaching line, there is an option available. But the criteria they need to follow is quite different. They need to understand it so that applying for a teaching job will become quite easier for them. 

    USMLE option will help them to go for the post-graduation level in the USA. There is no need for them to appear for the MCI test at all. The students who are pursuing USMLE will be able to go to the USA.
    After getting MBBS admission in Ukraine, so that's really going to get a lot available with them. They will not feel like things are not working in their favor, and they want something more with it.

    About Ukraine:

    Ukraine is located on the east side of Europe. Ukraine is bounded with the other countries from the four sides, mainly Belarus, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Moldova, and Romania. It is known to be the largest country in Europe. It is having a population of 42 million. Kiev is Ukraine's capital and the largest city in the state. Its official language is Ukrainian, but Russian and English also used there. Ukraine is known for its postgraduates candidates in the field of medicine like, doing MBBS in Ukraine

    Ukraine is among those countries which are located in Eastern Europe. It is the second-largest continent after Russia. This country is not like other countries available because of culture, history, climate, and other factors. Here things are very developed that a person will not be going to pay any kind of hassle whenever they are coming here. Usually, after completing 12th students feel like MBBS from Ukraine will be the best price for them to consider. To some extent, this is the right choice for them.
    If you also wish to come for MBBS in Ukraine, then you need to understand about the country in detail.

    • Climate:

    The climate lies in Ukraine is influenced by moderately warm, humid air from the Atlantic Ocean. You will feel that the temperature is exceeding the limit, but this is not the scenario at all. It depends upon the location where ever you are living.

    Some of the cities in Ukraine are there where you will be going to get a moderate climate, and in some of the cities, the temperature is quite high. You just need to search for a particular city.
    But, January is considered to be the coldest month, and the temperature sometimes reaches to -3 degree Celsius as well.

    • Languages:

    The language adopted by people of Ukraine includes Ukrainian. They speak it very fluently, and it is written in the form of Cyrillic alphabets. Moreover, this language belongs to Russian and pollution. Also, people here speak English. If someone is coming from other countries and their wish to communicate with them and they can go with it at all. Along with English, people here include Polish, Romanian, Bulgarian, Crimean Turkish, Hungarian, and Yiddish and so on. But among all these languages, Russian is the minority language and an important one as well.

    • Livelihood:

    When it comes to looking at the livelihood of people here, they have everything available with them. Education, housing, security, political processes, health and welfare, trade and so on available with people and they will not be going to pay any kind of trouble at all. This country hits in the category of developed countries so that people will not going to deal with any backward culture at all. Moreover, here people focus on religious values a bit more, which sometimes make feel like a problem to others.

    • Religion:

    Widely in Ukraine, people usually follow Eastern orthodoxy. This is a widely accepted religion because it let people practice their things easily, and they will not be going to interfere in the practices of other people. Also, people are a lot of focus considering their religion because they do not want anyone to hurt their ethics. Some minority religious are also included like Islam, Roman Catholicism, and Protestantism and so on. It totally depends upon people which one day will be going to adapt. But there is a path in Ukraine where people are atheist.
    These are the basics which create a lot of difference for people coming to you crying. If you are coming for MBBS in Ukraine, you need to understand that here you will be going to deal with modernization only. The culture and things in Ukraine are well developed that no trouble will be created to a student in any manner. If they are facing any trouble, then security practices here are up to the mark that immediate actions will be taken against it.

    How is Admission Route helping students throughout?

    At the Admission route, we are acting as your supporters. Yes, we are working at your back end so that acquiring MBBS admission in Ukraine will become quite easy for you. We will be going to cater to all your needs related to it, and we'll help you to understand the eligibility criteria and other related aspects. We will not let you feel alone in this phase and help you to feel quite comfortable with the decision you have made.

    MBBS in Ukraine is not everyone's cup of tea. A student needs to be quite determined and strong enough that they can stay away from their families, and we help you to go through this space. We have councilors available to clear all your doubts related to the admission procedure and other aspects so that you can feel comfortable on the premises.

    Kyiv National Medical University

    Duration: 6 Year Total: ₹17. 62 Lakh | $23500
    1st Year ₹4.5 Lakh $6000
    2nd Year to 6th Year ₹2.62 Lakh $3500

    Ternopil State Medical University

    Duration: 6 Year Total: ₹20.25 Lakh | $27000
    1st Year ₹4.50 Lakh $6000
    2st Year to 3rd Year ₹3.07 Lakh $4100
    4th Year ₹3.15 Lakh $4200
    5th Year to 6th Year ₹3.23 Lakh $4300

    Vinnitsa National Medical University

    Duration: 6 Year Total: ₹18.72 Lac | $28800
    1st Year ₹4.42 LAKH $6800
    2nd Year to 6th Year ₹2.86 LAKH PER YEAR $4400 PER YEAR

    Bogomolets National Medical University

    Duration: 6 Year Total: ₹26,77,500 | $35,700
    1st Year ₹5,40,000 $7200 USD
    2nd Year to 6th Year ₹4,27,500 $5700

    Important FAQ

    Ques. Is the degree offered to me globally accepted?

    Ans:Yes. The degree offered to you after MBBS in Ukraine is globally accepted. There is no need for you to attempt any particular examination whenever you wish to come back to India and pursue your courier.

    Ques. Can a student apply for an education loan for MBBS in Ukraine?

    Ans:Yes. Without having a second doubt, you can apply for an education loan. Every expense will be covered in it. The expenses covered in education loans will be accommodation and studies. All your expenses will be covered by yourself only.


    Ques. Will I be able to get Indian food?

    Ans. Yes. There is no doubt in the fact that Indian food is available at a low price. There is only for students towards Indian food because exceptions are available for vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. This depends upon the preference of a student in which they wish to go. Also, add hostels Indian Chefs are available who will prepare the food for all the students.

    Ques: Is Ukraine hits in the safest countries?

    Ans. Yes. With safety, no compromise is there. In case a student is facing any issue, they can report about it to authorities, and immediate actions will be taken.

    Ques: Do I require an IELTS exam for MBBS admission in Ukraine?

    Ans: No. IELTS exam is not required for MBBS admission in Ukraine. Only the NEET-UG examination is required.