Russian medical universities are among the most considered choice for students. They have around 30 positions among 100 medical universities. The WHO rankings and MCI rankings majorly have an impact on the same. The best part is universities in Russia have set up some sophisticated and advanced standards for students coming for MBBS in Russia.

The universities are accommodated with the best staff and teaching methods so that process will be streamlined. The best part is universities in Russia are approved by Medical council of India and the World health organisation as well. The reason behind this approval is the infrastructure and latest technology available in universities.

According to the Indian embassy in Moscow, more than 7000 students are in medical colleges in Russia and studying MBBS there.

If you are someone who is planning to go for MBBS in Russia get well versed with the top 10 medical universities in Russia as well. This will help you to understand a lot of things, and also you can make up your decision for the best university easily.

Top 9 MCI listed universities:-

I.M. Sechenov first Moscow State Medical University:

First Moscow State Medical University is the oldest University, and there is no doubt every year, thousands of students pass out from here. This university majorly focuses on bringing out the best in a student. It is the top leading medical universities, and also, for two centuries, they are the topmost considered choice for the Russian healthcare system.

They are having the best scientist and physicians available, and they are contributing to progress in medicines and working at the University. They are the best, and also, students coming for MBBS in Russia can learn the best from here. The degree is globally recognised, so there is no need for them to worry about it as well.

Saint Petersburg State University:

Saint-Petersburg State Medical University is one of those Universities is having a major contribution towards the development of healthcare services and Medical science and Russia. It is one of the biggest centres for training the specialist and students coming for MBBS in Russia can easily feel comfortable by being here. They are coming up with a great scientific teaching potential and also help the students to learn about modern technology in detail.

Also, these universities come up with modern level and keep all the traditions of old-Russian medical schools into consideration as well. This university focuses on delivering first-class results in academic and in regional services as well.

Kazan federal university:

Karan Patel University is also among the oldest universities in Russia, but here you will have an encounter with a diverse and unique culture. They have shaped out the development of Kazan in a manner that people will be able to understand what’s new is going on.

For students as well this university coming up with the best and affordable educational programs. They can simply and roll for MBBS in Russia in this university and learn the best in return. For all medical enthusiasts, this is the centre of learning things because of the first-class facilities available.

Altai State Medical University:

For students coming for MBBS in Russia, Altai state Medical University has set up different standards. It is in the West Siberian part and comes up with high-quality medical training. It is in the southeast of Russia in Barnaul City and the capital of Altai Kari. It’s been 60 years since the university is offering first-class educational facilities to students. The best part is there are having specialised professionals who help students to learn about aspects in detail.

Also, this university is the specialist engine for all the regional healthcare systems. They are having first-class doctors and professors available who are well versed with what to do and what not to do in an emergency situation.

Ulyanovsk State Medical University:

Ulyanovsk state medical university was founded in 1988 and is a nonprofit public education University. This university offers first-class educational facilities and being the regional centre for all the healthcare facilities. The education system here is quite easy to access, and students can easily complete their MBBS in Russia from this university.

Overall the medical enthusiasts are here, and with top-class physicians and scientists, they’re coming up with the best results every year. Every year they contribute to some development which led them to mark the presence among the best universities.

Orel State University:

Orel State University is quite different from all other universities offering MBBS in Russia. This university has successfully made its part among the association of classical universities of Russia. They come up with 110 basic educational programs in large groups, and also different training areas and specialists are there. The best part is this university having all the scientists and physicians available that help students to learn about aspects in detail.

In the regional health care system as well, they are contributing a lot. Every year students, after completing MBBS from this university, get enrolled themselves to practice in some regional hospitals and other centres.

Irkutsk State Medical University:

Irkutsk State Medical University was established in 1918 and is one of the oldest universities in Russia. More than 4000 students are studying here, and they can easily complete their MBBS in Russia from this University.

On average, every year, 300 students from India apply for admission to this university. Also, this university is occupied with first-class facilities so there will be no problem for students at all. The education system is quite modern, which means students can easily learn about things. They will not face any trouble at all.

Bashkir State Medical University:

Bashkir State Medical University is the medical, scientific centre in Russia. Basically, this is licensed by the ministry of education of Russia, and for training international students, they are having all the basic requirements fulfilled. Being one of the leading medical universities in Russia, they come up with first-class educational facilities and also allow the students to have encounters with the traditional and modern facilities. With affordable education facilities, they are moving ahead.

Every year hundreds of students apply for admission MBBS in Russia to this university, and some of them get the same as well.

Tver State Medical University:

Tver State Medical University is the leading educational institution offering MBBS in Russia. It is a public University and comes up with first-class educational facilities. The best part is international students will have all the facilities available. Moreover, this country is being the centre for modernisation in Russia as well. It has been seen that every year hundreds of students take admission hair and complete their MBBS.

Following are the top MCI listed Russian medical colleges for study MBBS in Russia. Students can apply for any of them and start their educational careers.

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