FMGE examination

About FMGE examination

Every time there is a new protocol that is important to follow by students completing their studies. One can consider students who are pursuing MBBS. If you are pursuing MBBS in India or any other foreign country, you might be aware that the FMGE examination is compulsory now.
Have you ever heard about it? If not, there is nothing for you to get tensed about. here we will be going to discuss it so that when you appear for the FMGE examination, there will be nothing that can trouble you.

What is FMGE examination?

FMGE is the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination, which is a license examination the National Board of Examination conducts. It is significant for an Indian citizen to complete their primary medical education and appear for this examination. If you have completed  MBBS in Russia or in any other foreign country to make your degree acceptable in India, it is important to qualify for it.
If the students do not qualify FMGE examination they cannot consider being eligible for pursuing their careers in India.

After completing MBBS in Russia:-

If a student is going for MBBS in Russia, they need to appear for the FMGE examination. It appears to be a licensing examination for them so that there will be no problem for them when practising their career in India. In case they are not to appearing for this examination, the Medical Council of India has the complete right to neglect their degree when applying for any job.
One can consider the FMGE Exit examination to be a path through which they can to become eligible to reside in any part of India. this helps them to practice their medical career.
Also, if an individual wants to pursue post-graduation from India, they need to qualify FMGE examination.

After completing MBBS in India:

If students are completing MBBS in India that need to be sure that FMGE is a must to qualify. This helps them have registration in the Medical Council of India and can practice their careers as a registered medical doctor in India. In whichever country they are residing they can start their job. In case they haven't qualify the FMGE  they are not supposed to practice as a doctor in India.

What's upcoming?

After the academic year 2021, it will be replaced by the NEXT examination, which is the national exit test. This test is mandatory for each and every individual for doing MBBS. It doesn't matter whether you are pursuing MBBS in Russia or in India. This examination is a must to qualify. The eligibility of criteria will be settled by higher authorities later on, but according to NMC Bill 2019, it will be a common exit examination. After it, they can pursue higher education easily or practice as a doctor.
If you are pursuing MBBS make yourself aware of all the exams you need to qualify for after completing MBBS. In case a student misses any exam, they will not be able to appear for higher education. Also they will not be eligible for pursuing your career as a doctor.