Coronavirus pandemic comes like a trick to everyone. Not only is trading affected, but students who are planning to go for MBBS in Russia also facing some difficulties.

Here we will discuss certain effects of coronavirus for MBBS in Russia and how people are getting nervous and tense after it.

Effect of COVID-19 on MBBS In Russia:

  • Effect on studies:

The major impact has been shown in studies. If we consider a normal year situation, then usually in mid-august studies start and students get to engage in MBBS. But this year, students who are planning for MBBS in Russia are not getting onto it at all. Universities are not conducting any such online classes for teaching students about the course. This is just wasting their time, and students are getting irritated because of it.

  • No classes:

The students who have already enrolled for MBBS in Russia face difficulties because the classes are not going as they are supposed to. One can easily conclude that no classes are going on, and students cannot get what they deserve. It is not only letting them avoiding studies but also let them feel disappointed.

  • No NEET conduction:

Till yet, there is no any certain notice available for conduction of NEET UG examination. And without the NEET-UG examination, a student is not able to take admission to Russia for MBBS. Students need to qualify for the NEET-UG examination so that they can easily appear for further studies. Until and unless a student will not clear the NEET-UG examination, they’re not eligible for MBBS in Russia.

  • No official notice for admission:

Regularly some notice gets announced by the university for MBBS in Russia, but there is no as such official notice available. This coronavirus situation is so diverse that every day, thousands of cases are reported, and everything is being uncertain. Moreover, it is quite difficult for students to understand that when they will be able to hold admission to any of the reputed universities in Russia for MBBS.

  • Online services are available only:

If a student wishes to know about anything, then only online services are available. Apart from it, consultancies are available who are in direct contact with the university. Hence it is quite devastating for students to accept that there is no force going on, and they have nothing available to do right now. If a student wants to approach the university then the online method is available only.

  • No contact with professors:

Students are not in contact with professionals as well. If the student has figured out that this is the university where they want to pursue MBBS in Russia, they cannot contact professors because there are no such means available for them. A student needs to get available with admission to contact them. But due to no conduction of the NEET UG examination, no one has taken admission.

These are the basics that will let you conclude that there is a lot of coronavirus impact on MBBS in Russia. If you are looking forward to going for MBBS in Russia and facing such difficulties then come to us.

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