A lot of Indians share a common dream of becoming doctors. It is a crucial, yet very reputable profession to pursue. In India, where the quantity of MBBS aspirants is quite large, medical colleges lack number of seats. Due to this, our country faces big scarcity of doctors. According to the statistics, there is only 1 government doctor per 11,500 people. This poor doctor-patient ratio originates from the fact that the demand of MBBS seats is high, whereas, the supply is comparatively low. Other problems that need to be tackled are along the lines of bad quality of education, shortage of faculty, huge donations, etc.

As private colleges demand lacs in order to admit medical students, people find it difficult to afford such huge amounts. Even if one invests enough money into medical colleges, nothing guarantees good and stable job after the course is completed. This is where the idea of pursuing MBBS in abroad comes into the picture.

If you are wondering whether it is the right choice to go for MBBS in abroad, you have come to the right place. We have curated all the essential topics related to MBBS in abroad. Read on!


It is often misunderstood that MBBS in abroad is a costly affair. The truth is that there are plenty of colleges out there which provide quality education in the MBBS domain with affordable fee. Some of the foreign destinations that students can choose from, along with the MBBS packages (college fee+accommodation+food), are as follows:

MBBS in Russia – Rs. 23 lacs

MBBS in China – Rs. 25 lacs

MBBS in Kyrgyzstan – Rs. 16 lacs

MBBS in Philippines – Rs. 22 lacs

MBBS in Ukraine – Rs. 22 lacs

MBBS in Bangladesh – Rs. 30 lacs


Studying MBBS in abroad comes along with a lot of advantages for medical students. Some of those are mentioned below:

  • The standard and quality of education is phenomenal and, without any doubt, exceptional.
  • The medical colleges in abroad are recognized by MCI and WHO, both.
  • These colleges follow English language while teaching, and spares the effort of learning local/regional languages.
  • No racism and/or discrimination is entertained or supported in foreign medical colleges.
  • These colleges offer exposure to medical students to international opportunities.
  • The fee is very low, as compared to what private Indian medical colleges demand.
  • Traveling to and from India to these countries is hassle free as well.
  • There is availability of MCI training for medical students.


A medical entrance examination, namely, NEET (National Eligibility And Entrance Test) is the single most exam that is required for taking admission in MBBS 2018 courses. As years are passing by, it is only going to get tougher and tougher for students to pursue MBBS from top government MBBS colleges. It is advised to study MBBS from abroad after the first attempt of NEET, or two at most.

The MBBS in abroad occupies five to six years of time duration. Following are some of the best and top most colleges for MBBS 2018:

  • Kyrgyzstan State Medical University (Kyrgyzstan)
  • Ryazan State Medical University (Russia)
  • Ivano Frankovsk Medical University (Ukraine)
  • Nanjing Medical University (China)


When one has decided to go for MBBS in abroad, the only thing left to do is to choose a consultant wisely. It becomes important to take professional help when choosing a college, that too a medical one, outside your own country. But beware! Selecting a professional consultant is not as easy as it sounds. He/she needs to be reliable, trustworthy, and aware of different universities and their MBBS packages. Keep these following differences between a consultant and an agent in mind while picking a consultant for MBBS courses in foreign universities:

MBBS ConsultantMBBS Admission Agent
Creates a whole career road map.Would talk and focus only around admission.
Already visited and thoroughly understood foreign medical universities.Would talk only on the basis of his/her experience.
Would provide with various options of countries.Would focus on a specific college/university.
Carries a wide knowledge on website.Has quite an unprofessional presence.