All the medical aspirants are curious to know when they will be able to get back to college after this covid-19 crisis. But among all the questions, the major question is about the university they can choose. Usually, students have thought to go for Study MBBS in Belarus but want to get sure whether this is the right opportunity for them or not.
For helping all the students who would like to go for MBBS admission in Belarus, we will present a curated list here along with all the solutions so that they can get sure about their decision.

Factors making Belarus the right option for MBBS in Belarus:-

Top medical universities across the globe:

When moving ahead for MBBS, you will be able to find out about the Medical University of Belarus. Whichever the university you are choosing to complete your MBBS, you will find out there is an entirely different scenario available. Not only from the perspective of education, but the grooming you will have after becoming part of those colleges will be up to the mark. You will not regret your decision because from head to toe in your career, you will be an experienced one after coming out of them.

Fees for medical courses are quite affordable:

You can consider Belarus to be the cheapest country for MBBS courses or any other medical education. If we compared the education system with India, then you will be able to complete MBBS in Belarus within half of the amount. The medical university NMC recognizes and also offers a superior quality education at reasonable prices. It will be within your budget limit, and you will not be like it might create some trouble for your parents.

After completing MBBS from Belarusian universities, you can work across the globe:

The major advantage individuals have after completing MBBS from Belarusian universities is that they can start their career in any part of the world. During their academic career, they will understand all the aspects that help them to become part of the medical field in any part of the world. Also, the module is offered in the syllabus of medicine are widely accepted and also focuses on general to advance aspects. You will not feel like the skills you have are not as per the requirement of the hospital wherever you are applying after completion of MBBS.

The admission procedure is quite simple:

When moving ahead to study MBBS in Belarus, there is an advantage that the admission procedure is quite simple to follow. There will be no need for you to become a part of any complicated procedure at all. You just need to clear your NEET-UG examination, and after it having admission here will be an easy task. No one can stop you after clearing the NEET UG examination. Along with the NEET-UG examination, make sure to score more than 60% marks in the 12th standard.

MCI coaching is available for students:

When you are coming for MBBS in Belarus, there is an advantage that you can become part of MCI coaching as well. MCI coaching for students is there to clear the exam to become eligible for performing their career in India. You will be able to see that your skills have been arranged, and understanding the concepts related to the exam will be an easy task for you.

No need to worry about language because English is adapted for the MBBS curriculum:

For the MBBS in Belarus curriculum, universities adopt the English language for students coming from India. You will not feel like there is a need for you to understand the Belarusian language. If you are fluent in English, you will not face any difficulty because here, the professors are aware of English language, and they will let you face any trouble at all. They are always there to help you in case any problems arising.

Living expenses will be comparatively low:

When you are taking  admission for MBBS in Belarus, the living expenses will be comparatively low as compared to India. Yes, within your budget limit, you can have a luxurious life. Also, the amount you need to pay for additional food and other services is quite slow and you can easily afford it.

Education loan facility for all the needy students:

If you feel like your parents will not be able to afford the Fees of  MBBS in Belarus not worry because the education loan facility is there. You can simply apply for Education Loan by following the criteria, and within no time, it will get approved after having the education loan. There is nothing for you to worry about the fees. You just need to understand the repaying of the loan so that it will be easy for you to move ahead accordingly.

Visa approval is quite hassle-free:

There will be no need for you to wait for years for Visa approval. When going for MBBS in Belarus, you will get a visa easily. After document completion, the embassy will send you the notification regarding the visa approval. Make sure to present all the necessary documents at the time of the visa application so that there will be no chances of rejecting the application. In case there is any document missed, it will be difficult for you to get the visa but somehow how the same can be easily fixed.

The surroundings are Cooperative where you will be going to live:

Surroundings in Belarus will seem to be familiar to you, and the people are Cooperative as well. If you are facing any trouble in adjusting to the country or city, you can simply seek help from counselors and from University people as well. But above all, people here are friendly, and they will treat you like a family. You will not feel like you are becoming part of racism, fascism, social exclusion, or so on. It will be easy for you to adjust to the surroundings without having any second thought. You can easily explore the city with these Belarusian people, and they will help you to get an idea about things happening around you.
After knowing about this aspect, we are sure you can make up your mind to study MBBS in Belarus. Don’t look for any other university at all because there you will have the surroundings that will nourish you to the core, and having a stable career will be an easy task for you.

After completing your MBBS in Belarus, it will be easier for you to take a step ahead forward your career, and you will not regret your decision to choose MBBS in Belarus at all.