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MBBS in Russia - MBBS Admission in Russia are open for 2018

Russia is a very well-known country for its quality education. What makes it more popular is the low-cost fee for MBBS admission in Russia. Thirty out of hundred world’s top ranking colleges are Russian medical colleges, which clears out that Russia holds one of the best medical colleges for MBBS. 

Medical in RUSSIA is a good option for students who want to become a doctor. All in all, Russia is an excellent choice because of its top medical colleges, good faculties and even the fee structure is less as compared to MBBS in other countries. Also, Russian medical universities are recognized by MCI which makes it an option worth considering.  The academic year in Russian medical universities start on 1st September, and there are two semesters in each academic year. Students get holidays twice a year, i.e., summer vacations and winters vacations. It takes about one month for the entire admission procedure. So apply now and get one step closer to your dreams.

Why study to MBBS in Russia?

Thousands of students dream of becoming a doctor and to serve people worldwide. But as the time passes by competition is rising, and along with it, the fee structure of medical Colleges is increasing every year. It’s not easy for everyone to become a doctor. So, to fulfill the dream of becoming a doctor.

Russia constitutes numerous colleges for medical studies. The government of Russia provides medical education at the subsidized fee. The fee is financed by 60-70% for MBBS admission, which is quite inexpensive as compared to a few western countries. A rough estimate says that MBBS in Russia would cost around 4000 US dollars a year.

MBBS admission in Russia catches more attention with a lot more facts that are crucial for someone who is looking forward to studying MBBS in Russia. Neither there is any need to take up entrance exams for MBBS admission in Russia, nor does anyone needs to pay donations. WHO and MCI recognize MBBS courses in Russia. These MBBS courses are taught in English, which makes it easy for almost everyone to understand.

Study Medical in Russia is becoming popular in comparison to other countries for international students. The reason behind this is as follow:

  • Russia has one of the best medical universities in the world which is why students prefer to join MBBS in Russia.
  • The tuition fee is comparatively low and can be easily affordable.
  • MCI and WHO recognize Russian Medical Universities.

Cost of Living in Russia – Russia is not very expensive place terms of living expenses as compared to other foreign countries. Apart from the course fees, living in Russia usually take about a sum of 200 – 250 US Dollars which is 12000-15000 INR which includes food, rent and other expenses per month.

The academic year in Russia

An Academic year in Russian medical universities starts on 1st September. There are two semesters in each educational year, September to January month and February to June. 1st-semester examinations begin from January whereas second-semester exams start from June.  Winter vacation is from 20th January to 7th February. And summer vacation is from 15th July to 31st August. Duration of MBBS in RUSSIA is six years (English medium).

Scholarship for MBBS in Russia

Every year thousands of students go abroad for the completion of their studies. MBBS in Russia in one such option for the students who want to pursue their medical studies abroad. The best part about studying MBBS in Russia is that the Government of Russia grants various scholarships for international students who wish to study medicine in their country.
Below is the list of scholarships that are available for the students who are planning to study MBBS in RUSSIA.

Government-funded Russian scholarships for non-Russian students

  The government of Russian Federation scholarship

   These are a set of state scholarships in Russia available for international students. It includes tuitions fees, student accommodation, and maintenance allowances. It amounts to approx. 1500 rubles a month (US$24).

  Non-governmental Russian scholarship

  • The school of Russian and Asian Studies – These scholarships are specifically for the US students.
  • Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship- Approx. 2500 awards of US$5000 are given to the US undergraduates who wish to study abroad.
  • Saltire scholarship- It is a scholarship programme which offers approx. 50-100 scholarships each year for one year of full-time study, an undergraduate, masters or Ph.D. course. Students from Canada, China, India, and the US can apply for this scholarship.
  • Healthcare scholarship programme- Provided to a student pursuing an educational plan associated with healthcare or medicine. A student applying for this scholarship must be at least 17 years of age with GPA 3.0 or higher. Students are required to write the SOP of about 600-1000 words including what they want to achieve in their medical career and how this scholarship is going to help them. Approximately Rs.65000 scholarship is granted to a student.

  The application process for the scholarship

  • Apply through the scholarship form and submit the complete details
  • Collect all the required documents.
  • Send all the documents to the Russian Embassy to their home country.
  • Wait for the call for interview and tests.
  • Check the results.
  • Translate the documents into the Russian language.
  • Wait for admission letter from the university.

  Documents required

  • Scholarship application form
  • Admission application form
  • Colored photographs
  • Valid passport
  • Birth certificate ( Russian language)
  • Health certificate
  • Medical test report

Admission Eligibility for MBBS in Russia 2018

Talking about the eligibility, one needs to have a minimum of fifty percent marks in class 12th examinations, whereas, SC/ST and OBC caste students need to have forty percent. If the applicant is applying for a postgraduate course, he/she should have a Bachelor's degree from a renowned University.

Is NEET mandatory for Indian students to go for MBBS in Russia 2018?

The Health Ministry cleared that any Indian candidate desired to pursue medical from abroad (on or after May 2018) will have to qualify the National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET) from now on.

Admission Procedure for MBBS in Russia 2018

  • Filling up the education form
  • Sending the mark sheets
  • About 3-4 days for getting admission letter
  • About 15 days for an invitation letter
  • Filing for the visa may take about five days if everything goes well
  • Students will be informed and make sure to be present in the university college from the day one.
  • Finally, the sessions start from January

Medical Universities Russia - Top Medical Colleges Fee in Russia 2018

Perm State Medical University ,Russia

Duration: 6 Year Total: ₹22.20 Lac | $34154
1st Year ₹4.33Lac $6654
2st Year to 6th Year ₹3.60 Lac $5500

Kazan Federal University , Russia

Duration: 6 YEAR Total: ₹25 .65 Lac | $39500
1st Year ₹5.85 LAC $9000
2st Year to 6th Year ₹3.96 Lac $6100

Orel state medical university

Duration: 6 Year Total: ₹17 LAC | $26200
1st Year ₹6 Lac $9230 $
2st Year to 3rd Year ₹2.5 LAC per year $3900 $ per year
4th Year to 6th Year ₹2 Lac per year $3100 $ per year

Ural State Medical University

Duration: 6 Year Total: ₹22 Lac | $33800
1st Year ₹5.72 Lac $8800
2st Year to 6th Year ₹3.25 Lac per year $5000 per year

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MBBS is the passport to future, so go and book a ticket. Education is an integral part of a person’s life. The place where we get an education makes a difference in the overall future of a person. Moreover, so is the task of deciding on a good college for studying. Nowadays, Russia has been one of the most favorite choices for students who want to do MBBS and become a doctor. The perks of studying MBBS in Russia include fewer fees, government colleges, practical training, no admission tests or language tests and a lot more. Here is the list of top medical universities in Russia
The present scenario of India about 11 lakh students appear for the medical test, and hardly 30% of students are eligible for admission. Even the students who have a good chance of becoming a brilliant doctor are not qualified due to intense competition. Because of this current situation, MBBS in Russia has become the first choice for Indian students in the last ten years.
Education in India is losing its value each day due to increase in corruption and politics. Most of the students prefer to study abroad then studying in India. It isn’t just the case with the engineering students or commerce students, but even the medical students prefer studying abroad when compared to studying in India. Russia, Ukraine, China, Philippines, America has been amongst the top choices for pursuing MBBS abroad.
Thus, like other things in life have benefits and risk same as that of pursuing MBBS in Russia, MBBS IN Ukraine or MBBS in any other country have. But if we look at the benefits, you will realize that it is an option worth considering.

There have been delays in Undergraduate (MBBS & BDS) courses counseling for the session 2018-2019 due to compliance with various court directions. Therefore Medical Council Committee has issued a revised schedule for the completion of the MBBS admission process for the year 2018-2019.

With this notice published on the official website of Medical Council Committee, all state counseling authorities/institutions/universities/colleges are requested to follow the timetable for the schedule of admissions.