How to Study MBBS in Nepal?

Are you planning to go for MBBS in Nepal? If you are confused about how you can study MBBS in Nepal, then you are in the right place. As we all know, Nepal is becoming one of the most prominent countries where students can go and start their career. This country is quite inexpensive and people can afford things very well here.

If you are planning to go for MBBS in Nepal, you must be aware of all the factors in detail. In this article, you will come across things related to MBBS admission in Nepal and the faculties available so that you can make up your mind whether Nepal is the destination for you to go or not.

We will try to cover all the information helpful for you to decide about the university in Nepal for MBBS easily.

Factors making Nepal the best destination for MBBS:-

All the Nepali universities are recognised!

When we look into the broader aspect and check out all the universities in Nepal, all of them are recognised. The higher authorities have paid attention towards the same and made the universities recognised so that no one can face any difficulty after taking admission. The authorities involved in recognition include:

  • The health ministry of Nepal
  • The Medical Council of India
  • World Health Organization (WHO)

Medical courses available in Nepal:

The universities in Nepal offering MBBS may appear to be new, but no doubt they have set high standards for education. You will find different medical courses available in which you can get a specialisation. The majority of the courses in which you can enrol include:

General medicine:

General medicine is the course in which you will become a physician and have knowledge of all the medications that are required for a particular condition. Right now, the demand for general physicians is increasing day by day because most people suffer from colds and coughs and want to get the best medication to get rid of them. If you have knowledge about general medicine, you can simply prescribe them the best medication to get them out of the state.


Pediatrics is the branch of science that deals with the well-being of children. If you want to take care of children and want to become a child doctor, then paediatrics is the branch you need to choose. From their birth until they reach a young age, you will be aware of each and every factor in detail.


A gynaecologist is a female doctor with expertise in the female body. A gynaecologist is required during the time of delivery as well. The need for a gynaecologist is increasing day by day because more females are suffering with health-related issues like PCOS or PCOD and so on.


An andrologist is a person with experience in treating the problems that males are facing. Right now, many males suffer from prostate gland issues and at that moment need to approach an andrologist with experience in treating the condition. A male doctor has expertise in certain fields, and it entirely depends on their interest.


A pathologist is someone who has expertise in checking out the samples. Before starting any treatment, doctors prescribe the patient to go for a blood test and some sample testing. At that moment, there is a high need to approach the pathologist who can study the samples and come up with the best reports.


In the nursing field, you will be able to know how to treat the doctor in an emergency and in other conditions as well. A nurse is not only a helping hand to the doctor, but she is also the one who helps the doctor throughout the surgery and, in his absence, prescribes medications to the patients. Some people misinterpret the job of nurse and feel like they are only providing a helping hand, but in reality, the situation is different.


A psychologist is a doctor that deals with the mental well-being of a patient. If you are suffering from any mental problem, you need to approach a psychologist who has experience with the same. Sometimes there is a need to preserve psychiatrists as well, but not to forget that both of them have different specialties and different roles.


An oncologist is a doctor with experience in treating patients suffering from cancer. They understand the best medications that they can prescribe to patients from the initial to final stages. They also have expertise in performing the surgeries.


A urologist is a person that deals with problems related to the urinary tract and related organs. For example, if a person has a kidney stone, they will consult with a urologist to determine how to treat the condition.


A gastroenterologist is a person who has expertise in treating abdominal issues. They are also well versed in liver and pancreas conditions and start the treatment by examining the condition.


An orthopaedic doctor is the one who has expertise in creating joint-related issues. Because of how their lifestyle has been impacted, some people suffer from psychiatrists or other joint-related issues.After approaching the orthopedics, the treatment can be started and one can easily get rid of the condition.

When you come for MBBS in Nepal, you will see that different universities have different courses available. We have just given you an idea of what the course is available. If you have any particular query, you can directly visit the portal of the university and get an idea of whether the same course is available here or not.

Documents required for MBBS in Nepal:

All the students need to know about the documents required to get admission and complete the admission procedure. These are as follows:

  1. Academic record:

An academic record is the primary requirement that a candidate needs to fulfill. Before enrolling in MBBS in Nepal, you must be certain about the courses for which you have applied, in addition to your 10th and 12th grade mark-sheets. If you were preparing for the NEET UG examination, then there would be no need for you to attach any particular document for the same.

  1. Passport-size photographs

Passport-size photographs also play a big role. There is a particular set of criteria that needs to be followed for passport-size photographs, and the criteria is very simple. The photo must have a white background, and your name must be imprinted on the same with the latest date. Be sure to click the photographs 3 to 4 days prior to the form submission.

  1. NEET-UG Examination Scorecard

The NEET UG examination scorecard is also very important for you to carry. After qualifying the NEET UG examination, you will be able to get admission. If you have not qualified for the NEET UG examination, the process will be terminated and you will not be able to get the admission.

  1. Other related documents

Some other related documents are required by you to be presented at the time of admission. This includes transfer certificates, migration certificates, character certificates, Aadhar cards, and passports. These are required to be checked out for your previous record and the residence where you are staying. If the verification identities are not available, then chances are some problems may arise during the admission process.

Admission procedure for MBBS admission in Nepal:

When you are going to study MBBS in Nepal, the admission process is very simple to follow. The steps included in it are:-

  1. Check out all the documents and get them available:

First and foremost, you must review the list of documents required to complete the admissions document. Be sure to scan them in the desired format. If the documents are not available in the desired format, then you will not be able to upload them over the portal.

  1. Check out the admission form and details:

After having all the documents available, visit the official website and check for the admission form. On the admission form you will find a set of rules and regulations that you need to agree to. After agreeing to the rules and regulations, fill out the application form and submit it along with the fees. These fees are related to the admission form and will be helpful in generating the offer letter. Within a few days, the offer letter will be generated.

  1. Submit the rest of the fees:

When the offer letter is generated, it will have all the details regarding the admission and the fees. Be sure to pay the fees to get the invitation letter. It is not important for you to pay the entire fee in one go. There is a small amount you need to pay to confirm your seat. Pay the same and you will get the invitation letter within a few days.

  1. Apply for Visa:

When you finally receive your invitation letter, this is the perfect time for you to apply for a visa. Make sure all the original documents are available with you, because without them, the visa process will be incomplete. Visit the regional office to complete the visa application and pack your bags to go for MBBS in Nepal.

MBBS in Nepal is one of the best options for all those who are looking for affordable education, that too with good standards. You may feel that the culture is different from India, but not to worry because, within no time, you will get accustomed to the same and will love living with the people around you. For sure, there will be no problems, and it will be a wonderful experience!