Syllabus of MBBS In Philippines

When a student is moving for Study MBBS in Philippines, it is also important for them to understand the number of semesters they needed to face. Let’s discuss it:-

Semesters of MBBS Course:

Primarily, it is important to know that in total, the MBBS degree from Philippines is of 6 years. These six years are divided into three parts, including BS, MD, and internship.

Every year has two semesters. The first-semester initiate from June to October and another one from November to March. In total, in 6 years, students become part of 12 semesters.

MBBS in Philippines holds a global reputation because of the quality of education served along with the training and Research. For all the students, training, Research and practice create a crucial role during MBBS, and MBBS in Philippines is the best way to get so.

In starting 18 months or can say inserting 3 semesters, students will learn about the pre-medicine course, including psychology, physiology, anatomy, and biochemistry. All the aspects will be cleared to them in detail.

Later on, when they become part of the MD (Doctor of medicine) course, they will learn about preclinical, paraclinical, General Medicine, Surgery, Specialised subject, and so on. This helps them to understand and everything in detail. In the last year, it is completely dedicated to practical training. It is also referred to as clinical rotation, in which they will learn about all other aspects in detail. They will be able to understand the use of equipment during surgery and other things.

In whichever field they are doing the specialization, practical training will be provided for them. In certain cases, a General practical training is going on in which students can understand some other aspects apart from the subject in which specialization they are doing.