Medical aspirants are in confusion about a lot of factors. The primary factor which creates a lot of problems is choosing the university where they can apply for MBBS. Some individuals look forward to MBBS in Russia, and some feel like they can go for MBBS in Ukraine. If you are also going through this hustle-bustle, don’t worry because here we are presenting the details about MBBS in Russia and MBBS in Ukraine so that you can make up your mind and apply for it easily. Just go through all the aspects in detail so that you can easily understand which option is best for you to consider as per the available resources.

Factors creating difference:-


If we talk about MBBS in Russia vs. MBBS in Ukraine, you would love to know that both of the countries are affordable. The fees for MBBS in Russia are less as compared to MBBS in Ukraine. But if we compare them, then you will find out an equivalent ratio for both of them.

Recognized universities:

Both the countries are available with recognized universities. Not even a single problem will arise with you after choosing admission for MBBS in Russia or MBBS in Ukraine. The best part is the universities are recognized by the Medical Council of India along with WHO and UNESCO. With some universities, you will find out some other recognition. But if we talk about it in a broader aspect, then usually those who have pursued MBBS in Russia are highly considered on the basis of universities.

Global acceptance of degree:

The degree offered to the student is globally accepted. Students have thought that the degree they acquired from MBBS in Ukraine is not accepted globally as the degree they acquired from MBBS in Russia. This is just a myth you are having. To get the acceptance of a degree in India, it is essential for students to appear for the medical council of India examination. In case they do not appear for the MCI exam, the degree will not be accepted by any of the medical institutions in India.

Security of the city:

Thankfully Security is high class in both of the countries. If we talk about the crime rate in Russia, then it is 3%, and if we talk about the crime rate in Ukraine, it is 5%. But fortunately, the university and governments of the countries are paying attention to each and every activity happening across the cities or country. You will not become a victim of such conditions at all because in case someone is troubling you, the authorities have the whole rights to take action. You just need to report about that particular condition or issues arising video.

Duration of course:

The duration of the course for MBBS in Russia is 6 years and for MBBS in Ukraine as well, but the duration is the same. But the question arises which university you are choosing. Some universities in Russia are there that have extended the course for 7 years. Pay attention to it and then reached a conclusion whether you want to go for 7-year duration or a 6-year duration.

Climatic conditions:

The climatic condition gets quite worse in Russia as compared to do Ukraine. There is no doubt that both of the countries are a bit cold in the winter season, but in Russia, sometimes students face difficulties in adjusting. But with the proper amenities, students can easily adjust.

International exposure:

The international universities are famous because you will have an encounter with international exposure for top International exposure is important when you want to encounter with all those stuff happening internationally. It also helps students to become part of International conferences and also if they want to start their career in any other country they can understand about the essential aspects.


The internship also gets organized for students pursuing MBBS in Russia and MBBS in Ukraine. Students can become part of these internships and grab certificates. According to some reviews, the internship offered at MBBS in Ukraine. The major reason for this comparison because in Russia, they have encountered all the modern equipment stores in Ukraine, but sometimes, they have no idea about the equipment used in previous times. But thankfully, during the internship after MBBS in Russia, they will learn about it.

Medium of teaching:

The medium of teaching preferred is English which clearly means there will be no need for students to learn any particular language. MBBS in Russia and MBBS in Ukraine are both available in the English language. But if students are well versed with the native language, they can take advantage and engage in some other activities.


Understanding about the scholarships in both countries, then the list so long. Students are eligible to apply for scholarships in both of the countries that they are going for MBBS in Ukraine or MBBS in Russia. The scholarship will cover major expenses, and students can take advantage of it.

Admission procedure:

Last but not least admission procedure is simple in both of the countries. Visa approval is hassle-free, and applying for an admission is also simple. For MBBS in Russia, if the student has not qualified for the NEET-UG examination, they can look out for the Universities that do not require it, but for MBBS in Ukraine, they have to qualify for the NEET-UG examination for completing the admission eligibility criteria.

So here we have brought out a clear distinction between MBBS in Russia vs. MBBS in Ukraine. Now it is up to the student which country they want to choose. Both the options are ultimate, and there will be no such trouble to them at all. But it is essential to choose the desired university. Check out all the aspects of the university you are choosing and then apply for MBBS.

Frequently asked question about MBBS in Russia for Indian Students 

Question: Is it possible for me to pay the fees for MBBS in Russia in installment?

Answer: Thankfully, there is an option with students that instead of paying the amount in one go, they can pay the fee per semester. There will be no late fees imposed in any case. But it is essential for them to pay the fee within the due date. If the due dates get missed, there will be late fees.

Question: How much amount do I need to pay for the insurance policy while pursuing MBBS in Russia?

Answer: When you are applying for an insurance policy during MBBS in Russia, the average amount you need to pay for it per year is 100-150$. Rest it depends on the community from whom the insurance policy is sanctioned.

Question: Can I look for part-time work when doing MBBS in Russia?

Answer: No. unfortunately, students cannot become part of part-time jobs because of the class schedule. From morning to evening, classes get conducted by the university, so it is not possible. But if students want they can choose Saturday and Sunday for the same and try something to earn some money.

Question: Is it possible for me to get admission if my NEET-UG 2021 exam is not qualified?

Answer: No, students cannot get admission if the NEET-UG exam is not qualified. Additionally, it is essential to look towards the university you are choosing. Some universities conduct online entrance exams and then reach the conclusion of whether you are eligible for admission.

Question: What are the basic documents required to apply for a loan for MBBS in Russia?

Answer: The basic documents required include identity proof and authorized fee structure from the university. The rest will be decided by the governing bank. Every bank comes up with different norms for loan sanctioning. But make sure to carry all the original documents along because these are required for validation.

Frequently asked question about MBBS in Ukraine for Indian Students 

Question: Where am I supposed to report first if someone is trying to do my ragging during MBBS in Ukraine?

Answer: 99.9% chances are there that no one will try to do the ragging with you. But if it happens, you can straight away report it to the Dean and all other Academic security people. Legal actions will be taken against the one who tried to misbehave with you. Don’t bother yourself unnecessarily because it will have a major impact on your mindset, which affects studies too.

Question: Can I book private apartments during MBBS in Ukraine to stay?

Answer: It is totally up to the student whether they want to be in a private apartment or in Hostel. But it is a suggestion, in the first year do not go for the private apartments because you are not aware of the local language and you will face some trouble at all. Get yourself updated considering the culture and language, and after it, apply for the same.

Question: For how long will the insurance be valid during MBBS in Ukraine?

Answer: The medical insurance available to you is valid for one year. After the year’s completion, you need to pay the average fee from 100-1500$ for renewal. Make sure to get it renewed timely because if it got expired and authorities find out, some trouble might arise for you.

Question: Is there any amount a student needs to pay for a visa extension?

Answer: No, there is no need for you to pay any amount for the visa extension. When the visa is approved for MBBS in Ukraine, at that time, the Embassy will take up the charge for the complete six years, which saves the student from the unnecessary hustle-bustle, and they can have a comfortable stay.

Question: What documents are required while applying for an insurance policy during MBBS in Ukraine?

Answer: The major documents required for insurance policy include health certificates, passport, university official document, and some photographs. Along with it, the university will also lookup up the procedure and help you to get it.

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