MBBS in Ukraine - MBBS Admission in Ukraine are open for 2018

Ukraine is making a lot of rounds among medical students. Quality education provided by medical universities in Ukraine is the reason this country is getting so popular. Ukraine is known worldwide for its medical education and students from all over the globe come to study MBBS in Ukraine.


Students go for MBBS courses in universities in Ukraine to get an excellent medical education. MBBS degree from a Ukrainian medical university is of high value in India. It is vital to study at one of the best Ukrainian medical colleges, for example, the VN Karazin Kharkiv National University, or the Kharkiv National Medical University.


MBBS admission in Ukraine is affordable, which makes it a famous country among students for medical studies. It costs approximately 4700 to 5000 dollars a year, and the duration of pursuing MBBS in Ukraine is of 6 years.


Medical universities of Ukraine do not ask for donations at the time of admission in MBBS courses in Ukraine. There is no need of taking IELTS or TOEFL examination to get admission in Ukrainian universities.


Ukraine is a Sovereign state which is surrounded by Russia, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, and Moldova. There are several positive aspects which are attached with Ukraine, some of them are that Ukraine is an Independent country, it is a member of the Council of Europe, it is one of the largest exporters of grain in the world, and it is a fourth educated nation in the world. Education structure of Ukraine is based on the structure of UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, UK and several other international organizations.

According to IMF and World Bank Ukraine is considered as the world’s 30th largest economy which provides a huge exposure to the students studying in the country.

Admission Eligibility for MBBS in Ukraine 2018

Talking about the eligibility, one needs to have a minimum of fifty percent marks in class 12th examinations, whereas, SC/ST and OBC caste students need to have forty percent. If the applicant is applying for a postgraduate course, he/she should have a Bachelor's degree from a renowned University.

Is NEET mandatory for Indian students to go for MBBS in Ukraine 2018?

The Health Ministry cleared that any Indian candidate desired to pursue medical from abroad (on or after May 2018) will have to qualify the National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET) from now on.

Admission Procedure for MBBS in Ukraine 2018

  • Filling up the education form
  • Sending the mark sheets
  • About 3-4 days for getting admission letter
  • About 15 days for an invitation letter
  • Filing for the visa may take about five days if everything goes well
  • Students will be informed and make sure to be present in the university college from the day one.
  • Finally, the sessions start in January.

Medical Universities Ukraine - Top Medical Colleges in Ukraine 2018

Odessa national medical university, Ukraine

Duration: 6 YEAR Total: ₹24.65 Lac | $37911
1st Year ₹5.36 Lac $8247
2nd Year ₹3.53 Lac $5420
3rd Year ₹3.66 Lac $5620
4th Year ₹3.85 Lac $5920
₹4.05 Lac $6220
₹4.24 Lac $6520

Kyiv Medical University

Duration: 6 Year Total: ₹15.28 Lac | $23500
1st Year ₹3.9Lac $6000
2st Year to 6th Year ₹2.28 Lac $3500

Bogomolets National Medical University

Duration: 6 Year Total: ₹18.85Lac | $29000
1st Year ₹4.88 Lac $7500
2st Year to 6th Year ₹2.8 Lac $4300

Ternopil State Medical University

Duration: 6 Year Total: ₹17.55 Lac | $27000
1st Year ₹3.9 Lac $6000
2st Year to 3rd Year ₹2.67 Lac $4100
4th Year ₹2.73 Lac $4200
5th Year to 6th Year ₹2.8 Lac $4300

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MBBS is the passport to future, so go and book a ticket. Education is an integral part of a person’s life. The place where we get an education makes a difference in the overall future of a person. Moreover, so is the task of deciding on a good college for studying. Nowadays, Russia has been one of the most favorite choices for students who want to do MBBS and become a doctor. The perks of studying MBBS in Russia include fewer fees, government colleges, practical training, no admission tests or language tests and a lot more. Here is the list of top medical universities in Russia
The present scenario of India about 11 lakh students appear for the medical test, and hardly 30% of students are eligible for admission. Even the students who have a good chance of becoming a brilliant doctor are not qualified due to intense competition. Because of this current situation, MBBS in Russia has become the first choice for Indian students in the last ten years.
Education in India is losing its value each day due to increase in corruption and politics. Most of the students prefer to study abroad then studying in India. It isn’t just the case with the engineering students or commerce students, but even the medical students prefer studying abroad when compared to studying in India. Russia, Ukraine, China, Philippines, America has been amongst the top choices for pursuing MBBS abroad.
Thus, like other things in life have benefits and risk same as that of pursuing MBBS in Russia, MBBS IN Ukraine or MBBS in any other country have. But if we look at the benefits, you will realize that it is an option worth considering.

There have been delays in Undergraduate (MBBS & BDS) courses counseling for the session 2018-2019 due to compliance with various court directions. Therefore Medical Council Committee has issued a revised schedule for the completion of the MBBS admission process for the year 2018-2019.

With this notice published on the official website of Medical Council Committee, all state counseling authorities/institutions/universities/colleges are requested to follow the timetable for the schedule of admissions.