For medical aspirants choosing the right University for pursuing Study MBBS in Russia is the biggest decision ever. If they have missed any particular aspect related to choosing the right University they will feel disappointed for no reason. Right now the trend to study MBBS in Russia is going on and individuals are majorly moving towards Russia for it.​

The major reason because the universities are well occupied with Infrastructures and has all the innovative teaching methods available. Along with a low tuition fee is there, which allow students to feel comfortable. If we talk about the students who are going for Study MBBS in Russia, almost 99% of students are pursuing medicine there. Among the top hundred medical universities in the world, 30 positions are acquired by the University of Russia. Let explore all the important aspects related to it.

How to make mind for Study MBBS in Russia?

Primarily, it is important to make up your mind. For the same you must consider:-

  • Get an idea about the budget you are ready to invest to Study MBBS in Russia and find out all the low-cost options available.
  • Check out whether the University you are choosing has a number of Indian students available or not.
  • Climatic conditions are also important to know about the location because this will has a major impact on your lifestyle.
  • Check out whether University is offering MBBS course in English medium or not.
  • Check out for the modernization that occupied the place in University.
  • Last but not least, check out whether the country is safe and secure or not.

How to check out the details about the selected University?

Whichever the University you will select to study MBBS in Russia, do check out all the details like:-

  • Have a look at the Grade occupied by the University.
  • Check out whether it has experienced professionals available to teach MBBS in English medium or not.
  • Have a look at infrastructure and facilities along with Hospital affiliations.
  • Check out whether the library provided by the University has all the facilities available or not.
  • Calculate the hostel charges and tuition fees of the University.
  • Have a look at the number of Indian students studying at the same University.

How to examine the expense for the place where a student will live?

Expenses are also important to know when going for  Study MBBS in Russia because without money, you Can’t survive. The major factors include:

  • Check out the population of the city and all the nearby places to get an idea about expenses.
  • Have an idea about the quality and food charges to the canteens available within the campus.
  • Examine the location where you will step because according to the locality you are using, the expense varies.

How to apply for Study MBBS in Russia?

When you wish to apply to MBBS in Russia, “ADMISSION ROUTE” is here at your service. Here we will help you to:-

  • Understand all the documents required at the time of admission.
  • Professionals are available to clear all the queries arising related to admission.
  • You can visit us directly at our head office between the timings.
  • You can apply for admission through our online website.
  • The student just needs to pay the initial fee that will be included in the application fee for other services we are providing.
  • For the admission process, we are keeping transparency in mind and help students to get an idea about the queries.
  • We help students to feel comfortable about the decision to Study MBBS in Russia.
  • We help students to choose MCI approved universities.

How long an individual need to wait for admission confirmation?

When it is about waiting for admission confirmation, then you need to be patient for a while. And also, pay attention to:-

  • Updates you will receive on the mobile number and registered email address within the starting ten days.
  • After receiving the update, check out whether the criteria have been fulfilled on not.
  • After admission confirmation, make sure to submit all the original documents, including photos, passports, mark sheets, and other documents asked.
  • If you have not received any admission confirmation due to unavailability of the amount will be refunded, and the student will get notified within the asked duration.

How to get the invitation letter?

When you wish to get the invitation letter after Study MBBS in Russia admission confirmation, you need to wait for a while, and this takes place in the following manner:-

  • After verifying the student documents, these will be sent to the Russian Foreign ministry for verification of Study MBBS in Russia.
  • After complete verification, the student will be eligible to get the invitation letter.
  • Within ten to fifteen days after document verification student will receive the invitation letter.

How to get the Visa effortlessly?

When you are going for Study MBBS in Russia student visa is a must. You will be able to get it effortlessly, and for the same, the process is as follows:-

  • Just apply for the Visa, and Russia kept the simple quite easy for all the students.
  • There will be no restriction to travel between India and Russia Under Study MBBS in Russia Visa.
  • The Russian student visa approval letter will be issued by the department of immigration of Russia as soon as they have received all the documents.

How to prepare to travel to Russia?

When the admission procedure has been done, and you are looking forward to traveling to Russia, just contact us, and we will help you throughout. We will provide you all the details. As we provide:-

  • Two days Hotel stay to parents or guardians who are coming up to drop their child.
  • Our Counselor and guide will be available with students throughout they have reached the University of Russia for MBBS.
  • Students will have a comfortable journey in a good Airline flight along with all the basic facilities, and all the expenses will be included in the ticket for study MBBS in Russia.

How to Complete the Admission Process at the University?

After reaching the University, the major question of concern is how to complete the admission process. For it, the steps are as follows:-

  • Make sure to deposit the complete first-year fees without any delay in confirming the admission.
  • After reaching the University, you are supposed to verify some documents which the University required to do the same as soon as possible.
  • In case there is any problem arising, reached out to the trusted guide who accompanied you at the time of flight. We will take care of everything throughout the admission confirmation and your stay at the University.

How will we support you even at the university?

ADMISSION ROUTE will be at your service even in University as well. We will help you as:-

  • Understanding the culture throughout the city.
  • Complete support and local guidance will be available by the counseling team for Study MBBS in Russia.
  • New SIM card free be arranged for the students so that they can easily contact their family and friends.
  • The comfort of the student is our priority, and we will cater to all the needs.
  • All the necessary facilities will be available to students in the initial days and later as well so that they can feel comfortable.

We are sure your experience with us will be a wonderful one, and you will not regret your decision to choose Study MBBS in Russia. When you are coming to Russia, the education is not confined to the classroom only. You can engage in multiple cultural activities and also become part of the trip organized by the University’s school of the University is organized this trips so that students can become familiar with the geography of Russia and understand the culture.

A lot of places are there which you can visit. Also, you will be part of a vacation where you can visit your family or stay in Russia and engaged in some other curricular activities. Russia is investing in quality education every year and set up those standards which are impossible to be. Become part of theStudy MBBS in Russianow and be ready to take a step towards your future!

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