Nepal is among the most diverse countries in the world, and there is no doubt people in India are influenced by their culture. If you like the culture of Nepalis, you must be aware of the education system presented by them as well. Yes, it might appear to be astonishing to you, but yes, this is the fact that Nepal comes with the best education system, and students are very delighted after having a look at it.

If you are planning to go for MBBS in Nepal, you must be aware of all the available facilities. Well, this article is for you because we are discussing all the facilities available for students when they come for MBBS in Nepal. Let’s have a look at all of them!

Facilities available to students during MBBS in Nepal:

Hostel facilities:

The primary requirement students need to fulfil when MBBS in Nepal is the accommodation where they will be staying. It is totally up to you whether you want to choose private accommodation or a hostel. If you are choosing a hostel, it will be an advantage to you that the rooms are pre-occupied and there will be no need for you to purchase anything additional. You will find a bed, a cupboard,a table, a chair, electricity and all the other basic necessities inside the room, which means that your stay will be wonderful in the hostel.

Additionally, if you are facing any trouble considering the hostel environment, you can discuss it with the warden. A 24-7 warden is available and they will listen to everything you are saying.

Security of the student:

Nepal is a safe country, and you will not face any trouble with security. If someone tries to trouble you, then simply reach out to higher authorities and they will look into the matter. You can discuss with them what you are going through so that they can take strict action and punish the student. For sure, you will not have any trouble after approaching them. Also, if you want, you can simply discuss it with the same student and sort out the matter on your own. But if things cross your line, don’t get delayed in talking to them.

Mess facilities

Food is the basic requirement for livelihood, and the food served to you during your stay at MBBS in Nepal will be of the highest quality. You will try different dishes according to the culture in Nepal, and you will see that they are really very delicious. Moreover, some students are not fond of having non-vegetarian food; they can simply go for vegetarian food. The best part is that there is no restriction on choosing the food you like.

Transportation facilities

Students are in confusion about how they will be able to go here and there, from university to hostel or vice versa during MBBS study in Nepal. If you have the same question, don’t worry because transportation facilities are also available. If you need to stop, if you are looking forward to exploring Nepal, you can simply book the private transportation. For students, there are some additional benefits available and they can have them easily. You only need to bring your student ID to enjoy all of these benefits and have a good time on your Nepal tour.

Future after MBBS from Nepal:

When you are done with MBBS in Nepal, there will be multiple options available to you. You can practise as a doctor in any country of your choice. You can simply practise in Nepal if you want. There will be no restrictions because everyone wants the best doctor and if you have the calibre to stay in Nepal and want to see the people in Nepal, you can simply go for it.

Climatic conditions in Nepal

If we explore the climatic conditions in Nepal, then you will have some tropical monsoon conditions here. There is a dry season with an average temperature of 28 degrees Celsius and a winter with temperatures ranging between 7 and 12 degrees Celsius. You will be able to enjoy it here because it is the same temperature as you would face somewhere in India.

Overall, it is best to conclude that MBBS in Nepal is a good option and you must not miss it out. If you are planning to become a doctor, make sure to look at the facilities available.

Also, we suggest you go for the medical council of India examination after completing MBBS in Nepal because it will provide you with the gateway to practise as a doctor in India. After having the licence, you are a viable candidate in India and you can simply apply for civil services as well.

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